Let’s Talk about Pricing – Sunflower Aisle Decor

Sunflowers lining the ceremony aisle, designed by The Flower House, Denver
Sunflowers decorating the Ceremony Aisle by The Flower House

How cool is the aisle decor treatment?!
I love the Sunflowers lining the ceremony aisle – very happy and celebratory for an outdoor Colorado style wedding.
I asked my friend, Amy of The Flower House, to tell us more about this ceremony and its price tag.

“A complete pain in the arse depending on the soil conditions. Too soggy and you’re in trouble, to dry and you’re in trouble. We had hard ground and had to take a power drill with a large auger bit to get into the ground… which is dangerous thanks to the sprinkler system. After we “planted” them we did “water them in” when we set up.. I went back the next day to strike and even though the wedding took place on a sweltering August day, all the sunflowers were still alive.”

The Details:
80 Sunflowers x $3.50 per stem = $280
Labor for Installation & Strike = $85
1 Drill with Auger Bit = $100 – (although it has been used for several projects since this wedding and not all $100 was applied to this wedding)
Final Price Tag: $400.00

Images by Lindsay B Photography

Thank you, Amy, for working with us on this pricing post. Amy is the owner of The Flower House in Denver, Colorado.

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  1. Am looking to do this with tulips down the aisle was going to put them into water picks any thoughts – the site is a redwood forrest so good thought on the drill…. just in case!

  2. Thanks for sharing this post Flirty Fleurs. I love this look, what a great idea to plant them. I’m doing a beach wedding and using Sunflowers, and am wondering if hanging from the chairs would work. It’s in the fall so maybe cooler weather might help them keep their petals.