Fleur Friday

Well, this Fleur Friday is posting so late today that it is practically a Fleur Saturday!

I’m sure you’ll all empathize with me … I’ve been slammed this week!
Today I’m putting the finishing touches on a wedding for tomorrow, here’s a sneak peek –
Bella Fiori, centerpieces of dahlias, garden roses, and stock

Ok, let’s talk about my cooler drama this week. So I bought a floral cooler from a friend of mine, so happy to be getting a cooler after two seasons of doing without! I spent last Sunday cleaning out my studio (aka-garage) to make space with the plan that the cooler would arrive on Monday. Sure enough, the movers canceled the Monday deliver last minute and said they’d deliver on Wednesday. BOO! Cooler arrives on Wednesday and it won’t turn on, those (not nice word) movers moved it on its back! So next we have to call the repairman, he arrives on Friday to fix the cooler. By mid-day Friday he had the compressor running again. YEA! Well, that was short lived because next it blew the circuit breaker. Yep. No Cooler for this weekend’s wedding. We now wait for an electrician to come and re-wire the outlet. I’m just crossing fingers that the cooler is working before the next wedding!
At least the dogs are enjoying running thru it –
Johann the Pekingese

Isn’t it funny how often us floral designers hear – “Oh, You are so lucky to play with flowers everyday!”
When in truth most of our time is spent fixing situations: flower orders not coming thru as planned, coolers not working, sourcing containers, brides adding on flowers last minute, etc.
Flexibility is a must in this business!

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  1. Flexibility is a must! Love these honest posts….and posts that feature photos of flowers and pooches…. ❤

  2. Keep calm and problem solve on. Yes, flower design is not just good design, it’s more about constantly making it work with style.

  3. It’s so true! We love what we do, but there is a lot of drama mixed in with our fun! Wrong color roses, cooler issues (the worst in my opinion!) and long days on our feet aren’t as glamorous as some might think.