What a Bride Wants

Recently my dear friend, Cheri, married in the Northern California wine country. After the wedding I started to wonder; how did Cheri select her florist? I thought an interview with her to get a bride’s perspective would be quite fun & helpful.

How many florists did you meet with?
We only met with one because our venue offered a “Dream Wedding” package and this florist was considered the best of the best.

How did you find florists to meet with?
(recommended list from the venue, friends, internet, magazine)
This florist was the only florist offered in our “Dream Wedding” package at our venue.

Did you compare websites? What were some things that you liked about a vendor website, what did you not like.
I did do some research before we met with the florist on her website. I really enjoyed looking at all of the photos of past weddings she had done. I can’t think of anything that I did not like on her website.

Why did you pick your florist?
(budget, style, other, recommendations)
Of course our florist was already picked when we decided to go with the “Dream Wedding” package with our venue. Honestly, we were a little afraid that the vendors on the “Dream Wedding” list would be just okay. But we found out after working with the vendors that these vendors are screened by the venue and it is hard to get on the “Dream Wedding” package vendor list. It showed, because the vendors were amazing!

Anything during the process that you wish would have been different?
Yes, I wish I would have been more aware of exactly what my bridal bouquet would have looked like. I showed the florist a photo and was given the circumference of my bouquet handle, but was expecting a much fuller bouquet.

Anything else you’d like flirty fleurs readers to know?
Yes, I loved my idea of having all of my grooms family members and my family members (Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, etc) embroidered on the wrap covering my bouquet handle by my mother in law. It was a great way to represent those family members who have passed.

{We would like to interview more brides for this series “What a Bride Wants…”. If you are a bride or know someone that would like to be interviewed please contact us. info@flirtyfleurs.com}

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