Trends in Weddings for 2013

Hi Flower Friends!
Well, I’ve been having quite a bit of fun on our facebook page for Flirty Fleurs asking all of you about what trends you are seeing for 2013 – it’s great to get to connect with so many amazing floral designers across the country and world!

I recently came across a 10 year old article about what was popular in flowers and this was the list:
Picture 1

I asked on the facebook page what flowers designers consider to be the most popular for 2013, here’s the top ten:

Next, I asked about what types of styles are being requested by brides for 2013. Sounds like the style hasn’t changed a lot from the 2012 season:

  • vintage shabby chic
  • wooden boxes
  • blush tones, taupes, creams and whites
  • mercury glass
  • burlap and twine
  • garden style, lots of foliages & vines
  • lace
  • lanterns
  • gold – linens, flowers, trays, vessels
  • long, layered, flowing vintage antique ribbons
  • compote style vessels

  • Some say Mason Jars are still going strong and some say they are receiving no requests for Mason Jars this year .. maybe their reign is coming to an end??
    My favorite reply to the mason jar question came from Marci at Entwined Designs in Southern California:
    I hope all mason jars spontaneously explode in 2013. :o) #refusetousein2013letscampaign

    We rounded up a few examples of what’s on trend for 2013:

    designed by holly chapple

    burgundy and grey centerpiece

    Floral Design by Three Sisters Custom Flowers & Events. Ian Martin Wedding Photojournalism.

    Burugndy and grey flower arrangement

    Designed by Three Sisters Custom Flowers & Events. Ian Martin Wedding Photojournalism

    blush and pink flower arrangement

    Designed by Holly Chapple. Astrid Photography

    vintage bridal bouquet

    Designed by Holly Chapple. Astrid Photography.

    succulent favors

    Designed by Sweet Peas Flowers, Denver.

    blush garden roses and dahlias

    Designed by Bella Fiori

    burlap twine and white flowers

    Designed by Bella Fiori

    white roses, hydrangea succulents in wood base

    Designed by Bella Fiori

    poppy and peony bridal bouquet

    Designed by Sweet Peas Flowers, Denver. Peonies and poppies continue to be in demand.

    gold and peach bridal bouquet.

    Designed by Holly Chapple Flowers. Combo roses add the perfect golden touch to this bridal bouquet.

    flowing antique ribbons

    Designed by Holly Chapple Flowers. Long, flowing antique ribbons add a romantic feel to the bouquets.

    romantic blush pink bridal bouquet

    Designed by Holly Chapple Flowers. Romantic, blush toned bridal bouquet with accents of gold fern fronds.

    What do you think? Are you seeing any other trends starting to emerge?

    (Thank you Holly Chapple Flowers, Three Sisters Custom Flowers & Events, Bella Fiori & Sweet Peas Flowers for the lovely images)

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    1. Fantastic info! Beautiful designs! And I agree….let the mason jars combust!

    2. We are honored to be featured in such great company, thanks Alicia!

    3. Very nice! Great examples of what is actually on trend in the industry!

    4. I still get a ton of requests for mason jars. Part of me still loves them and part of me wishes they would go away. File that under torn.

    5. Definitely on target for my area (Arkansas). I used Stephanotis once last year and hope I don’t use mason jars more than once this year.

    6. Alicia (bella Fiori) still has that floral magic going on! We are missing you in Denver! Hope the California floral magic florishes for you! Marianne @ M & M !