Fleur Friday

I thought the tips in this article were all good points for small business owners.
13 habits of self-made millionaires, from a man who spent 5 years studying rich people by Thomas C. Corley

If you happen to be in the Seattle, Washington area this coming week — The Seattle Wholesale Growers Market is turning FIVE this Wednesday! Come celebrate!
5th Anniversary Celebration – Wednesday April 20th, 9:00 – 10:30 am

Also, if you are in Washington .. this coming weekend will probably be that last good weekend to see the tulips in bloom in Skagit Valley. I went to visit the fields yesterday, and while still beautiful and enjoyable the tulips are nearing their end … so if you plan to see them this year be sure to see them soon!!

Roozengaarde Skagit valley

Roozengaarde, Skagit Valley

My next floral design class is scheduled for May 21, 2016 in Seattle and the focus will be designing with Peonies – click here to register.
Peonies Floral Design Class Seattle Washington

La Belle Epoque Tulips

La Belle Epoque Tulips seem to be popping up all over social media this spring season. A very fascinating color, moody and rich.
La Belle Epoque Tulips

I decided to peek around and see how designers are working with them in arrangements.
Here’s one of my arrangements, I mixed the tulips with jasmine, fritillaries, ranunculus-

Via The Telegraph clockwise from left, ‘Françoise’, ‘La Belle Epoque’, ‘Greenstar’ and ‘Purple Tower’ make a beautiful bunch  Photo: Jonathan Buckley

Via The Telegraph
clockwise from left, ‘Françoise’, ‘La Belle Epoque’, ‘Greenstar’ and ‘Purple Tower’ make a beautiful bunch
Photo: Jonathan Buckley

Tulip-palooza Floral Design Class

tulip-palooza flower design class in Seattle

Tulip-palooza Floral Design Class
Thursday, April 9 | 6:30-8:30pm
April is Tulip time here in the Pacific Northwest! Come celebrate tulip season and create a floral design with the epitome of spring flowers!! In this class we’ll discuss the care & handling of tulips. Each student will design an arrangement with tulips and accent flowers such as lilacs & viburnum and embellish vases with ribbons and brooches.
Class is limited to 8 students.

Location: Floressence Design Studio, 5628 Airport Way South #240, Seattle, WA 98108
Investment: $95.00

Register HERE

Fleur Friday

I hope you enjoyed this week’s focus on the Tulip!

Are you feeling inspired to make a trip to Washington next April to see the Tulip fields? If so, you may want to keep this in mind – I am planning a two day Tulip Extravaganza — April 7 & 8, 2015. We will spend one day visiting and enjoying the tulip fields and display gardens + one day in the studio creating a variety of designs focused on the tulip. Please email me if you’d like additional information about the Tulip Extravaganza!

Bella Fiori Tulips

Tulip Color Guide

Hyperactive Farms Tulip Guide

Hyperactive Farms Tulip Guide

Hyperactive Farms Tulip Guide

Hyperactive Farms Tulip Guide

Hyperactive Farms Tulip Guide

Hyperactive Farms Tulip Guide

Hyperactive Farms Tulip Guide

Hyperactive Farms Tulip Guide

Hyperactive Farms Tulip Guide

Tulip Name & Color Guide by Hyperactive Farms

Wedding Wednesday :: Tulips, Tulips!

Why I love tulips .. they are so versatile! As you’ll see here, they can be used in romantic, frilly floral designs and they can be used in modern, contemporary floral designs. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, every color except blue AND the shapes – parrots, fringes, doubles, standard!

How do you like your tulips?
..Fluffy or modern?
..Pale pink or bold orange?

Floral Design 101 :: A Tulip How-To

Awhile back I was freelancing at Flora Nova in Seattle and we were discussing how to stop tulips from growing in bridal work. I’m sure most of you have experienced this phenomenon, right, of the Tulip growing out of your arrangements? Ok, so it isn’t really a phenomenon. Tulips are phototropic – meaning they grow and move in response to searching for light. Of course, this is partially what I find intriguing about the tulip, a floral design changes daily as the tulip moves and grows. Yet, this is not necessarily something I want to happen when including tulips in my bridal/bridesmaids’ bouquets. Christiane of Flora Nova showed me a trick she had been taught, to slice the stem right below the bloom to slow the growth of the tulip. I was skeptical, does it really work? Plus, you all know I like a good test/challenge — so here goes! I picked up 20 stems of extremely fresh & tight tulips from the wholesaler and tried out this technique.
See what happens —

Flirty Fleurs - yellow tulips in sleeves

Two bunches of tulips fresh from the wholesaler. I will mix the two bunches and divide them evenly for the test.

Flirty Fleurs - Yellow Tulips

Tulips all stripped of bottom foliage and cleaned with fresh clips on stems.

Flirty Fleurs, How to stunt the growth of tulips

How do you stunt the growth? Simply cut under the bloom with a sharp knife. Be sure to not go all the way thru the stem! I sliced about 1/3 of the way into the stem.

Flirty Fleurs - How to stunt the growth of tulips

Another angle, you can see I slightly push down and slice below the bloom – this slows the growth of the tulip.

Flirty Fleurs - Yellow tulips in blue jars

Freshly processed tulips are place in clear water (no flower food)

Flirty Fleurs - yellow tulips how-to care for tulips

Day 3 – Cutting the stems does work! You can see the 4 tulips on the right side are smaller than the 3 on the left.

Flirty Fleurs, Tulip Treatment

Tulips on Day 6, You can see the bottom 4 are smaller than the top 3. The bottom 4 are the tulips which were cut.

Flirty Fleurs - Tulip How-To Test

Day 6 – Top 3 have not been cut, bottom 4 are cut.

Isn’t that something? From what I can see with all the tulips it looks to be best to slice the tulip when it gets to the stage where you want to slow the growth. A few of the really green, tight tulips that I sliced are not growing and opening – the good side of that is that I’ll have tulips to enjoy for at least two weeks at home!

Fleur Friday

Hello Flower Friends!

I’m doing a twist on Fleur Friday this week, thought it is about time I do a little catch up with what I’m up to here in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I’ve been keeping busy since returning from Florabundance Inspirational Design Days & the Chapel Designers Conference in Santa Barbara, held January 20-23. (That was a month ago already?!?!)

On February 1st I taught a hands-on design workshop in downtown Seattle. The Bridal Bouquet & Pricing Workshop was held at Yesler Studios and hosted by Debra Prinzing. We had so much fun designing bouquets, and after our design session we all discussed how to price our bouquets correctly – a very eye-opening session!
I really enjoyed teaching the class and plan to do more of these in the future!!

Pike Place Market in Seattle, Alm Hill Gardens display of Tulips

Picked up Peach Parrot Tulips from Alm Hill at Pike Place Market for my Bouquet Workshop.

Alicia Schwede's Floral design Workshop in Seattle

Preparing stems for my bouquet making demonstration.

Washington and Oregon Grown fresh flowers - garden roses from Peterkort, anemones, viburnum, poppies.

Some of the pretty flowers we used in the bouquet making class!

February 5-9 was the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle. I’ve heard about this show for awhile and was so pleased to finally get to attend it! I went two days in a row as there is so much to see.

NWFGS Ravenna Gardens Display

Ravenna Gardens display at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, I’ll definitely be visiting this shop in Seattle very, very soon!!

NWFGS display by Pot Incorporated of Vancouver, Canada

Great colors in this garden design by Pot Incorporated.

Hellebores from Swanson's Nursery of Seattle Washington

Hellebores from Swanson’s Nursery.

I had planned to go to NWFGS on its opening day, February 5th, however you may have heard that the Seattle Seahawks won the SuperBowl? I thought it best I avoid downtown Seattle on Feb. 5th since the victory parade was held that day – 700,000 people showed up to the parade!
I decided I’d be better off to go on a road trip to Portland and visit with two of my favorite flower people – Francoise Weeks and Janet of Floral Verde. Janet was in town taking a 3 day private workshop with Francoise and they were working on Botanical art pieces. Oh, it was fun to see what those two were creating!!

Francoise Weeks Botanical Couture Workshop, Janet of Floral Verde designs her flower head piece

Janet of Floral Verde working on her floral head piece at Francoise Week’s Studio

Valentine’s Week I freelanced for Patty of Brittany’s Flowers in Kirkland, Washington. Freelancing is so fun and interesting, I love getting perspective on how other people run their businesses and create their art. Patty has a top-notch reputation in her city of Kirkland and she is very, very busy!
While at her shop we had a visit from Tosh. I’ve heard about Tosh ever since arriving in Washington, everyone told me I have to meet him. “he lives in the mountains, off the grid, no electricity, gathers amazing fresh product, will show up at your door” I’ve been soooo intrigued by these mentions of Tosh – and then there he was! Sure enough he had a van full of all kinds of goodies – branches, foliages, etc. (Alex – you would die over his Pieris Japonica, I asked him if he’d ship to Chicago!!)

Floral Design in Kirkland, Washington - Patty of Brittany's Flowers with Tosh.

Patty of Brittany Flowers with Tosh. Tosh has just pulled up with his van filled with fresh cut goodies!

This week I freelanced for Flora Nova in Seattle. Christiane had all kinds of design work to get done and I quite enjoyed helping out.
I could get used to this freelancing lifestyle!

Woodlands floral design Seattle

A sneak peek at one of the designs I got to create at Flora Nova.

Also, made a trip to Northwest Wholesale Florists this week, getting used to this new routine of wholesalers in Seattle. I had to pick up flowers for an order, but also *had* to pick up these ranunculus for myself!!

Pink and Peach Ranunculus

Ranunculus for me! Yes, I buy flowers for my own enjoyment 🙂

OHHH… and that Peach Rose Color Study? Quite possibly the most popular post we’ve ever had in our almost 4 year history!!
On Facebook it was seen by ~15,000 people and the post had 122 shares! wow!
I’m thrilled to know so many people enjoyed the post! In case you missed it – click here.

All-In-All, a great few weeks here in the PNW – I can feel spring is coming and all kinds of good stuff is popping up – including Crocus all over the back lawn!

Pike Place Market & Fiori, Seattle

Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle is such a fun place to visit, I haven’t been in years and it was fun to go back. On this visit the stalls were filled with flowers, it was just dreamy! So many tulips and daffodils on display!

tulips at pike place market

flowers on display at pike place market

tulips and daffodils on display

yellow double daffodil

yellow double daffodils

buckets of double yellow daffodils

buckets filled tulips

Here are the flowers I purchased at Pike Place Market:
peach parrot tulips, pink double tulips, peach daffodils

The bouquet I designed with the flowers I purchased (with Pieris Japonica from the garden):
peach and pink tulip bouquet

While we were in downtown Seattle I thought to visit Fiori Flower Shop. I’ve communicated over email and social media with the owner, Miles, for some time and thought it would be fun to find his shop. I was thrilled when I got to step inside his huge walk-in cooler, so many flower treasures were inside. (I apologize for the poor photos, I only had my iPhone at that point and the photos are a bit fuzzy. My photos don’t do the flowers justice, he truly had the best variety of flowers — I was in love with the hellebores, bleeding hearts, fritillaria and anemones!!)
To learn more about Fiori, read our interview here.
purple anemones

anemones and bleeding hearts

checkered frittalaria

Skagit Tulip Festival – Tulip Town

We also visited Tulip Town in Skagit Valley, just a few blocks away from RoozenGaarde® farm. Their tulip fields were quite impressive, rows and rows of tulips to view.


tractor in field

rows of tulips

tulips and barn

double tulips


lavender tulips

tulips and kites

one blooming tulip

pink tulips

orange tulips

tulip trolley

tulip fields