A visit to the Rose Breeder – De Ruiter

Rose breeder and propagator
We were quite fortunate to visit De Ruiter while in the Netherlands. De Ruiter is a breeder and developer of cut roses, potted roses, Freiland roses, patio roses, outdoor roses, rose hips, landscape roses, also cut Hypericum and potted Hypericum. I think it’s absolutely fascinating to see where all these roses we use daily in our arrangements actually come from. De Ruiter is located in the heart of Holland, it’s here where they develop the new colors and varieties of various roses.

Following Orjan through the magic doors:
Rose breeder and propagator

Believe it or not, they can test 10,000 potential rose plants before finding one “hit” which they will pursue growing for market!
Once they decide on a rose that they would like to produce for market, on average it will take 8 years to get it there.
They have to be tested for consistent color, the head size, and production of stems per square meter.

They use artificial pollination to breed the roses. I had no idea that they could cut the rose stems into 2″ sections to do “starts”:
breeding roses

They are not grown and transported out of the country in soil, soil carries diseases which need to be avoided:
rose starts

Seedling plants stay in the greenhouse for about three months and up to one year (12 months), before deciding if they will be sent to Kenya or Ecuador:
de ruiter roses

Little rose starts, the blue and purple tags signify if the seedlings will be grown in Kenya, Ecuador or Europe:
rose seedlings

Orjan explaining how the propagating process works:
de Ruiter rose breeders

The green houses are structured to house roses at different stages of the growing and testing process:
rose testing green house
Rose breeder Holland
rose breeder in holland
rose grower in holland

Red Knight:
Open Red Rose
Palazzo Red Rose

Orange Crush:
Orange Rose

Joost & Orjan studying the petal structure of Bella Canzone:
growing roses

Bella Canzone, isn’t she pretty??:
Pink Garden Rose

Misty Bubbles:
purple spray rose

gathered roses

roses being graded and packed

For more information on de Ruiter check out their website: http://deruiter.com/en

Thank you, Orjan, for taking the time to walk us through the greenhouses and explain the breeding and propagating process, I quite enjoyed the visit!

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