The Truth About Expensive Wedding Flowers by Alison Ellis

Florists are often misrepresented as “the ones to watch out for” when it comes to the wedding budget. Here’s the truth about all of that outdated advice!

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Alison Ellis
Floral Artistry

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  1. Good one again Alison! We work hard for the money.

    • Marjorie Schwager says:

      I always told my wedding customers that my flowers would always make their wedding pictures so much more attractive, Your presentation was very rewarding and hopefully, many future brides will listen to it.

  2. Daniel Claeys says:

    There is definitely an art to the sale, their is also psychology. I like the idea of line item veto. I find that by using a red marker this strikes an emotional response in the client. Basically, a bride-to-be, doesn’t like seeing all of her dreams bleed a sad death on paper. In general, I’ve found that by the third strike, the money will just magically appear.No one likes seeing their happy mission into the future, aborted.