Tips on keeping customer service on-point for Valentine’s day with Alison Ellis

Tips on keeping customer service on-point for Valentine’s day with Alison Ellis

Holidays are a time when florists find out what we’re really made of.
We have to have systems in place to survive the hurried pace and high volume of orders, yet throughout all of the hustle and bustle, we cannot lose sight of the fact that how we treat our customers matters.

Valentine’s day is a time when florists are accused of being “overpriced” which is why we must remember that our excellent customer service is one of most important ways we provide value to our clients.

You can’t compare my business to a grocery store; they don’t do what I do.

In short, our systems and processes aren’t effective without good people who follow through.

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Video by Trendee Flowers

Beautiful video of Trendee Flowers setting up wedding flowers –

Verbena Flower Farm Chronicles No. 02 – Poppin’ Poppies

A day in the life of a farmer florist. A small peak into life on Verbena’s flower farm in Roseville, CA. It’s midway through April and poppies pop pop poppin’, fragrant sweet peas are exploding into color, anemones continue to bloom, and the garden roses are bursting open this week!


BOYTANICA [Director’s Cut] from Kevin Calero on Vimeo.

Boytanica, a fashion film project directed by Kevin Calero for a Montreal based florist “Bouquet Fleuriste“. Produced by creative studio TRIPTYQUE, this short, shot at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Montreal, was made in collaboration with the dance and production company Street Parade.

Boytanica shows us four dandy dapper dancing florists assembling arrangements – all wearing Prada – in this tribute to Hollywood director and music choreographer Busby Berkeley … a visual feast with a beat.

Do you undervalue your work? by Alison Ellis

If customers don’t appreciate your work you may be surprised to find out that it’s actually your fault! We tell people how to treat us based on the way we treat others as well as the way we behave. If you’re underpricing you’re sending your customers the wrong message.

Alison Ellis
Floral Artistry, Vermont

The Truth About Underbidding, by Alison Ellis

When you suspect you’ve been underbid for a design gig it can really get you down. If thinking about “losing” a customer makes you question your own pricing then this video is for you!

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Alison Ellis
Floral Artistry, Vermont

Are you a People Pleaser, or a Pushover? by Alison Ellis

In an effort to provide outstanding customer service it can be hard to navigate the line between being a people pleaser and a push-over. Here are some tips that can help you make your customers happy while staying true to your needs as a business owner.

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Alison Ellis
Floral Artistry, Vermont

Florist + Wedding Photographer Intervention by Alison Ellis

When floral designers are proud of our work we really, really, really want professional photos to show off our stuff. It somehow seems increasingly hard to find photographers who are willing to share their work with us. Here’s my take on it…

Why don’t wedding photographers share photos with floral designers? We always want photographers to share photos, but some are pushing back and even want to charge for photos of our work. What can we do about this as a professional community? Can’t we all just get along?

Tell us about your experience with photographers sharing professional images in the comments.

Alison Ellis
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