You know you are a florist when…

..they let me keep my floral knife past high security checkpoints ; ) (by Alex) wake up at 5:30am on a Saturday (by Natalie) know where every Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Joann’s Fabrics is within 50 miles of your shop. (by Alicia)

..You know you are a florist when….you take a nap at 8 o’clock in the morning. Crazy hours. (by Natalie)

..your hands look awful. (by Petals Edge)

..when you use ribbon as a belt. (by The Twisted Stem)

..When you can work even the strangest, non-floral objects into an arrangement idea. (by RR Flower School)

..when you find greenery in some serious random places :o) (by Marci)

..when you’re so used to tiki bits in your coffee that you think untainted coffee tastes funny. (by Ryan)

..May rolls around and your SUV is so trashed the kids beg Dad to do the carpool. (by Sue)

..When your hands look like a war zone; Scraped, callus, dry, cracking and green. (by Lora)

..When you see great potential in the things others see as garden refuge. Discarded tree stumps, pruned twigs, knobby roots even fall leaves becomes your inspiration. I do not know a single floral designer (or a bit more reluctantly, spouse of a designer) who can walk by a pretty piece of driftwood without becoming starry eyed… and then dragging it to their studio, over great distances, where it gets dusted and buffed and measured and treasured like the great find it is. (by Christine)

..your husband asks what you’re thinking about and the answer is always “flowers.” (by Nicole)

..You know you’re a floral designer when: you’re driving on the road and get distracted by an interesting flower, FORCING you to pull over and cut a handful (using the pruners you always keep in the car for such occasions). Just can’t help myself. (by Nicole)

..You know you are a floral designer when I’m embarrassed to go get a manicure and the manicurist looks at me like what the heck have you been doing? My skin is green from processing flower, my index finger has spray paint and my nail polish looks like it’s been to war a few times. (by Alex)

..carry clippers in your car and don’t think twice about pulling to the side of the road to “borrow” some flowers or foliage! (by Mindy)

..You know you are a floral designer when any given purse/tote/car has flower food, extra scissors, twine and wire in it. (by Tara)

..You are so excited to get brand new clippers or scissors! It’s like Christmas for a floral designer! (by Jennifer)

..You know you are a florist when the back of your SUV doubles as workbench in the hotel garage:

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  1. …when you go visit a friend/family and you water and spruce up their floral arrangements…even on your time off or on vacation…

  2. …when you misspell ‘their’ but correctly spell ‘ranunculus’, ‘anemone’ and dieffenbachia.

  3. When your tool box begins to outgrow your husbands……nails, hammers, zip ties, wire, wrenches, pliers, lead weights….etc….

  4. You could probably build a house that is up to code with corsage pins, floral tape, ribbon and a glue gun.

  5. Love it! I’m a newbie to the industry, but can so relate. I tried to bring some lovely chunks of bark home from Michigan, but was stopped because of an Ash tree beetle.

  6. Grace Peterson says:

    My hands are always a disaster. The last two for sure!!! I designed flowers for the altar in the back of my Expedition (took pictures to show that if I have flowers and my vehicle I can deliver anywhere) and it’s a VERY special day when I open new clippers. Everyone around gasps! 🙂

  7. ….when you take off your bra and a shower of petals, leaves, pine needles, stem butts come flying out!!!
    ….you get dirty looks in restaurants/stores because you are either culling there plants or WORSE informing an employee a plant needs water!