What would you charge?

Chuck came across this photo of this arrangement designed by Jeff Leatham and we couldn’t help but wonder what a designer would charge for it:

Not including the arrangements in the background, just the front table set-up – what would you charge??

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  1. I would love to know the recipe on it and then we could start crunching some numbers. I couldn’t even imagine putting a price tag on this. And did you see the plethora of candles and flowers ? I don’t even think my wholesaler has that many candles in stock. Just spectacular.

  2. Do we get to pretend we have Jeff Leatham’s level of celebrity to use as an additional markup? 😉

  3. WOW! At a first glance, there are probably about 12 topiary made of roses. The table is set for it seems 8 with a individual bouquets. Plus whatever kind of flowers that seem to be under each of the plexi glass place settings. I would say this should start $2,000.00 per table. Whatever it actual cost, it was worth it. This is absolutely stunning!

  4. Margaret says:

    WOW is right! That’s a LOT of flowers. It’s hard to see what is under the plexiglass, maybe pink phal blossoms? Doesn’t look like just rose petals. I would estimate a minimum of $2500-$3000.

  5. Stunning – and just the time to set it up – and the amount of roses – by just looking at it – I would say $4000 – seriously – thats time and a lot of product

  6. Love the place setting acrylic boxes filled with flowers