The Lavender & Purple Rose Study

I have quite the treat for you today! We are taking a look at 14 varieties of lavender to purple colored Roses! Huge Thank-You to Harvest Roses for supplying all these beauties for our color study! If you are looking for roses, look to Harvest Roses!
This post is quite large with a good amount of photos. I will start with posting profiles and a bouquet shot of each rose color, then I will share the side-by-side comparisons of the roses.
Here we go!

pale lavender rose

Nuage Rose Blush Rose

antique lavender rose

Silverston Rose

antique lavender rose

Amnesia Rose

light pink rose by Harvest Rose


lavender dusty pink garden rose

Lady Moon Rose

lavender rose

Purple Haze Rose

lavender rose by Harvest Roses

Ocean Song Rose

lavender rose by Harvest Wholesale

Cool Water Rose

lavender purple rose

Moody Blues

Deep purple rose

Deep Purple Rose

purple and magenta rose

Rock Fire Rose by Harvest Wholesale

purple rose by harvest wholesale

Queen of the Night Rose

dark purple magenta rose

Blueberry Rose

lavender rose by harvest roses

Cool Paris Rose

Now for the side-by-side comparisons, it’s a great way to see the real difference in colors and the sizes of the various roses.

Varieties of Purple Roses

All the pretty purple and lavender roses!

types of purple roses

Purple Roses

purple roses by harvest wholesale

purple roses

light lavender roses

lavender roses

lavender roses

antique lavender roses

If you are searching for a muted-blush colored roses you may want to take a close look at Nuage and Silverston, they are definitely muted and complement the antique styled arrangements.

antique lavender roses

pink roses

Nautica and Lady Moon Pink Roses

Side by side comparison of Nautica and Lady Moon Roses. Nautica offers a huge bloom, great rose to take up space in large design pieces. Lady Moon is a nice, antique, dusty pink-lavender roses.

purple roses

Again, HUGE thank you to Harvest Roses for these lovely purple and lavender Roses! I hope all of you found a new variety you’d like to try. Please let Harvest Roses know how much you appreciate these posts!
I’ll share a story of behind the scenes with all of you. This latest bunch of roses was delivered to Seattle, Washington while I was spending time with my Uncle at his home. I love how Harvest Roses can keep up with my address changes, shipping flowers to Colorado, California and Washington! These beauties arrived in two boxes on the front door step. I kept them in vases for a week, no cooler needed in Seattle. Then when it was time to drive back to California two bouquets of these purple roses were packed into the back of the SUV with no water source. I kid you not, they lasted the whole drive back to California and at least 30 hours out of water. I am so impressed!

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New York, NY
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  1. As always, awesome study! Thanks Alicia and Harvest!

  2. WOW! So helpful, thanks!! Love Silverstone!

  3. Love this!! Really awesome and helpful!!!

  4. Margaret says:

    Thanks so much for the rose studies! I discovered “Purple Haze” roses last year, and love them. One thing that’s not evident from the pictures, they are very heavily scented; they smell GREAT!

  5. Thanks for this post on purple roses. Though none of them are as purple as my clients would like to see, you’ve introduced me to quite a few I’ve never seen before. Deep purple is my newest favorite. It opens slowly, has a lovely bloom and last quite a while.

  6. Great job!

  7. These photos are stunning! What a beautiful way to examine varieties that so many of us would never even know about otherwise. That lady moon is lovely. Wonder if you’d share your favorite 1…or 3!

  8. J. Gregory Griffin says:

    Mandy! You are the BOMB!! It is always good to hear from you and benefit from your awesome insight and knowledge. Thanks for sharing and much regards to the wonderful people at A Rose By Harvest. The Blue Berry has a small head, but beautiful form! Loving you all the more I remain, J. Gregory!

  9. This is so helpful AND stunning. Thank you so much!!!!

  10. NANCY LUCZEJKO says:

    Please tell me where I can purchase bare root roses that were used in your study. They are all so beautiful. I want to put them in my rose garden.

  11. OMG! Amazing pictures!

    There is an online roses database (, where these high quality comparative photos would be highly appreciated!

    This comparison work has rarely done with such quality, not even by the big rose producers. As an amateur rosarian I’m delighted to have access to this information. Many cut roses have the ability to grow very well in our gardens. When I see these pictures, I feel flooded with good feelings, and want to cultivate all varieties or use them in a breeding program with the roses I already own.

    Best regards,


  12. Showed this link to one of my brides and she chose Blueberry and Cool Water for her purple roses. Didn’t even think to check if they were actually purple because I trust flirty fleurs floral knowledge. The morning I got them I was in for a big shock- they were pink!! Blueberry looks nothing like the picture on here- it has gone slightly darker with time but I had to change them as she hated it. The cool water was also pinker than the picture but she didn’t mind it as much.
    It’s a lesson learnt as I’ll definitely check at the wholesaler before purchasing a flower I’ve seen online! Completely different colour in reality! I was gutted!!!


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