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The first shop I visited in London was OnlyRoses. My curiosity was peaked, a shop that only sells roses? In addition to only selling roses, they specialize in only selling Ecuadorian Roses. To those of us in North America this may not seem very surprising, since most of our roses do come from South America. However, from what I was told and saw in England, it is very unique to specialize in Ecuadorian Roses. Most roses there are grown either in Europe, Kenya or Ethiopia. You may be wondering what the difference is? Ecuadorian Roses are much larger roses, their blooms can be twice the size of the others!

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I met with Rebecca of OnlyRoses to get the scoop on the shop. She told me how the owners, Sabine and Anian, travelled to Ecuador on their honeymoon and fell in love with the roses while visiting a rose farm. They both had an entrepreneurial spirit and when they returned to England they decided to open OnlyRoses and provide the gorgeous Ecuadorian Roses to Londoners.
In their words, “OnlyRoses specialise in the ‘World’s Finest Roses.’ They are the World’s Finest because they are grown at high altitude up in the mountains in Ecuador, the perfect climate for these roses. OnlyRoses fresh-cut roses come in over 250 beautiful varieties. The roses are sourced from four ethically working farms in Ecuador in accordance to strict social, labour and environmental standards.”
Sabine and Anian are concerned about the environment and to off-set the carbon dioxide emissions produced by flying the roses to the UK they launched a reforestation project in Ecuador. In the past four years they have planted over 800 trees and travel to Ecuador regularly to check in on the program.

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In addition to the fresh Ecuadorian Roses, OnlyRoses now offers a unique preserved rose called Infinite Roses. Now I’m one to stay away from anything not-fresh, but will tell you these roses are cool – I loved the variety of colors they come in.
In their words, “What’s more, OnlyRoses have recently created the “InfiniteRose”. InfiniteRoses are real premium Ecuadorian roses that have been preserved in natural oils, and last up to a year. There is no need for water or refrigeration to keep them looking exquisite. They come in all natural, as well as many unusual, vibrant colours, including black, deep purple, royal blue and hunter green. InfiniteRoses can be fashioned into the most stunning exquisite arrangements. ”

OnlyRoses is launching in North American this fall! They will be based in Chicago, Illinois. You can read all about it here.

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Contact Information:
0207 373 9595
Facebook: OnlyRosesLondon
Twitter: @OnlyRoses

London stores:
OnlyRoses Earl’s Court:
257 Old Brompton Road
London SW5 9HP

OnlyRoses Knightsbridge:
3 Hans Road
London SW3 1LJ (opposite Harrods)

rose flower arrangements by OnlyRoses

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