Visiting London, England

After the fantastic and flower filled time in the Netherlands, I was off to London to see a friend and do more flower exploring. I love London, love wandering the streets – never know what I’ll come upon.
River Thames London

On Wednesday morning I set off to visit Only Roses, I will be posting an interview with them this coming Monday.

Flower Delivery Car

How adorable is the delivery vehicle for Only Roses.

From Only Roses I wandered on towards Harrods. A trip to London isn’t complete without a visit to Harrods, the food halls are so cool + Nikki Tibbles has a really cute space there. My walk continued on through Belgravia neighborhood, I saw Judith Blacklock’s shop, unfortunately it was closed so I couldn’t go inside.
Judith Blacklock London

My walk continued onto Neill Strain’s shop – wow, is it gorgeous! When I arrived they were working on an installation in front of the shop, preparing for the Christmas holiday. Inside he had a beautiful display of fresh flowers to choose from. I didn’t snap a picture of the inside, I will ask him to do an interview with us and then we can see more of his beautiful work! Neill was about to leave for a meeting and suggested I walk with him, as we walked down the street he pointed me in the direction of more shops to visit.

Heart Arch

This picture shows another installation in front of Neill’s shop. When I was there he was working on the holiday installation.

Neill suggested I walk towards Pulbrook and Gould, so off I went. (good thing I like to walk alot!)
Pulbrook and Gould Flower Shop

From Pulbrook & Gould I continued on, walked through some great shopping neighborhoods and eventually reached Nikki Tibbles shop – it’s so perfect!
Wild At Heart Flower Shop

After the last visit to Nikki’s shop I decided it was time to trek back to Emma’s flat. It was a good day!

The next day Emma joined me, we started our day at New Covent Garden Market – which I’ll post about tomorrow on the blog.
Next we went by this cute little flower shop, Edward Goodyear:
Flower shop in London

We stopped by Peggy Porschen’s pretty pink cake shop–love this place! Peggy is Emma’s sister-in-law (how cool is that?), and I always enjoy visiting her. When I noticed numerous people taking pictures inside her shop, I asked Peggy if this concerned her. She said absolutely not, she encourages visitors to take pictures in her cake shop. She knows they’ll blog, tweet, and Facebook the images, which will increase the exposure of her cake shop. The interesting thing is that when I asked the same question at the flower shops I visited, they all said they had strict policies against photos taken inside their shops. No one wanted people to copy their ideas. I find it interesting that Peggy had such a different take on it–she wasn’t at all concerned about anyone stealing her ideas for their own cake shops.
pink cake shop london

Another day we visited a different part of the city and came across a market setup, nice variety of flowers at this one:
london flower market

Emma and I visited this pretty little shop, La Maison des Roses. The owner was so sweet and she had the prettiest roses on display. Emma picked up a bouquet of garden roses to take home… love that my friend always brings flowers home!
la maison des roses london
The plant I kept seeing being used as a foliage was Skimmia, I absolutely adore the texture and color. Does anyone know if we can get in the States? I can’t think that I’ve ever seen it here…
skimmia plant

While in London I did meet with the flower blogger, Rona of Flowerona. We had a lovely visit and chatted about all things flowers and blogging. I’m so thankful Rona took the time to visit with me! Have you seen her flower filled blog? Flowerona

A fun and relaxing trip to London. Thankful for the opportunity to meet other flower lovers and see some new-to-me flower shops!

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  1. Hi Alicia!

    It was so lovely to meet you this month in London. And thank you very much for the mention in your blog post.

    Let’s catch up again in the New Year…via email or Skype.

    Very best wishes
    Rona x