A Visit to Flower Exporter – Holex

Holex Flower BV was founded in 1982 and is located at the VBA south-complex of the FloraHolland flower auction in Aalsmeer. Holex is Holland’s market leader with respect to the export of fresh-cut flowers to distant destinations serviced by airfreight.

Overlooking the operations at Holex, so much activity as flowers are packed up to be transported throughout Europe, trucked to Russia and flown to North America:
view of Holex Flower Exporter
work stations at Holex

Tropical flowers prepped to be shipped:
shipping orchids

So many boxes, all ready to be packed:

Sorry for the fuzzy image, but I was trying to hurry and get the photo of these two. Apparently, these two have worked at Holex for a long time and it looks to me like the keep everyone entertained!
Employees of Holex
employees of Holex packing flowers
shipping flowers
Carts of flowers ready to be packed:
packing the flowers

The Holex employees checking in flowers that come over from the auction:
Holex Employees
Holex Flower Exporter

Have you ever noticed the holes at the end of your flower boxes? Well, I always thought those were so I could gripe the boxes while carrying them… Turns out that is not their purpose! These are actually for cooling the flowers. The boxes are pressed up against a special cooler that blows cold air into the boxes before sending them out for delivery:
florist boxes

Buckets filled with hydrangeadouble french tulips
double parrot tulips

I came across this video on Holex’s website and recommend watching it. They show how the flowers are bought at auction and transferred to Holex, plus the end of the packing line when the flowers are shipped out:

You can read more about Holex on their website: http://holex.com/

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