Unexpected Lessons

Alicia and I spent four days last week on the East Coast with some of
our favorite designer friends that included Holly Heider Chapple, Alexandra
Jusino, Trish Van de Merkt, David Beahm, Daevid Reed and Alicia Broehl.
We were working on an event together which was a dream come true for
me to get the opportunity to work side by side with this very
accomplished group. I went into the four days so excited to learn, share
and grow as a designer and I was not disappointed. I learned some very
valuable lessons and had many thought provoking conversations. One of
these conversations happened in the car on the way home from a long day
of designing. The conversation revolved around process and efficiency.
Now mind you that this is a car full of business owners and we were all
working on a project for someone else. We are all set in our ways and in some
cases have been doing our processes the same way for 20 years. To work for
someone else with their process can be challenging but if you open
yourself up to the learning it can be one of the most educational
experiences and push you outside of your comfort zone.  We both encourage you,
that if you are given an opportunity
to work for other designers, DO IT! You will learn both things that you
want to improve in your process and things that are really working well in
your favor!

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