Floret Flower Farm

Located one hour north of Seattle in the Skagit Valley is a woman living her dream life. Erin Benzakein and her family moved there 4 years ago to start Floret Flower Farm & design studio. Floret specializes in growing unique, uncommon and old fashioned flower varieties gathered from around the world. Seasonal blooms are available April through October.
The flowers they grow include: daffodils, peonies, sweet peas, anemones & ranunculus to name a few. For a full list of seasonal offerings please visit their website.
We asked Erin a few questions:
What got you started on flower farming?
The first flower crop I ever grew was sweet peas, two rows nestled in my vegetable garden. I ended up planting way too many for my own personal use and started sharing them with friends. Seeing people’s reaction , tears, joy, excitement was so surprising and inspiring that I tore out my entire veggie patch and planted flowers. With each new season we till up more ground, plant more flowers, and expand our blossoming little business. While I had never intended to be a farmer things have kind of snowballed and the demand for our flowers has been amazing. So, here I am …a flower farmer.

How do you deal with bugs since they are organic?
We have bugs, diseases, crop losses like every other grower but instead of pulling out harsh chemicals to defend our flowers we combat these problems with natural solutions . Compost tea, kelp, cover crops, compost, worm castings, beneficial insects all help us grow the healthiest plants possible. With healthy plants, we have many less issues in the long run.

What’s your favorite flower and why?
Garden Roses because they are so beautiful, fleeting, fragrant and romantic. Just a few stems and an arrangement is transformed into an experience.

Icelandic Poppies. Their vibrant colors with textures like crumpled silk and such bright cheerful faces, what’s not to love? These flowers more than any other help me be in the present moment.

Sweet Peas. Oh lordy, have you ever stood in the center of a Sweet Pea patch in full bloom? It is heaven, right here on earth. I love everything about this flower, the colors, the intense fragrance, the playful wandering vines but most of all that they remind me of my great grandmother, Grammie.

Do you ship the flowers or do people need to come to the farm to pick up flowers?
This summer we are going to start shipping to a handful of floral designers and I am so excited about this new adventure!!!

Other than that all of our flowers are sold locally. Besides doing events, weddings and a weekly subscription we sell an enormous amount of flowers to Whole Foods, floral designers and other natural food groceries in Seattle.

Check out these beautiful blooms:

Beautiful anemones


Garden roses, ranunculus, narcissus, tulips

bucket full of garden roses

garden roses & sweet peas

garden roses & ranunculus

garden roses

peach ranunculus

pure gorgeousness! peonies, garden roses, columbines

peonies, garden roses, sweet peas, ranunculus and mint

pink tulips

For more information check out Floret Flowers Website

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  1. Ahh, yes, this would be a dream to grow these blooms on your own farm! Beautiful.