The Olympic Victory Bouquet

We are all wrapped up in the 2012 Olympic Games. My evenings are now filled with 4 hours of witnessing the best of physical human achievement. I am so inspired and filled with an overwhelming sense of possibility and humility. As with everything, flowers caught my eyes and I wanted to know more about the victory bouquets. So after a little bit of surfing, this is what I discovered.


JANE PACKER  are proud to have been selected to design and produce the “Victory Bouquet” for the medal winners at the  London 2012 Olympics. 4,800 floral bouquets will be presented to athletes along with medals during the Victory Ceremonies. The flowers and herbs in the bouquet are British grown and are  made with the help of floristry students across the country. From Jane Packard Website

Design Story. The Victory Bouquet was designed by our creative director, Susan Lapworth, to reflect the energy and vibrancy of the London 2012 Games.

The bouquet is sectioned into boldly coloured quadrants to mirror the 2012 logo. These are separated by typical British food ingredients which also provide an eclectic fragrance.

Pink Rose – Aqua
Yellow Rose – Illios
Orange Rose – Marie Claire
Green Rose – Wimbledon
English Lavender, Rosemary, Apple Mint and Wheat

All of the components of the bouquet had to be able to be grown in Britain, a key aim for us.

Design Brief
British grown flowers, a size of 20 x 25cm, strong visual impact,  Reflect the energy of London 2012. Hardy varieties that will withstand varying temperatures (there are no cold storage facilities at the venues) and handling by non – experts.


The Flowers
Although not indigenous, in our mind the most British flower is the rose. Sadly, although we possess the expertise, no UK grower was currently producing roses for commercial use, so we have commissioned the growing of the roses in the design specifically for this project. The variety of rose used needed to be proven to be robust and long lasting with a history of successful cultivation.
We have chosen British grown herbs, lavender, apple mint and rosemary.  These provide an eclectic fragrance which is important to enhance the ‘moment’ of triumph for the athlete without causing an allergic reaction which some heavily scented flowers often do.  Along with these herbs,  we have included wheat, a source of energy, to reflect the ‘energy lines’ of the London 2012 theme that has been an influence throughout the design process.

The Colours
We chose a bright and vibrant colour theme that not only reflects the colours used in the 2012 logo but also throughout the London 2012 games. This vivid combination creates visual impact, which will also enhance the athlete’s moment of victory. From Jane Packard Website

What do you think of the Olympic Victory Bouquet?


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  1. I love the fact they used flowers/greenery of local source but I wished they used a different style like biedermeier or armature. I understand the quadrant separation reflects the logo but it didn’t show off all the vibrant colours depending on how the bouquet was held. I hope the use of herbs and other uncommon greenery continue to grow.

  2. I like the fact that the flowers and foliage are grown responsibly and in the UK. I have read many complaints that they are small. I think that if people knew the story behind them that wouldn’t be an issue. I love the backstory about the design, growing, transporting and all the thought that has to go into such an endeavor. As with most floral designs, there’s a whole lot more to the story than the end result!