Let’s Talk Flower Math with Alison Ellis

Tis the season to stop over-buying and start to value your work.

There are two things that most florists struggle with at some point in their careers. Designers are over-buying while at the same time, under-valuing their time, expertise and design skill.The solution to second-guessing is profit clarity. It’s essential to have an understanding of the easy to follow rules and recipes which have been set by flower shops for years and years (and years). This is the business model we should follow with our home-based businesses as well.

Today I want to talk to you about what your profit margin should really look like and more specifically, exactly how much you should be aiming for in terms of COGS. If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re charging enough or sometimes feel underpaid, then today’s video is for you. I’m going to answer some very important questions about your profit margin and I have a lot more to teach you in my new online course, Flower Math. The Florist’s Guide To Pricing And Profitability.

Click to watch the video and get some important facts about your numbers and find out if Flower Math is for right for you.

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You can find out more about my course here and get Flower Math today.

Check out a free sample version of Flower Math here: http://freshevents.floralartvt.com/?p=371


Good News — Alison is gifting two free courses, plus a free follow-up phone or Skype consultation to two lucky Flirty Fleurs readers!
Leave a comment here if you’d like a chance to win! Entries will be accepted until Sunday, November 29th at midnight. (PST). The two winners will be announced on Monday, November 30, 2015.

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  1. thanks for giving this info.

  2. great info , thank you 😉 would love to win !!

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to win the the course Flirty Fleurs and Alison!

  4. thanks for posting this! I was just thinking about how January is coming soon and we’ll have to adjust our buying habits to avoid waste!

  5. I would love the opportunity to study your methods of profitability Alison. Thank you Alicia and Alison for this offering and chance to win. Headed into Thanksgiving week, I’m grateful for you both and your contributions to the industry.

  6. This looks like an amazing workshop! There is not enough info out there on this topic, and I have found designers are hesitant to share their pricing methods in detail. Thanks for sharing!

    • I know what you mean, Jeannine. I have a feeling a lot of industries are protective of their “secrets”. Pricing shouldn’t be a secret! Especially not when you’re already working as a designer.

  7. Just watching your clip makes me realize I really need to focus on my bottom line and not just how pretty I want things to look! Would love to win as I could really benefit from understanding how to not over order! Thank you so much.

  8. Tiffany Landuyt says:

    I am so looking forward to this course!! Thank you Alison by sharing this with everyone!

  9. Excellent and well-timed info.
    Agree, recipes are key in our industry – great job with the video!

  10. Jen Feddema says:

    Definitely undervaluing my work here! Would love to win the course!

  11. This is one of the main areas that I want to focus on in January. To give value and honor the customer and to see my value and honor that as well is the goal. Flower math is a huge part of that.

  12. I am just getting started in floral design. This brief video was so informative.I would love to participate in the course.

  13. Great info to start 2016 on the right foot!

  14. I think this sounds amazing! Love reading your blog and would love to win this course. I’ve been in this career for a long time now and would really value some insight into what I could do better. Thanks for all you do for designers!

    • Flower Math really is intended for new and experienced designers. There are some habits we develop (either because we learned them or made them up ourselves!) and this course is really about breaking those habits and relying on the numbers to lead the way.

  15. This info looks like it would be right up my alley! I’m always second guessing myself and undercutting myself so I can book the wedding. So bad of me… I would love to win access to this course; I’ve tapped my budget this year already. Thanks for offering a few to win!

  16. Just wrapping up my first year with flower farming and floral design. Your blog is full of fantastic information. I have so many questions and I can not tell you how much I learn from your blog and videos. Looking forward to the 2016 season! Would LOVE to win the opportunity to take your courses and consult with you!!!

  17. Sounds like an amazing course! I would love to learn if there are quicker and easier ways to do proposals than how I currently am doing them! Thanks for the opportunity to take your class!

  18. I am an Alison and Floral Artistry fan! Sign me up for a chance to win a skype date with this beautiful gem that I have already learned so much from. Thank you flirty fleurs for always supporting the health and passion of this industry!


    Orchid Princess Floral

  19. Pricing is just as important as design! This sounds like a great class for the creative florist who is struggling with profit.

  20. Would love and totally appreciate the opportunity.

  21. This is great information!! Looking forward to more videos and information on Flower Math, Proposals and getting that client !
    Now that I work for a floral company as a Wedding Specialist and still designing, they use a GPM (Gross Profit Margin) so when I heard about Flower Math, I was instantly interested! IT all made sense and now working with numbers every single day to hit that profit margin it’s all lining up.


  22. I could use this info!

  23. I have always enjoyed Alison’s videos and learned something new or gained some insight after each one! I’m sure this new flower math program will be no different!
    Thanks for creating it!

  24. This looks awesome! Just what the industry (especially home-based business like me!) need.

  25. This is incredible! So glad to know it exists!!!

  26. I would love to learn from Alison! This is exactly what my business needs to move forward. Thank you for offering this course!

  27. This is a huge struggle of mine… I would love the opportunity to learn more!

  28. This would be a fantastic opportunity! Thanks for putting the course together!

  29. Thank you for offering, I have used your videos to answer many questions!

  30. I just watched your video, it was fantastic! I love that your video feels like a 1 on 1 chat. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge 🙂

  31. Sometimes you feel like your running with scissors -. Always looking for advice.

  32. I have been LOVING Alison’s lessons! I hope I can get to see Flower Math too!

  33. I’m just getting started in my floral design business, and have found the Flirty Fleurs blog, and Alison’s videos incredibly helpful. Thank you!

  34. Thank you so much for the tips on the proposal! I have a template and am about to streamline it with an overall (vs. piece by piece) description. And that expiration date tip is the bomb!! I plan to give notice at my day job this winter so I can be full time with flowers by spring weddings but man, is that a scary leap!! I am also hoarding all my earnings left from this summer to help finance the beginning of job-less-ness, so winning a free Flower Math class would truly be a huge, huge gift to me & my family! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!

  35. thanks for offering this free opportunity – love the chance to continue learning with your guidance!

  36. What a genius idea. I’m dreadful at the Flower Math, I just like making, so this could be revolutionary for me! Well done Alison x

  37. Hi Alison, Thank you for your great input! We would love the opportunity to win a chance to learn even more! We could really use your help in this department! Your California flower friends, Alison and Lisa of New Creation Floral Design

  38. Thanks so much for developing the Flower Math workshop,Alison! And thanks to Alicia for hosting the giveaway, which I would love to win!

  39. Yes the info and class sounds great, but in the spirit of the class, would be great if we didn’t have to jump through hoops to find out the price:-/

  40. thanks for the information! Looking forward to checking this out further.

  41. I would love to win this!

  42. Flower Math looks like the perfect course for a florist with a home-based business.
    This is definitely something that I want to learn!

  43. always love insight into pricing!

  44. Math has always been my biggest struggle! Its very scary for someone who has issues with dyslexia. This is a genius concept and would love to try it out!

  45. What a badass resource Alison has created!! I would love to learn!!!

  46. Sounds like just what I need! Would love to win this course!

  47. Thank you so much! cant wait to check it out!

  48. Kathryn Cronin says:

    unabashed plea for what sounds like a perfect tool for the newly florist – thanks for sharing – it is great timings for the soon to be launched fierce blooms – cheers kathryn

  49. I’ve been such a fan of Flirty Fleurs and find it so helpful for a newbie like me. 🙂 I’d love to win this course!

  50. Wow! What an opportunity! !!!!! Please enter my name! Thank you!! Mary http://www.labellaflowers.com

  51. Allison lunde says:

    I would love to learn some better flower math!! 🙂

  52. So great to have this new tool. The money aspect of this business is the greatest challenge, particularly as floristry moves from formulaic flower designs to more bespoke arrangements driven by creative energy. Hope to have this resource soon. Thanks for putting this together, Allison!

  53. Elise Roberge says:

    This course is a really good idea! I’m looking for to start my home-based business and I would love to learn more about flower math. I’m sure it will help me create a solid base for my company and also help me reach my goal. Crossing my fingers!

  54. I am a designer who became a wholesale salesperson and I cannot even say how needed this info is. Its VERY cool that you are so honest and you seem so normal (lol) and down to earth making this practical for the general shop owner and that is who I go to work every day to help! I’m a florist @heart and do my job every day as if I still own a shop. I emailed my flower friends that want to learn the right way and hopefully they will see the potential in what you do as I have. Thanks for caring !!

  55. This is such a great tool for so many designers, thank you!!

  56. Would love to know more about this. As a former academic and now florist, thinking for profit is not my strong point!

  57. Tried over at BB when this generous offer was posted. Would love to win. Thanks for the second chance!

  58. Oh, this is exactly what I need! I’m just starting to make the jump from doing weddings for family and friends to becoming official! This looks like it covers a number of the factors/decisions I’m having slight anxiety over!

  59. Hello Alison,

    You’re videos have already helped me so much, and as a florist for the last three years I know I have the stamina to have a great business, I just need those formulas to really launch me into full swing. Thanks for offering your worldly advice, and sharing your energy with us all! It’s really nice to feel like part of a community in a career that sometimes feels kind of lonely. All the best, and keep at it!

    XOXO Crystal, HT&CO. http://www.hearttreeandco.com

  60. We can be very talented artist but we still need to make $. Undervaluing my time and talent is an area I struggle with.

  61. Thank you Alison by sharing this with everyone! I love your videos!

  62. I have a whole bucket of hydrangeas, a half bucket of sensors and a bucket of roses in my cooler right now! Chronic over orderer! ????