That’s our trip..

That’s our trip in a nut-shell, what do you think? Inspiring trip?! Who wants to sign up for next year? I’m pretty sure there will be a next year, a few emails and thoughts are already circulating. I already have a very long list of places I’d like to visit.

Here’s one last parting shot from NYC, one of the last things Cori and I saw while exploring the streets of NYC. Looked to us as if they had recycled Christmas trees to make the “fence” and to protect the budding tulips. We thought it was pretty darn cool:

I hope you all enjoyed the posts and I hope all the designers that went on a trip walked away feeling inspired. I know I was inspired by everyone I met. 🙂

Now it’s time to start thinking about my next two trips. The next trip starts this Thursday when I head to California, we are planning to drive up the coast to Washington! The second trip starts April 4 when I fly to Amsterdam & then Paris.
Anyone have suggestions for what I should see and do flower wise on either the CA to WA trip or the Amsterdam & Paris trip?

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  1. For Cal trip, lots of growers in Nipomo (central coast). Then San Luis Obispo for a “village” feel and cool ambiance. If traveling through LA, Greystone Mansion is a must. Outside areas only, but I’m sure still beautiful this time of year. And if Pasadena, Huntington Library. Botanical walking area, great art displays, and just a great place to wander and absorb beauty. Have a great trip!

  2. Hey Joe,
    How about northern California? North of San Fran? I’m looking at Sun Valley. Lot’s of places to visit in Oregon so far. Looking for some stuff to see in Washington.

  3. There’s a pretty good market in Portland – when are you going to be there? Maybe I can meet you there – haven’t been there forever! And I’d love to take you to the Seattle one – it pales in comparison to anything you’ve seen though, so be advised :). Let me know your E.T.A.!! Would love to see you again. And I’m SO in for next year’s trip!

  4. Hey Daniela,
    I’ll email you the current itinerary. So Seattle market isn’t that big? Interesting.. Can’t wait to see you!