The Truth About Underbidding, by Alison Ellis

When you suspect you’ve been underbid for a design gig it can really get you down. If thinking about “losing” a customer makes you question your own pricing then this video is for you!

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Alison Ellis
Floral Artistry, Vermont

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  1. I LOVE these videos! Keep them coming! Such great advice. Thanks for keeping it real.

  2. Such good advice. Well said!

  3. Keeping it real. That is the perfect way to put it. I think it’s important that we keep it real so that we can all move forward as an industry of professionals who thrive and support one another! Thanks for watching!

  4. Yup, just had this happen today… Oh well, I guess there’s a reason for everything!

  5. John Auger says:

    Wow. This is an awesome video coming at the right time. I am starting my business and am shopping for logo design assistance. I found myself asking an acquaintance if he thought he could design a logo for $XXX. I did not intend to price shop, yet this video made me have second thoughts about asking that question. Rather, I have seen logo design services go for a certain price range, so I merely wanted to ask if that range was realistic. Ugh. Now I have perhaps come across as a price shopper, which I did not intend to do. Lesson learned for my own business. I can hardly wait to have the time to check out the other videos on YouTube. They appear to be a set of useful advice tidbits. Thank you for making them.

    • John, I’m glad you found this video timely and useful. It’s possible that you came across as a price shopper, but there is nothing inherently wrong with seeking the right price. You just may not be an “ideal customer” for your friend (and that’s OK). The price shopper is not the winning customer most of the time, but they have their place in the world! Small businesses always have budgets to respect and perhaps your friend can work with what you offered after all!