Visiting Flower People in Oregon..

I cannot adequately express how much I love Oregon and all that it has to offer. If I weren’t so happy to be home in California, I’d head up to my northern neighbors and move in! This state is beautiful and full of kind people – who love flowers and nature.

In addition to spending three great days with Francoise Weeks, I also got to visit a few other people, shops, and greenhouses!

One morning Francoise took Janet and I to the Portland Flower Market. I only snapped a few pictures, was too busy looking at everything…

A whole display of Begonias! I’m such a fan of begonia leaves in design work, they add so much dimension and color:

Peterkort doesn’t only sell roses! (you’ll see more about them further down in this post)
peterkort roses grows lilies

Sooo… I will admit that I’m absolutely tickled pink when I see Bella Bouquets Book on display!!!!!!!
Here it is at Frank Adams:
bella bouquets book
And over at Floral Supply Syndicate:
bella bouquets book

While I was at the Portland Flower Market I was talking to Sandra from Peterkort and she suggested I go visit Emerald Petals Flower Shop.
I did go visit, and what a cute flower shop!! Hilary is awesome and talented. I enjoyed perusing all the nooks and crannies of her shop and I did pick up a nice white milk glass goblet. Definitely visit her shop if you are ever on Mississippi Avenue in Portland! Look at how cute her shop is:
Flower Shop Portland

Flower Shop Portland

Eco Florist Oregon

narcissus arrangement

Flower Shop Portland

Flower Shop Portland Oregon

Eco Flower Shop Portland

Also, while down on Mississippi Avenue (there are a lot of cute shops on that street!) I did wander over to Ink & Peat, a shop I’ve followed for quite sometime online:
ink and peat

ink and peat flowers

Now get ready .. next I toured Peterkort Roses!!!!! I love touring greenhouses, as you probably all know by now. That feeling of excitement when I pull up to a row of greenhouses and wondering what is growing inside them….
greenhouse Oregon

Rows and rows of lilies were growing, some were taller than me!
growing lilies

My visit to the greenhouse was a bit too early for rose production, they were just getting the greenhouses ready for the upcoming wedding season:
Orange rose in the greenhouse

My favorite greenhouse was this one … Cattleya Orchids and Maidenhair Ferns, felt like I had walked in a jungle, so cool:
maiden hair fern and cattleya orchids growing

They grow absolutely stunning Cymbidium Orchids:
growing cymbidium orchids

growing Cymbidiums

growing cymbidium orchids

Just a few terracotta pots:
terracotta pots

Great graphics on their trucks!!
delivery truck

peterkort roses delivery truck

Last but definitely not least, I visited Enchanted Florist in Ashland, Oregon!! I only snapped one photo, as I walked in the doors…
I’ve ‘talked’ to Brandon for years over social media, and he’s my go-to guy when I have a question about technology for florists. I really enjoyed my visit with Brandon and his wife, Leslie. They have built an impressive business in Ashland, Oregon and have a beautiful shop.
Florist Ashland Oregon

Also, a huge thank you to Carol of Celebrations Floral in Corvallis, Oregon. Carol invited me to stay at her home while I was traveling in Oregon – thank you for a lovely visit!

To one of my flower girls, Liz of Fleur:ology – sorry I missed this time around! Hopefully next time I’m up north we can visit 🙂

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  1. Oh, Alicia! It was so nice to meet you. Thank you for coming and checking out Emerald Petals!
    We love your blog!

  2. It is wonderful to see all your photos!!