World Floral Expo | Los Angeles 2015!


It’s almost here! The World Floral Expo by IFTF is next week in Los Angeles, California! The show takes place at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Wednesday, March 11, Thursday, March 12, and Friday, March 13. You can register for the event here.


Martin Groen, former Dutch Floral Design Champion and Title Nominee at the Fleurop Interflora World Cup 2015 in Berlin Germany in June (, will join World Floral Expo in Los Angeles. Together with his 7 persons strong Dutch floral design team, Martin will show the latest trends in European floral designing.

The demonstrations will take place inside the exhibit hall and have an ongoing presenter during the 3 day long event. Professional floral designers and event planners are qualified to enter the trade show and demonstrations free of charge. A unique opportunity to experience the latest trends in European all occasions floral designing. One can sign up through or onsite at the registration counters.

Dresses made of Flowers

Flower Dress of Purple Vanda Orchids

Designer Unknown

Dress made of flowers

 Ariel Ermatinger  Dress of Flowers for Bouquets to Art

Ariel Ermatinger

Joseph Massie Flower Dress

We’ve featured Joseph Massie’s Red Rose petal dress in the past and just had to include it again in today’s Flower Dress Post!

Wedding Wednesday :: Red Bouquets

Burgundy bridal bouquet with calla lilies, roses, chocolate cosmos and berries.

Designer Unknown

Francoise Weeks

Francoise Weeks - Botanical Couture

Hey Flower Friends located down in the south, our sweet friend Francoise is headed your way! She will be teaching a Two day Botanical Couture Workshop hosted by Sherry Donnelly of Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio on April 21 & 22, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia! Francoise has this workshop and many other interesting ones lined up, heck she’s teaching in Mexico, China, and England this year! check out her teaching schedule here.

Francoise Weeks

Francoise Weeks

Fabulous Florist :: Jardine Botanic, Australia

Jardine Botanic - blue and white bouquet

Your name: Jardine Hansen
Your Business name: Jardine Botanic
Your Location: split between The Blue Mountains and Sydney

Jardine Botanic - flower arrangement

How did you start your business and how many years have you been in business?
I started my business in October 2013 doing the flowers for the wedding of a friend of a friend

Jardine Botanic -  garden roses

What is your design aesthetic and what inspires you?
I’m always drawn to nature. I live in a pretty special spot in the Mountains where hiking trails start from the back of my house so I spend quite a lot of time walking around examining trees, ferns, mosses etc. I like to watch plants unfurl in the wild or my garden and attempt to capture that in my work

Jardine Botanic - foliage chandelier installation

What is your favorite part of being a floral designer?
The fact that it allows me to spend all my time with plants/flowers or thinking about them

Jardine Botanic - cascading bouquet

What is the most challenging aspect of being a floral designer?
The way time behaves/disappears

Jardine Botanic - floral centerpiece

What advice would you give to aspiring floral designers?
Try to figure out what style of arranging makes you happiest. and procure yourself some plants

Jardine Botanic - white and gold bouquet

What are the trends, flowers & colors that are unique to your region?

I think Sydney florists often tend to group flowers and dispense with foliage

Jardine Botanic - bouquet

What tool in your toolbox can’t you live without?
My secateur holster-it stops me putting my snips down and losing track of them

Jardine Botanic - pink bouquet

What’s your favorite Social Media platform and why?
Instagram-it’s easy to use and I can stay in touch with florists from all over

Jardine Botanic

Contact Information:
Instagram @jardinebotanic

Jardine Botanic

Jardine Botanic - Reception table

Fleur Friday

Flora Organica - fall bouquet with succulents

Flora Organica

Q&A :: Submitting Images for Publication

The Question:

I am curious about submitting images for on-line and print features. I have had some great press but there is no rhyme or reason to the events that get picked up…while some magazines call me personally others don’t even know I exist…are there tricks (besides bribery), to get noticed?


The Answers:

My shop was approached and featured a lot many years ago and then it sort of dried up- I’ve watched several new to the industry studios basically eat up all the press on blogs and magazines over the past several years.I’s been the same three studios again and again and again. For a long time it made me feel rather depressed- why were they getting all the attention? They must know someone in the biz- it’s because they are younger and cooler and hipper than me…. all those things went through my head. But then I realized last year that is actually because they are just way more press savvy than I am. They are constantly calling, emailing asking, which I haven’t been doing. So I took a fantastic course on line last year, it was a big investment in money and time but it has taught me how to pitch the press and given me way more confidence than ever. Since I started implementing I have had some success with local papers and even Elle Canada’s blog. It taught me how to see where my business can fit and how to put together a pitch and who to approach. I think the industry has totally changed over the past 5 years, with the huge surge in blogs and online resources, and the press has had to change itself too. They are not going to approach us for things unless we are the big time people you see everywhere these days, so it is up to us to approach them. It is scary and you have to steel yourself for rejection, but eventually you will get somewhere. Good luck!
Jessica, Periwinkle Flowers, Ontario, Canada


I’ve found that collaborations are a great way to get noticed by publications that you haven’t previously worked with. Seek out photographers in your area that have been published in blogs/magazines that you’d like to be in and set up a styled photoshoot with them specifically for the purpose of submitting to a publication. We’ve gotten a huge amount of press and made some lovely industry friends through these collaborations. Nine out of ten times we’ve seen the investment returned (you can’t win ‘em all). It helps to have a strong story/concept behind your shoot and to bring a unique concept to the table. Publishers want new and fresh content. It’s a great opportunity to get really creative.
Malori, Hoot and Holler, Arizona


A great photographer is your first thing to find! Detailed shots, dreamy photography, and of course quality. Second, details. Details, then details, then more details. This can get daunting…the last styled shoot I did felt like I was planning a wedding! Everything from the escort cards, to name cards, to paper straws, to good linens, a cake, etc….. Good luck!
Jessica, Blooms ‘n Blossoms, Kentucky


Don’t wait to be discovered. Contact the publications you want your work in!
Kelsey, Crabapple Floral, North Dakota


Please share your thoughts with us on this subject in the comments section!!

Do you have a question you’d like to ask for a Q&A session? Email it to me at:

Wedding Wednesday :: Floral Chandeliers

Fabulous Florist :: Flower Bar, Arizona

Your name: Megan Carollo
Your Business name: Flower Bar
Your Location: Scottsdale Arizona

Flower Bar - pink and green bouquet

How did you start your business and how many years have you been in business?
I started designing about 6 years ago when I wandered into a local Scottsdale shop and asked if I could just see what it was all about. Immediately, I loved everything about it! The flowers, containers, creativity – even the dirty buckets, green fingernails (less glamorous than a having a Green Thumb), and crazy hours appealed to me. I felt as though I had finally found where I was supposed to be! And the rest was history – well, kind of. I spent a good year and a half apprenticing and working part time, just learning the ropes of a shop. Eventually I got hired as a Designer, worked with some designers across the US, started taking workshops, and then almost 3 years ago decided to open up my own studio!

Flower Bar - Fuchsia Orchid cascading bouquet

What is your design aesthetic and what inspires you?
I think my aesthetic is best described as, contemporary eclectic (I just made that up!). . . I live by the fact that the only constant is change, so we always try and incorporate or work with the latest products and trends. Not being stagnant and not getting into a routine is a huge goal of the studio. It’s always about finding that twist on a design – to make it just a little bit ((or a lot bit)) different! As far as inspiration: I draw a lot of inspiration from interior design, architecture, art, fabrics, and patterns. Also, I love to follow floral designers in different parts of the world – what is happening outside of our region is awesome! London, Melbourne, LA, NY, and Chicago are hubs of floral inspiration. And as silly as this may sound, I am absolutely amazed with Mother Nature and the intricacies of flowers – they are mesmerizing to me – and completely inspiring. One single blossom can present a color palette I hadn’t thought of or evoke an a range of emotions that is perfect for a certain personality.

Flower Bar - centerpiece with yellow and white flowers

What is your favorite part of being a floral designer?
I love that every week (every day even) is different! Each week brings a new clientele, a new design scheme, a new venue, and a new set of flowers! So it’s always fluid. We don’t have time to get tired of anything because it all changes so fast! And we are just a small part of this in the grand scheme of things; this industry is constantly evolving- whether it’s gown trends, styles, colors (the Pantone Color of the Year), or styling elements we are always changing and every event is an opportunity to do something different within the medium of fresh floral design.

Flower Bar - centerpiece with cactus

What is the most challenging aspect of being a floral designer?
Well, specifically in the floral design world of weddings I would have to say that I have a love-hate relationship with online resources that give clients great ideas and inspiration, but don’t explicitly show the time and work that goes into creating the designs photographed. Also, at times I feel as though Pinterest and these online resources really hinder creativity of what clients could have. Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest can be a great resource for inspiration and ideas, but ultimately I don’t want to merely recreate what a client saw on Pinterest or on a wedding blog. I want to make something unique for my clients. And as much as all the online resources help, at times I feel as though they influence a client’s willingness to be a little bit more creative or try new things. Just because there isn’t the exact picture of an idea online doesn’t mean it won’t be beautiful

Flower Bar = orange, copper and delphinium centerpiece

What advice would you give to aspiring floral designers?
I think if someone is really serious about becoming a designer they need to work in a few different shops. Wedding and event design is a completely different animal than everyday retail floral design. So, I think aspiring designers should try out both and see what is the best fit – the pace and schedules are very different. Also, don’t get attached to the normal socialite schedule (weekends are always busy) and your manicure will never, ever, be maintained as well as you would like, if at all.

Flower Bar - cascading bouquet of blue delphinium, copper orchids and agonis

What are the trends, flowers & colors that are unique to your region?
Succulents, succulents, succulents! OMG! Clients see them as something similar to cacti, so that is very complimentary to our desert environment. It also doesn’t hurt that they do pretty well most of the year here! We also incorporate a lot of cacti and cacti skeletons or ribs – essentially they are just a different branch. As far as flowers, we definitely use the more of the heat tolerate stems during the Fall and Spring when temps can be a bit on the warmer side. So dahlias, orchids, scabiosa pods, craspedia, dianthus, freesia, calla lilies, and even roses do well if weather is a concern.

Jill Lauren Photography - Flower Bar - yellow and white flower arrangement

Jill Lauren Photography

What tool in your toolbox can’t you live without?
Snips are a must (obviously)… but that is a given. So outside of that we always have some sort of monofilament or wire – whether it’s for a suspension or centerpieces it seems like we are always going for it!

What’s your favorite Social Media platform and why?
I absolutely love Instagram! It’s quick, easy, and centered around photos. I’m a super visual person so being able to just browse images is great for me! I use it follow designers that I admire or just search a specific design elements to get inspiration.

Flower Bar - cascading bouquet of foliage

Anything else you’d like to share with Flirty Fleurs followers?
I think the most important thing to remember with flowers is that the possibilities and combinations are practically endless (with the exception of seasonality) There are so many flowers that are available to designers that with a little bit of creativity and an open-minded client we can create absolutely stunning designs with fun textures and colors that aren’t seen everyday.

Flower Bar - corsage with an orchid

contact Information:
Megan Carollo, CFD

Flower Bar - Jill Lauren Photography - bridal bouquet

Jill Lauren Photography

Flower Focus :: Antique Carnations

Behold … deliciously antique-hued carnations! For anyone out there who thinks they don’t like carnations, these beauties will surely change their minds! Beautiful and striking in a design on their own or a perfect option to complement various color palettes. These awesome carnations are available from Florabundance Wholesale. Last November while at IFTF in Holland Joost and I came across these carnations and we were instantly drawn to their uniqueness. Joost knew right away that Florabundance customers would want these pretty flowers!
Check them out, which one is your favorite??

Antigua Carnation

Babylon Carnation

Carol Carnation

Hypnosis Carnation

Merletto Crimson Carnation

Terracotta Caramel

Antique Carnation Collection by Florabundance; Carol, Merletto Crimson, Babylon, Hypnosis, Antigua, Terracotta Caramel

Spray Carnations

Spray Carnations in pink, white and peach. These are a great little filler flower and offer a unique blossom shape.

Flirty Fleurs Floral Design Workshops - Orange and White Bridal Bouquet with Kumquats

Recently in one of my design workshops we played with the spray carnations. I like how designer Dani added these little white carnations into the bouquet and how they mimic citrus blossoms! Definitely keep these little spray carns in mind if you ever need a “pretend” citrus blossom!!

Bella Fiori Designs - Marsala flower centerpiece

These Merletto Crimson Carnations work perfectly in a Marsala color palette!

These carnations have a very long vase life, easily 2-3 weeks. Oh and since I asked y’all for your favorite color I will tell you mine – the Merletto Crimson! That carnation is so awesome, a lot of depth of colors on each petal. One last note – these carnations do all smell fantastic.

Contact information:
Florabundance Wholesale