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Fleurie Flowers
Your name: Laurie Garza
Your Business name: Fleurie | Flower Studio
Your Location: Reedley, CA

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California, wedding party

How did you start your business and how many years have you been in business?
I started my business after years of wanting to be more involved in the flower world. I officially started my business in 2010. After getting city licenses, conditional use permits etc., I was ready to start.
I started working in a retail flower shop when I was in high school, and then went on to a career in a retail nursery, always going back and forth from horticulture to floral design.

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California, compote design with white and orange flowers

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What is your design aesthetic and what inspires you?
I started out my career as a horticulturist, growing flowers is second nature. I love flowers and foliages from the garden, twigs and branches, natural looking materials, not too refined, and lots of little detailed things. I am not sure I have one design aesthetic pinned down. I love a lush, romantic, flowing garden-style bouquet filled with textures and varying colors of flowers and foliages; but I also admire structural detailed European designs using armatures like in the style of Gregor Lersch or Natasha Lisitsa.

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California, hanging flowers behind the bar

What is your favorite part of being a floral designer?
Getting to make beautiful things with flowers and plants, working toward a beautiful product that not only my client loves, but also myself; seeing that look on the recipient’s face when I deliver a bouquet

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California, Wedding Ceremony Chuppah with garlands

What is the most challenging aspect of being a floral designer?
Sourcing consistently great product. This is why I am so determined to grow some flowers for myself.

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California - Head Table with a garland of foliages and white roses

What advice would you give to aspiring floral designers?
Learn from the beginning, the basics of floral art- elements and principles of design, how to process flowers, industry standard pricing, etc. Find a mentor or ten!

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California, blush bridal bouquet

What are the trends, flowers & colors that are unique to your region?
I live in the fruit capital of the world, we have a lot of outdoor, rustic venues, and a lot of newly built winery venues. Most of the events favor a semi-rustic vibe. I am seeing a lot of more modern takes on rustic- a rustic- modern industrial aesthetic. We seem to be moving away from burlap, though it is still around, along with its friend, the mason jar- which I do think it has its place- in casual picnic-type events with garden grown flowers. This year, I am seeing a lot of dusty blues with gray and silvery colored foliages, and a lot of greenery still being requested.

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California, wedding party with blush bouquets

What tool in your toolbox can’t you live without?
My clippers. What is usually NOT in my toolbox is sharp scissors! (where do those go?)

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California, compote floral design

What’s your favorite Social Media platform and why?
Instagram! Instagram has really opened up a lot of opportunities for my business.

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California, floral centerpieces

Anything else you’d like to share with Flirty Fleurs followers?
One of the things I really love to do is freelance for other designers I admire. It can be a wonderful time of comradery and learning, even for both designers. It can also be a great confidence building experience to see that yes, I can hang with this person who’s work I admire, and maybe even share some of my knowledge too.

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California, autumn floral bouquet

What are some ideas for future projects or goals
I really want to grow enough flowers and foliages, especially roses and dahlias, to be able to supply a good portion of my materials from my own little micro flower farm.

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California, autumn floral arrangement

Your contact information:
Laurie Garza
Fleurie Flower Studio
IG: @fleurieflowerstudio
Pinterest: pinterest.com/fleurie
Facebook: http://facebook.com/fleurieflower/

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California, drapery with green garlands

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California, compote floral design

Fleurie Flowers, Reedley, California, elevated floral design

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  1. Great interview! and I love the photos. Beautiful work! “Find a mentor or ten” is such great advice. There are pros who can share and pass along knowledge and skills!…and we are always learning from one another. I look forward to seeing all that you grow!

  2. Love this interview of one of my favorite California flower friends. She’s so thoughtful with each and every stem placement and her style is so relaxed and natural. Thanks flirtyfleurs for this interview.

  3. Thank you, FF, for this! Laurie is one of my favorite designers. And people. 🙂 Her keen eye for texture, color and style should be illegal. The way she deliberately places a stem is natural, soft and designed well. Love everything she does. And love her!