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Philippa Craddock Flowers
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Q&A :: Freelance Rates

The Question:

I’m curious about freelance rates around the country. See lots of requests for freelancers but never any info on the pay. What is the typical going rate in each city?


The Answers:

I have just done 2 freelancing jobs with the same event/floral company in LA. The going rate is roughly $15-25/hour in our area, all depending on your experience and speed.
Tara of By The Bloom, Los Angeles, California

I receive $15-20/hour in the DC/Metro Area when I have freelance for other designers.
Blair of Sweet Blossoms, Maryland

It varies somewhat, depending on the type of work and time of year. I am an experienced fleelancer in Austin, Texas. I make between $15-25/hour depending on the job and who is hiring me.
Margaret, Texas

It all depends on experience and location. We have junior designers and they charge a rate of $15 per hour, we also have a middle of the road designers, not with a ton of experience take a little longer but they get it done per our specifications and they charge $18 per hour…. and then we have two seasoned designers (floral ninjas) that come when we need them and they charge $25 per hour and they are worth every penny.
Alex of Exquisite Designs, Illinois

$40.00 an hour for free lance if you have couple years experience in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Wedding Flowers By Cyndi

Please leave a comment and let us know what freelancers in your area are paid, we’d love to know!


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Wedding Wednesday :: Green Florals & Foliages

unknown designer

unknown designer

unknown designer

unknown designer

Fall Flowers & Foliages

I’ve been surfing various flower wholesale companies to see who has what, always fun to see what is coming into season. Check out some of the pretties (click on flower image to go to the website). Oh, and peonies are back!!

Brannan Street - Yellow Tree Peonies

Dutch Flower Line - Fall Foliage

Dutch Flower Line - Rosehips

DV Flora Black Eye Susan

Florabundance Parrot Tulips

G Page - Snowberries

Harvest Roses - A Fox Trot Orange Rose

Mayesh - Pumpkin Tree

The Designers behind the Flowers

Caroline of Passiflora

Caroline of Passiflora

Melbourne florist Melanie Stapleton

Melanie of Cecilia Fox

Floral Artistry by Alison Ellis

Alison Ellis of Floral Artistry

Della Blooms

Dana of Della Blooms

Bernadette - Diamond Custom Floral, Washington

Bernadette of Diamond Custom Floral

Jean-Pascal Lemire

Jean-Pascal Lemire of Bouquet Fleuriste

Carly Blair of Margot Blair Floral

Carly Blair of Margot Blair Floral

Fleur Friday

Urban Petals - white bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet designed by Urban Petals

Q&A :: Charging for Deliveries & Installations

The Question:

How do you calculate out your fee for deliveries & installations? What is a reasonable fee for these services?


The Answers:

I charge 15% of the subtotal for delivery. There is a separate line charge if I have someone helping me, and another 5% to come back to strike, if I have am required to stay to “flip” the ceremony, or if there are multiple delivery locations. If I am traveling outside my typical area, I would also charge a separate mileage fee.
Blair of Sweet Blossoms, Maryland


I think of how many will be needed to setup and strike the event, how many hours the event will take, what vehicle will I need, gas, parking and then I add a little more because we always spend more time than venue/planner/client tells us on delivery times and that’s what we charge.
Alex of Exquisite Designs, Illinois


We are a new Wedding and Event floral company, in our 2nd year and I had the same quandary. We are located in Lancaster, PA. Not a big city, but a very spread out area with lots of barn type and Winery venues I solved delivery charge by doing the following for each Bride:

Use Google Maps to determine the Following:

Calculate the mileage to the ceremony location.
Calculate the mileage from the ceremony location to the reception venue if different.
We also add 5 miles for driving around Winey or barn location because they are spread out.
Calculate the mileage from venue back to shop.
Calculate driving time.

Add all the numbers together and use this number as your base for all other charges.

We Charge:

$1.00 per mile
$40.00 an hour for driving time.
The wage of the delivery people.


Mileage to ceremony location is 10 miles or $10.00.

Mileage From ceremony to reception barn is 10 miles or $10.00.

Mileage around barn venue 5 miles or $5.00.

Mileage back to shop is 30 miles or $20.00.

Driving time 2 hours $80.00

Plus 45 minutes for delivery of items. There is always time involved “the Bouts go here and the Bouquets go there and put the arrangements here”.

Driver who is also manpower for carrying arrangements $15 an hour
Helper $12 an hour.

$94.50 total for 2 hours and 45 minutes for staff.

Total $10.00 + $10.00 + $5.00 + 20.00 + $80.00 + $94.50 = $219.50 to Deliver.

For set up we do the above plus we made up standard charges:

Placing arrangement $2.00 each

Aisle Decorations $2.00 each

Arbors $50


As we have become acquainted with repeat venues we sometimes adjust to lower costs.

Wedding Flowers By Cyndi, Pennsylvania


Do you have suggestions or advice for Lynda? Please leave us a comment! :)


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Wedding Wednesday :: Ceremony Decor

Fabulous Florist :: Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

Jenn Sanchez large wedding party

Your name: Jenn Sanchez
Your Business name: Jenn Sanchez Floral Design
Your Location: Ventura County, California

How did you start your business?
I have taken art lessons since I could remember and have always been attracted to painting anything in nature. I eventually began to paint only flowers, and my mother (playfully) suggested I try arranging them. For my 18th birthday, she surprised me with a wholesale license in my name, and shortly after took me the Los Angeles flower mart. I instantly fell in love with all the varieties, colors, and textures of flowers and plants I had never seen before. I began to take a few weddings over the following couple years, more as favors to friends than business, and in the more recent years decided to make it a career!

Jenn Sanchez boutonniere

How many years have you been in business?
I have been in business for a year and a half.

How do you create your style and where do you draw your inspiration?
My style is mostly drawn from the natural movement already created by flowers. Nature is the best floral and foliage arranger, I just try and emulate that on a much smaller scale. My inspiration comes from looking for beauty in the every day, whether music or movies, a random advertisement or a conversation with a friend. I know, some of those sound so removed from the work I do but for me it is so closely related. Whether visual or auditory, so much of that evokes a particular emotion and its those moods I want to come through in my work.

Jenn Sanchez Flower Arrangement

What are the trends, flowers & colors that are unique to your region?
Well, I do live in Southern California which has nearly perfect weather conditions year round, that really gives us the opportunity to grow and harvest so many flowers locally. We have such a wide variety sometimes the options can be overwhelming! You really have to know what you want before walking into any market.

What is your favorite part of being a floral designer?
The medium I am working with. I love anything that gets my creative wheels turning, but working with flowers is by far one of the most enjoyable. Constantly working with a dying product can be very challenging at times, but their delicate and detailed petals along with endless possibilities in arranging make up for any stress that may cause.

Jenn Sanchez Bridal bouquets

Are you a retail shop, studio/warehouse or home based?
No, I have been operating out of my home since starting, but in the near future I hope to have a studio space shared with other creatives.

Do you offer any services in addition to floral designs?
Yes, I can work with the client or bride to style and design their event. Flowers really are the finishing touch to a often a much larger idea, so helping people plan and create a cohesive look is something I love to offer to clients.

S'Wonderful Photography

What tool in your toolbox can’t you live without?
The toolbox itself! My husband is a cabinet maker and he made me a lightweight small carry toolbox that perfectly fits all my necessities. I don’t know how I would stay organized without it!

Contact information:
twitter: @jenn_chez
instagram: @jennchezdesign
facebook: Jenn Sanchez Floral Design

S'Wonderful Photography

S'Wonderful Photography

Random Flower Awesomeness

Blue Delphiniums on Couch

Branch floral installation  Katie Marx

Katie Marx

by appointment only design - chair made of roses

by appointment only design

Floral Chair ~ By Appointment Only Design

By Appointment Only Design



Geert Pattijn - orchid flower wall

Geert Pattijn

Gingerleaf Floral

Gingerleaf Floral

Jevgeni Bulahtin

Jevgeni Bulahtin

Marigold and Mint

Marigold and Mint

orange flower swirl

Scott Andrew Studio - Florals, Styling Tracy Taylor Ward Design

Scott Andrew Studio – Florals, Styling Tracy Taylor Ward Design

Zita Elze

Zita Elze

Zita Elze

Zita Elze