A visit with Pim van den Akker

While in the Netherlands we visited the extremely fascinating floral artist, Pim van den Akker. His pieces are true works of art, intricate little details woven together to create one of a kind pieces. Pim told me that florists love to walk around his workspace, we are drawn to the creativity that abounds and want to explore what’s in all the bins and on the shelves. I found a box filled with lobster tails asked Pim what he planned to do with them, he replied that he will take them apart and then re-assemble them to create a dress! Can you just imagine??

Here is Pim’s design studio, it’s so well organized! I loved walking around and peaking into the bins, so many clever little bits & pieces:
floral design studio

floral work studio

craspedia artistic flower arrangements

Intricate piece designed by Pim. Those are water tubes covered up, they’ll hold the fresh flowers:
artistic structure by Pim van den Akker

floral designs by Pim van den Akker

Fantastic tool table set-up, I had no idea there were so many types of different glues!
tools table

Pim’s cute delivery vehicle:
Florist Vehicle

Holland Florist

While visiting the studio Pim gave me a copy of his book:

One of the interesting arrangements in the book:
European floral design

Another interesting design from the book:
European flower arrangement

If you are intrigued and would like to see more of Pim’s work, I’d suggest ordering some of his books – he has five to choose from! You can see more about Pim’s “Floral Design” book here – Floral Design on Amazon.

Check out Pim’s website for more inspiration: http://www.pimdesigned.com/

Thank you, Pim, for letting us spend some time in your fascinating studio!

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  1. Sharon Linton says:

    Hi Fleurty – Alicia

    loved your article – Visit to Pim Van Den Akker’s studio and the fab photos!
    Pim is my hero, a brilliant designer with a fab philosophy on life and being creative.
    He found time to reply to an E- mail when I was a student on a floral design BA, asking for comment ‘re: my dissertation. His reply was very inspirational and informative. Would love to visit his studio, did you arrange to see him, how did you manage it! looking forward to following your blog. Regards.

    Sharon Linton.