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After 7 weeks of floral design challenges Tenley Young was the last designer left in first season of Logo’s “The Arrangement”. I was able to catch up with and ask her a few questions about the show and what’s next for her both personally and professionally.

Tenley, Congratulations on winning “The Arrangement”.
Thank you for taking the time answer a few question for

How does it feel being the winner of the first season of “The Arrangement”?
It’s an incredible feeling! It was such a shot in the dark to be chosen to compete on “The Arrangement” let alone win! I’m truly honored to have met my fellow contestants and to have gone through this experience. It changed my life in so many ways.

What does this title mean for you both professionally and personally?
Winning this show has given me the tools to really be able to move forward with my business. This competition was my last hope to save my dream, and now I’m able to invest the time and money I’ve needed to succeed. Personally, my creativity has been pushed into overdrive, and professionally, I know what I’m capable of and am on a constant search for what I can come up with next.

I downloaded the season from iTunes to look back at the series and I had forgotten how many floral items you had to design and create over the past 8 weeks. Did the challenges ever become overwhelming?
Haha! Every challenge was overwhelming! Being in the competition, the cameras watching every move I made, creating arrangements I’d never done before, being judged on everything we did, it was excruciating. On the bright side, I feel confident in my ability to create anything anyone can dream of, so I regret nothing.

Which challenge, if any, did you think “This is it, I’m going home!”?
I really had a tough time during the couture hat challenge in which we had to create a complementary hat for Nick Varreos’ gowns. I broke down mid-pitch & felt that I just wasn’t going to be able to pull myself together. With the time crunch we were held to and the surprise challenges, we all broke down from time to time. Thankfully in reality we usually have more than a moments’ notice to create something magnificent.

Which challenge arrangement are you most proud of?
Honestly, I’m proud of everything I did, but I’m most proud of my photoshoot with Tammie Brown and my final challenge, the wedding when Mindy Weiss told me that she would hire me. That was the validation I’d been waiting for. I knew I was the novice in the competition but I also knew I had what it took, and when I had impressed the legendary Mindy Weiss, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

You had quite the parade of celebrity judges each week. Which celebrity judge were you most starstruck by?
Again, Mindy Weiss was quite a surprise. She was really the person to impress – which is also why she was the most intimidating. She has quite a following and her word is gold, so her critique of my work really could make or break me in this competition.

Which one freaked you out?
(see above)

Speaking of judges, Eric has been a bit of a tough one to please, What are your feelings of his “constructive” criticism?
I always appreciated Eric’s criticism. If he thinks my arrangement isn’t cutting it, I want to know. His celebrity clientele, his world renown status, and his knowledge is really something to reach for. So I was more than happy to learn as much as I could from him during the judging, no matter how harsh.

By the time the Photo Shoot challenge rolled around it looked like you and the other designer had become pretty close. Are you still in touch with other designers?
We are all very close. It was such a bonding experience for each of us, and having to keep quiet about the results brought us even closer – especially when we’d meet in secret just to be able to talk about everything! Haha

Who did you feel was your strongest competition?
I felt that Derek was my strongest competition. He stayed out of the drama like I did, had a new approach to design, and was not afraid to take risks, which is really important in the design world.

Which designer surprised you the most? Why?
No one surprised me, I always expected everyone to do well, and they did.

How has your everyday life changed after appearing on Reality Television?
I’m a LOT busier. Working on expanding my business, designing accessories, working with my PR firm for media opportunities, etc., I am constantly thinking about the future. Sometimes I feel like my brain is going to explode because I’ve got so much going on up there. I’m working on some art installations and collaborating with other artists…more on that soon.

Now that you are the winner of “The Arrangement” Season 1, what is next for you?
Next? The world. Haha, but seriously, I feel like the world needs a modern, hipper, riskier version of Martha Stewart…I want to fill that role.

Well, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions.
Congratulations again on the being the last one in “The Arrangement” and we look to seeing more of you and your work in the future!

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“The Arrangement” airs Wednesdays 10/9c. Catch up on episodes here: The Arrangement Episodes . Please let us know what you think about this new series.

Special thanks to Chuck Graham of Blume Haus Floral Design for the interview.

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