Visiting Flower Farms with Florabundance

Our story of the time spent in Santa Barbara, California is not quite over. In addition to a fabulous time at Florabundance Inspirational Design Days, I had the opportunity to visit some flower farms and meet more awesome people in the floral industry.

Joost took Rebecca, Sunny Brooks Floral of Seattle and me to visit Florabundance, Myriad Flowers and Ever-Bloom Gerbera Farms.

floral designers

Joost and Rebecca, notice Rebecca’s bag is filled with flowers??

Our first stop was at Florabundance Wholesale in Carpinteria, California. I didn’t realize that Florabundance is located in the center of many independently owned flower farms. Talk about fresh flowers – need something? They get a lot of their flowers from farms just footsteps away!

wholesale florals for the trade

First stop – Florabundance Wholesale house!


Inside the cooler at Florabundance.

cut hellebores

I had to take this photo for Chuck, he loves Hellebores! Such a beautiful color..

Jose Rabelo

Jose working away inside the office at Florabundance.

manzanita branches for sale

need manzanita branches?

Next we were off to visit Myriad Flowers in Carpinteria, California. They grow lovely ‘California Grown’ Roses, and many other flowers.

Erik Van Wingerden

Here’s Joost with the owner of Myriad Flowers – Erik Van Wingerden.

Myriad flower farm

Just a few roses…

Super Green Roses

love these Super Green roses

Sahara Roses

how pretty are these Sahara Roses??

Rose Farmer California

Roses sorted and ready for the cooler.

It was really cool to see the rose sorting machine at work, it sorts the roses by size! It then bunches them together and automatically bunches them into 25 stems and bands them!
So cool:

processing roses

First the roses go through and are measured for size.

rose sorting machine

Here they get sorted into bunches by the size.

rose sorting machine

See the machine arm dropping the roses after being sorted .. so cool.

Next we visited the largest grower of Gerbera Daisies in the States, Ever-Bloom. They also grow Anthuriums. I’ve used Ever-Bloom Gerberas for years and it was nice to finally see where they come from! We visited with Ed van Wingerden, he took us through the greenhouse and coolers.

Ever Bloom Gerbera Daisies

Gerberas, so many Gerbera Daisies..

Ever Bloom Gerbera Daisy

The quality is absolutely fantastic, very strong stems.

buckets of gerbera daisies

So many color varieties! Which color do you think is most popular? If you guessed pink, you are correct.

greenhouse transportation

I had to take a picture of this, reminded me of all the bikes we saw inside greenhouses in Holland

pink gerber daisies

Racks filled with gerbera daisies, all sorted and ready for packing.

colorful gerber daisies

this is just a small section of the gerber daisies in the cooler, there were so many!

flower packing

All packed up and ready to be shipped to wholesalers across the country.

Thank you, Joost, for taking us to visit these flower farms! Driving through the area was so fun and inspiring, great to see where so many of our California Grown Flowers are coming from!!

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  1. Beautiful post! Great to see a feature like this on our American flower farms. Thank you Alicia! Looked like you guys had a grand tour.