The Flower Wheel App for iPhones & iPads

I came across a really cool iPhone app the other day that I think many of you will enjoy.
It’s called: FlowerWheel

From the creator of FlowerWheel and floral designer, Karin:
Our story is simple: I am a floral designer who felt that clients, vendors, (and I) needed a portable resource for our flower choices. With Flowerwheel everyone benefits, from the educated bride to a vendor who spends more time giving actual design consultation and less talking about what’s in
That said, the app is also beneficial to decorators, flower lovers, vendors, and design professionals alike. Our hope is that this app helps as many people as possible! It could even thin out that heavy “bridal book” (also known as the giant binder that is full of torn out images and magazine pages) and keep the confusion down with a clear saved list of favorite flowers as opposed to 12 contradicting pages of bouquets.
My husband and I created this app from the ground up therefore as a floral designer it is something I believe in. A large part of making sure every photograph was true to the flowers available in our current North American market was that every bloom passed through my hands from 2011-2012 and we used no stock photos.
Also, because I do work in the industry I understand the importance of communicating that this is a tool and not a substitute for a floral professional.

Flowerwheel App is currently available only for Apple products such as iPad, iPod, and iPhone all through iTunes and the App stores.

We plan on expanding the Flowerwheel family to include a Pro Version with double the flowers (coming in late 2012).

Check out Karin’s facebook page for FlowerWheel or website for more information.
Photography provided by: Annabella Charles Photography

Want to know more about Karin and see photographs of her beautiful floral designs? – click here to see her website.

Karin is giving away 5 FlowerWheel app downloads to Flirty Fleurs readers!! Leave a comment here on why you’d like to try FlowerWheel. We’ll pick 5 winners and announce them on Friday!

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  1. Racing to get this app immediately.

  2. Excellent!

  3. Looks very cool, thanks for the tip

  4. Had no clue this existed! Thanks;)

  5. Very cool! I’m kind of surprised no one did this sooner.

  6. Great app, thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Nice! I wouldn’t mind to win this app!

  8. I wish I would have thought of this. What a great tool. Can’t wait to get and start using this. I just got an ipad…perfect timing.

  9. Oooh la la! If this can make my life easier I’m all for incorporating into my life. My clients will love seeing this in action when brainstorming in my meeting space and when out on a site survey. Super exciting!

  10. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!! I’m just starting out in floristry, I’ve just graduated from my course and this would be such a wonderful tool!

  11. Soooo excited to see this….what a wonderful resource…..just brillant

  12. Nice resource for educating our clients! Love the month-by-month feature. Will tell all colleagues about this app.

  13. Me me! Pick me!

  14. Very cool! I can’t wait to use this app during a consultation!

  15. I love this app! I have been trying to find something like this in the app store forever. What a great resource for me and my clients to see! Thanks for posting this!

  16. Don’t I have an iPad NOW! Haha!

  17. Gray + Co Floral says:

    I’ve just been in the industry professionally the past year but have been looking for something just like this pretty little tool for a while!! I’d love a version as well!! I don’t have an iPhone but do have an iPad! This looks so fabulous and like a little helper!