Fleur Friday

Hello Flower Friends,

Have you all noticed that for the past two months the Wedding Wednesdays have been curated and posted by a Michelle? Well, I hope you have noticed as I for one have been enjoying the change and new scenery on flirty fleurs blog.
I decided a few months ago that I wanted to bring in more perspective to the blog .. and to be honest I’ve been getting bored with daily postings. (did I just say that outloud?!) Especially during the summer months when all I wanted to do was be outside! Really .. the weather here in Washington state is just too damn fantastic in the summer! So a few months ago I decided that it was time to make some changes around here, changes are always hard though, aren’t they?? I gave a lot of thought to who would want to be part of the blog, who shares my love of wedding floral design and who do I trust to turn over the keys to the backside of the blog. Well, I didn’t look far, I reached out to a previous employee of Bella Fiori. Yes, Michelle was my right hand, main assistant, and mind reader at Bella Fiori for 5 wedding seasons. I’m really happy to be working with Michelle again – even if we are separated by many states!
Here’s a picture of Michelle and I with Sarah and Lauren at the Bella Fiori 5 year anniversary party (2008!):

bella fiori denver 2008 - alicia schwede

Sarah – Lauren – Michelle – Alicia
Team Bella Fiori
5 year anniversary party – 2008

Fleur Friday – Field To Vase

One week from today I’ll be standing next to my friend Robyn of Bare Root Flora and getting to work on all the flowers for the Field To Vase dinner. The dinner is taking place the next evening at The Fresh Herb Company in Boulder, Colorado. We are both so excited to be contributing our flower designing skills and filling the dinner tables with lush centerpieces!

Field To Vase Dinner Boulder

I was recently interviewed on the American Grown Flowers Blog, it was interesting to have the tables turned as I’m used to be in the interviewer and not the interviewee!

Robyn was also interviewed and you can read her interview here-

Fleur Friday

Hello Flower Friends!

Hey, I want to share this fun new project that I’m working on with Longfield Gardens!
They have just released The Flirty Fleurs Red and White Collection!
How cool is that? A Flirty Fleurs Collection 🙂 I’ve worked with them on pairing tulips together to create an interesting texture mixture and color combinations.
Here is the first of the collections that has rolled out:

flirty fleurs and longfield garden tulip collection

and how these tulips look when they are all together:

Bella Fiori - Flirty Fleurs - Longfield Gardens - Arrangement of red and white parrot and double tulips

Red and White Parrot Tulips from Longfield Gardens - Designed by Bella Fiori

Pretty cool, right?!

So when fall season comes along and if you want to have tulips in the spring, be sure to check out what Longfield Gardens has to offer. Personally, I’m eyeing the La Belle Epoque and placing those in my shopping cart now!!

Fleur Friday

Hello Flower Friends!
Wow, it’s JULY 1st already?! We are half way thru 2016 — how can that be??
well, I hope you are all doing well and looking forward to a holiday weekend!
As for me, my family was just visiting for the past week, which was super fun. My niece and I have a tradition of making flower crowns and other designs and doing a little photoshoot. Here are a few of our pieces from this past week –

I’ve been wanting to try a big, poofy flower halo for awhile and thought this one was fun. The dahlias, hydrangea, porcelain berry vine, and astilbe are all from my cutting gardens.
Bella Fiori - flower halo of dahlias, hydrangea and astilbe

Johann got in on the photo action here-
Bella Fiori wearing a flower wreath of dahlias, astilbe and hydrangea

Maddie’s favorite flower in my cutting garden is the Koko Loko Rose-

Bella Fiori koko loko

Our flower child look-

bella fiori flower child

Bouquet of koko loko roses, peony poppies, and clematis-

Bella Fiori Bouquet of clematis, koko loko roses, and peony poppies

Maddie’s flower crown of porcelain berry vines and two types of clematis flowers-

Bella Fiori - flower halo of clematis

Another view of the bouquet-

Bella Fiori - Bouquet of koko loko roses, peony poppies and clematis


Hope you enjoyed seeing the designs that we made. In addition to flowers we did a whole lot of baking, our other family tradition. I think the winner of the week was the Peach Pie .. perfect summer peach pie – yum!

Wishing you all a fabulous 4th of July weekend!


Fleur Friday

Thought I’d share this sweet note from Amanda at Alluring Blooms
Alluring Blooms note about Flirty Fleurs Classes
Also, I put together a survey as I am planning the next round of floral design classes. I’d love to hear some feedback!
Create your own user feedback survey

Fleur Friday

Duy Anh Nhan Duc’s Flowers Portraits by Isabelle Chapuis
I came across the above image and my very first thought was – this artist has a lot of patience. I went on to follow the link to view more of their work. WOW! Intense and so much patience.
See more here – Duy Anh Nhan Duc’s Flowers Portraits by Isabelle Chapuis

Interesting articles I’ve come across online –

From Australian News – Florists face end of the bloom

Floranext did a survey with florists about how Mother’s Day 2016 went, check out the interesting results here.

Fleur Friday & Hello!

Hello dear flower friends,

I feel like I need to write a note to say Hi to all of you and give a bit of an apology. I know it’s been kinda quiet over here on the blog lately, to be honest I’m having a hard time sitting still at my computer lately. Blame it on the beautiful weather and scenery here in Washington state, I just find I want to be outside. The garden beckons… there is always one more thing to do outside, one more flower bed to work on. Add on all the nurseries, farms, and hanging out at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market and it seems I’m usually out & about visiting someone or some place. Plus, it’s light here from 5am to 9:30pm, so much light to be outside doing something fun. Yet, I feel bad because I haven’t been sharing as much here on the blog. I do have so much to share, the trip in April to Holland with Florabundance – hope you all followed along on Instagram as we saw so many beautiful flower sites. Photos from the various design classes I’ve taught the past few months – gosh, we’ve been creating pretty stuff!
Oh gosh, I’m sitting here and the list is building in my head of all the stories I need to share…
I think I need a blizzard to hit, where I get snowed in for 2-3 days and have nothing else to do but work online (this did used to happen when I lived in Colorado!!)

I promise to try a bit harder over here and bring you all flower inspiration.
Hey, if any of you have something to submit, please do so! I love to share real weddings! Also, How-Tos & other fun tips. I enjoy hearing from other floral designers who can share inspiration!! Just email me at info@flirtyfleurs.com

Oh, and today? Yea, another good one lined up – Georgianna Lane is picking me up so we can go visit Dawn at All My Thyme Rose Garden in Skagit Valley. Then an afternoon meeting with Miles at Fiori Floral Design. Plus, work on the flowers for a photoshoot this Sunday taking place at a gorgeous venue in Snohomish — the venue used to be a Rhododendron Farm and it offers 10 acres of landscaped gardens! pretty pretty 🙂

Here’s one of my recent designs —

Designed by Alicia Schwede of Bella Fiori & Flirty Fleurs.

I hope you are all doing well and having a good wedding season.

Fleur Friday

Always good to know what’s out there for instagram usage –
5 Photo Editing Apps To Add To Your Phone Now by Create & Cultivate

New to Floral Design? Few Basic Tips to get you started. by Floranext

Fleur Friday

Interesting business articles –
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5 #GetPublished Tips from Submission Star Pepper Nix – Read the article here.

What’s Sarah Winward’s Secret? Read the article here.

Fleur Friday

Florabundance Holland Design Days

I’m off in Holland with Florabundance this week. Follow along with our Holland adventures on Instagram –

Flirty Fleurs on Instagram
Florabundance on Instagram

We have an incredible itinerary of floral treasures to see while in Holland and I cannot wait to share highlights here on the blog when I return!

tot ziens (Dutch for see you later!),