The new Rive Gauche Rose from Green Valley Floral

Have you seen the new rose variety Rive Gauche from Green Valley Floral? I think it is quite the fascinating rose, so many petals packed tightly together and the interesting green center.

Green Valley Floral grows a great selection of English and Romantic Garden roses; including Juliet, Yves Piaget, Caramel Antike. Check out their website for more information.
Thank you, Green Valley Floral, for the photos of Rive Gauche!

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  1. So, SO gorgeous! For the brides who are anti-roses out there this would knock their socks off!

  2. So interesting! Reminds me of a pink ranunculus with a green center that I saw not long ago. Thanks for sharing…love it!

  3. So cool, I want some!

  4. Where can I buy a this rose to grow in my garden?