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Which Social Media Platform is Your Favorite?

The Question:

Which Social Media Platform is your favorite and why?

The Answers:

My favorite social media platform is Instagram.  Like all social media, it has it’s positives and negatives. Positives: I have made some amazing connections with photographers and wedding planners – which has translated into a good bit of business for me.  I’ve also found some terrific local flower growers and can easily stay current with what they have coming out of their fields.
Negative:  If you let it, it can stifle your creativity and make you question your abilities.  Be mindful to only follow people who lift you up and inspire you.  
“Personality begins where comparison leaves off. Be unique. Be memorable. Be confident. Be proud.” ― Shannon L. Alder
Sue Prutting
White Magnolia Designs
Washington DC

I love Instagram – its visual nature lends well to the kind of work we do.  I’ve been able to run successful shop promos and contests through instagram without spending a dime.  And it links to Facebook & Twitter easily.
Michelle Hodgson
Blossom & Vine Floral Co.
Vancouver, BC.

I love using Instagram and Facebook – I can easily post current photos of weddings for prospective brides to peruse. They love seeing new ideas in the location where they are getting married.  It often leads to add-ons because they fall in love with a look.
Melody King
Fleurish Floral Designs
Carmel, California

Instagram is our favorite social media platform, because our work is so heavily based on visual aesthetics.  Instagram is the best way to give a quick and varied pitch to potential clients and brides because it shows a collection of our work in a simple and fun way.  I love setting up weddings all weekend, and then getting inquiries on Monday with pictures that I posted, saying that they want to book me based on what they had seen.
Mary Coombs
A Garden Party
New Jersey

Instagram is my favorite social media platform.  It is easy to use and I love the visual aspect.
Shelly Bagdasian
B Floral and Event Design
Chevy Chase, Maryland

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Rejection. It’s a good thing. by Alison Ellis

This video is about Rejection. We all deal with it from time to time in our creative businesses. It’s simply a fact of life. You take the good, you take the bad, you take ’em both and there you have…wait, where was I? Oh yeah, rejection. Click to get my take on why rejection is actually a GOOD thing!

Rejection. It's a Good thing. from Alison Ellis on Vimeo.

Find more free training videos and online courses from Alison here: http://freshevents.floralartvt.com

Alison Ellis
Floral Artistry

What advice would you give to aspiring floral designers?

The Question:
What advice would you give to aspiring floral designers?

The Answers:

Stay true to your vision and design. When I first started out that I want to create designs that looked just picked or garden like. At the time and especially in my location, it wasn’t common. 
I was worried I wouldn’t get any work because people around here had never seen anything like it but I went for it. I really held true that I would at least have a couple of brides that got it. 
Guess what, they did, and I love my clients so much more because of that. I also have 10 times more confidence doing my work for these brides because they chose me for my style. I would say hold tight to your vision and your design because there will people that understand and appreciate it.
Shannon DePalma
The Botanical Box
Nutley, New Jersey

I would advise new floral designers to EDUCATE themselves.  Start at the bottom, learn good mechanics and the basic principles and elements of design.  This will give them a foundation to make beautiful arrangements that are more balanced and pleasing to the eye.  I think there is a lot of ‘messy’ foraged or garden and gathered look, out there. Yes, love flowers and design, but PLEASE learn the basics of good design.  There are so many ‘designers’ out there today, but what makes you different, if all the work out there, looks the same?  Even the original, Saipua, uses good strong lines and a focal point, to create a more pleasing look.  It DOES make a difference.
Also, mechanics are so important.  It’s like trying to build a house, without laying a proper foundation.  It makes a difference.  It may look pretty, but if it’s not stable, what’s the point? Also, learning and knowing the proper techniques from everything to cutting flowers at an angle, how proper insertion into foam or water, is critical to the overall outcome.  I feel like a lot of designers don’t value how important that is.
Jessica Morris AIFD, CFD
HotHouse Design Studio & PropHouse Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama

Enjoy every minute of the journey! As floral designers, we have tight deadlines, long days, late nights, restless sleep thinking and planning the next big event. Yes, it’s just flowers, but it’s sooo much more!  Its’ the expression on the brides face, when she see’s her bouquet for the first time. That warm heartfelt tearful moment, when ” wow” this is happening! Or when you conceptually come up with a design that in theory will work. Then you have to execute, connstruct a structure from the ground up, and adorn it with florals and fabric. Then when the family see’s it they are ear to ear with grins! These are the moments to cherish! All their dreams are coming true and we get to play a tiny part in their dream wedding! 

Don’t worry about  the “rules”. The rules are guidelines, trust your instincts, and design on your love of the journey!
Gayla Harvey
Tiger Lily Weddings
Charleston, South Carolina

Take as many flower designing courses as you can. And continually do so! Read, learn and continue to soak in advice from those with more experience. Find a mentor, ask questions!
Tara Grand
By The Bloom – Flower Truck
Southern California

My best advice for aspiring florists would be:  BE BOLD in every aspect of working with flower arrangements.
My second piece of advice is: GET PROPER EQUIPMENT, KEEP THEM WORKING PROPERLY—includes the coolers, air filters, hand tools, computers and cash registers.
My third piece of advice is:  Cultivate good vendors AND BACKUP VENDORS—people you buy from, and then monitor their billings and quality of product closely.  Try hard to keep your pricing affordable for the customers in your location.
And finally—all you can really sell is YOUR SERVICE.  Be willing to “Make It Happen” for your customer.
Well, that’s my advice for the aspiring florist—I am one and learning more everyday.
Pearl Norcross
Flippin Fancy Flowers
Flippin, Arkansas

The Hands-On Floral Arch & Chuppah Workshop

Modern Floral Arch with coral fabric, green, coral and peach flowers for the Flirty Fleurs Floral Design Class in Washington.


I’ve scheduled a Hands-On Floral Arch & Chuppah Workshop on Saturday, September 10, 2016 here in Arlington, Washington. This is one of my most popular workshops and is limited to 4 students.

Arches brimming with flowers is my absolute favorite piece to design — gotta love a happy bride standing underneath her flower arch!
In this hands-on Floral Arch & Chuppah Workshop we will work together to create two arches & and two chuppahs. We’ll have a lot of flowers on hand and we will work on four different mechanics techniques for building chuppahs and floral arches..
This class will take place outside where we’ll have plenty of room to spread out our floral projects!
This class is limited to 4 participants as I find it works best to keep the class small for optimum hands-on experience with decorating the 4 designs.
Please come prepared to work outside all day, regardless of the weather.
Lunch & refreshments included.

Date: Saturday, September 10, 2016
Time: 10am until done, this is an all day class! Previous classes have ended between 5-6pm.
Location: Flirty Fleurs World Headquarters, also known as my home & property in Arlington, Washington (one hour north of Seattle)
Investment: $650.00
Register HERE

Modern Floral Arch with coral fabric, green, coral and peach flowers for the Flirty Fleurs Floral Design Class in Washington.


Featuring Midori Ribbons

“MIDORI is a quality brand that inspires, enchants and immerses Ribbonistas in the vibrant world of MIDORI with every ribbon and design.”

Today we are featuring luxurious ribbons & gift wrap from MIDORI, styled by Amy of GATHER.

This was my first experience working with MIDORI’s gift wrap, it is very thick paper and with beautiful print. The ribbons are quite luxurious, I absolutely love the double faced satin ones! The Dupioni Silk is also very enchanting.

Midori Ribbon featured on Flirty Fleurs 2

Pink Floral Lace Paper with Quince Double Faced Satin Ribbon, Mint Organdy Ribbon, Spa Double Faced Satin, and Cameo Dupioni Silk.

Midori Ribbon featured on Flirty Fleurs 1

Pink Floral Lace Paper

Midori Ribbon featured on Flirty Fleurs 3

Navy Whale Paper with Navy Dupioni Silk Ribbon, Navy & Cream Ascot Ribbon, Navy & Cream Checked Taffeta, and White Rayon Trimming.

Midori Ribbon featured on Flirty Fleurs 4

Magnolia Jolie Ribbon

Midori Ribbon featured on Flirty Fleurs 4

Yellow Organdy Ribbon

Midori Ribbon featured on Flirty Fleurs 4

Burnt Sienna Dupioni Silk Ribbon & Carrot Organdy Ribbon.

Midori Ribbon featured on Flirty Fleurs 4

Burnt Sienna Dupioni Silk Ribbon & Carrot Organdy Ribbon.

Midori Ribbon featured on Flirty Fleurs 4

Pink Flamingo Paper with Spa Double Faced Satin Ribbon.

Midori Ribbon featured on Flirty Fleurs 4

Peach & Navy Pigs Paper with Cameo Dupioni Silk Ribbon.

Midori Ribbon featured on Flirty Fleurs 4

Cherries Paper with Quince Double Faced Satin Ribbon.

Midori Ribbon featured on Flirty Fleurs 4

Bouquet with Mint Organdy and Cameo Dupioni Silk Ribbons.

Fleur Friday – Field To Vase

One week from today I’ll be standing next to my friend Robyn of Bare Root Flora and getting to work on all the flowers for the Field To Vase dinner. The dinner is taking place the next evening at The Fresh Herb Company in Boulder, Colorado. We are both so excited to be contributing our flower designing skills and filling the dinner tables with lush centerpieces!

Field To Vase Dinner Boulder

I was recently interviewed on the American Grown Flowers Blog, it was interesting to have the tables turned as I’m used to be in the interviewer and not the interviewee!

Robyn was also interviewed and you can read her interview here-

Florabundance Inspirational Design Days 2017

Florabundance Inspirational Design Days 2017


For more information and registration please visit:




Wedding Wednesday :: Burgundy Bouquets

Bridal bouquet of burgundy flowers

Designer Unknown – please leave a comment if you recognize this bouquet!