Foliage Focus :: Popcorn Viburnum

PopCorn Viburnum - Bella Fiori Arrangement1

Have you seen and worked with this accent foliage? It’s called Popcorn Viburnum. I picked up the above bunch at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market, and a luscious bunch it is! It’s a fabulous accent with a range in colors on the “snowballs” – white, green, pink, blush and almost lending into a burgundy hues at points. Would work well in many color palettes and it does fill in arrangements nicely. In my experience the vase life looks to be 5 days and it is a heavy drinker so make sure the buckets and vases don’t run out of water.
You can read more about the plant here on Monrovia’s website.

Here I have the popcorn viburnum arranged with poppies, peonies, and ranunculus:
PopCorn Viburnum - Bella Fiori Arrangement1

PopCorn Viburnum - Bella Fiori Arrangement2

Photographs and Floral Design by Alicia Schwede, Flirty Fleurs/Bella Fiori.

What’s in season now – autumnal inspiration!

Dutch Hanging Amaranthus DV Flora

Dutch Hanging Amaranthus
DV Flora

Light pink Himalia Gerrondo DV Flora

Light pink Himalia Gerrondo
DV Flora

Purple Randoph Mini Callas DV Flora

Purple Randoph Mini Callas
DV Flora

Cappuccino Roses G Page

Cappuccino Roses
G Page

Weigala G Page

G Page

Pearl Finesse Roses Mayesh

Pearl Finesse Roses

Red Maple Leaves Mayesh

Red Maple Leaves

John Hancock Snowberry Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

John Hancock Snowberry
Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

Ariella Chezar to appear at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

Author photo-Ariella Chezar by Corbin Gurkin


The Seattle Wholesale Growers Market will host floral industry icon Ariella Chezar for two days of inspiring workshops and lectures on May 24 and 25, 2016, scheduled to take place at its facility in a turn-of-the-century historic brewery in Seattle’s Georgetown District.
Known for her lush, whimsical, garden style, Ariella has influenced the floral industry coast-to-coast. She is based at Zonneveld Farms in western Massachusetts and is both a popular faculty member at FlowerSchool New York and a contributing editor to Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine.

On Tuesday, May 24, Ariella’s Master Class presentation will share design concepts from her long-awaited second book, The Flower Workshop (Ten Speed Press, 2016). Students will participate in a personal, small-group setting, experiencing Ariella’s artistry, design philosophy and professional sensibilities. The workshop will cover seasonally-inspired floral design using an abundance of local roses, peonies, flowering branches, bulbs, and other botanical ingredients from Pacific Northwest flower farms that are members of Seattle Wholesale Growers Market.

On Wednesday, May 25, Ariella will demonstrate her design techniques to SWGM customers, including professional florists, wedding and event designers and floral retailers. Her presentation takes place from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and will be followed by a book signing of The Flower Workshop.

The Flower Workshop Book by Ariella Chezar

About The Seattle Wholesale Growers Market: SWGM is a producer’s cooperative, started by flower farmers in 2011 as a grass roots effort to make local floral products more available to florists and professional buyers in the Puget Sound Area. Since then, it has hired staff, changed its business model and experienced dramatic growth as demand for locally grown flowers has increased.

Fleur Friday

I thought the tips in this article were all good points for small business owners.
13 habits of self-made millionaires, from a man who spent 5 years studying rich people by Thomas C. Corley

If you happen to be in the Seattle, Washington area this coming week — The Seattle Wholesale Growers Market is turning FIVE this Wednesday! Come celebrate!
5th Anniversary Celebration – Wednesday April 20th, 9:00 – 10:30 am

Also, if you are in Washington .. this coming weekend will probably be that last good weekend to see the tulips in bloom in Skagit Valley. I went to visit the fields yesterday, and while still beautiful and enjoyable the tulips are nearing their end … so if you plan to see them this year be sure to see them soon!!

Roozengaarde Skagit valley

Roozengaarde, Skagit Valley

My next floral design class is scheduled for May 21, 2016 in Seattle and the focus will be designing with Peonies – click here to register.
Peonies Floral Design Class Seattle Washington

The Dahlia Wall at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

In September Seattle Wholesale Growers Market held the second annual Dahlia Festival. Part of the festival is the “Dahlia Wall”. Last year my husband built the wall for the display and it has proved to be a great way to see the various dahlias. You’ll see in some of the closeup shots that each dahlia was labeled with it name and the farm it came from. Agnes from the SWGM helped me put it together this year — a fun way to spend an afternoon, that’s for sure!
In addition to the dahlia wall display the farmers give talks about growing dahlias and answer questions on the care & handling. This year Eleanor from Bash & Bloom gave a design presentation, too!
Be sure to follow SWGM on Facebook and Instagram for future flower festivals!!

Hope you enjoy the photos –

The Dahlia Wall at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

The Dahlia Wall at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

The Dahlia Wall at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

The Dahlia Wall at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

The Dahlia Wall at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market - Cafe Au Lait Dahlias

These are all Cafe Au Lait Dahlias, incredible difference in coloring, right?!

The Dahlia Wall at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

The Dahlia Wall at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

The Dahlia Wall at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

A Blush Wedding

Hi Flower Friends!
This past weekend I designed a wedding with blush flowers. Believe it or not, this was my first blush wedding since 2012. I might be the only floral designer out there that has gone three years without a blush wedding?! (I tend to get a lot of green and white weddings.)
Anyway, onto my point of today’s blog post. I had some real pretties in this past week and thought I’d share a few flower notes with all of you. I know how the search for the perfect rose is always ON!

Here goes –

The oh-so-beautiful White O’Hara Rose. This one is a real beauty, opens up huge and takes up a lot of space in centerpieces. Plus, smells delightful!
White O'Hara Rose

Wedding Spirit by Nevado Roses. This one was a pretty one! The bloom is huge and great blush-peach color. The bloom doesn’t open much wider than what you can see here-
Wedding Spirit, Bridal Spirit rose

Pink Garden Roses!! Voyage from Alexandra Farms is the true pink rose, it is a perfectly rounded shape and packed of petals, a really pretty one! Rosalind is by David Austin. Ok, so I wasn’t familiar with Rosalind and was quite surprised to see the David Austin packaging on it when it arrived. I put in a call to Eleanor, director of cut flowers for David Austin, to inquire about Rosalind. Turns out there are only two farms in the world that grow this particular rose for David Austin; Green Valley in California and Agrinag in South America. It is a rose they’ve decided to ‘discontinue’ if you will, but as long as those two farms want to grow it that’s fine, just no more plants will be added into production – interesting, right?! AND Keira — she was the star of the show last week. I love the variations in the pink colors, super ruffly, super pretty. Plus, delightful scent. I designed the petite bridal bouquet with only David Austin Keira Roses (sorry, no pictures)
Voyage Rose, Rosalind Rose, Keira Rose

David Austin Juliet. There is only one Juliet. I don’t care how often anyone offers up a substitution, there is no substitution for this rose. This particular one is from Green Valley Growers. I received Juliets from both Green Valley & Alexandra Farms. The Juliets are Alexandra Farms are a lighter peach color.
Juliet Garden Rose

Moonstruck Spray Roses from Peterkort Roses. This is a great spray rose, love how it blows open and has an awesome petite spray. It holds great, too!! Each bloom is on a long stem which is impressive with spray roses. I highly recommend this one –
Moonstruck roses from Peterkort

What blush wedding is complete without Cafe Au Lait Dahlias?! I picked these up from Kelly of Botanique Flowers. She has a great cutting garden!
Cafe Au Lait Dahlias

Now Foliages — one of the things I’ve been working on this year with my very own cutting garden is growing foliages. I want a variety of foliages at my finger tips. As soon as I booked this wedding I planted a bunch of dusty miller in the garden. I swear it holds up better than dusty miller purchased at the wholesalers. Oh, and I grew these dahlias, a perfect addition to the centerpieces.
Dahlias and Dusty Miller

Vines, growing my own vines seems to be key to getting good, not bruised stuff! This is Porcelain Berry Vine (my husband suggested this be added to the centerpieces) and Jasmine Vines. I bought the jasmine vine to use for a class a few months ago and then planted the plants in the garden – I had plenty of long vines for my centerpieces. I highly recommend adding some vines into your cutting garden! –
Porcelain Berry Vine

An overview of some of the centerpieces-
Designed by Bella Fiori, Washington. Blush centerpieces.

What’s your favorite Foliage to grow?

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Fleur Friday

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market hosted a Dahlia Festival the first week of September and this is the Wall Of Dahlias we had on display for designers. Each dahlia was labeled with its name and the name of the grower.

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market - Dahlia Display

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market - Wall of Dahlias

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market - Wall of Dahlias

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market - Dahlia Display

Flower Farm Focus :: Triple Wren Farms, Washington

Triple Wren Farms

flower farmers washington

When did you start your business and where are you located?
We began our flower farming adventure just two years ago, selling our first stems to a local community food co-op in May, 2012. Triple Wren Farms (so named to keep us focused on our mission and vision) is located north of Ferndale, WA, in the midst of a beautiful u-pick apple orchard.

purple anemones triple wren farms

Why did you begin flower farming?
In 2011, our family’s main source of income ended and through a series of unexpected events we started this incredible journey towards a more agriculturally-oriented lifestyle. We began building this business for our family’s future and named it in a play on our children’s names. We are so thankful that, in the course of two years, it has (literally!) blossomed into a thriving family business. We have put in a lot of hard work, but also have been incredibly blessed by the support and generosity of many friends and family, the owners of the orchard we manage, and our amazing Seattle Wholesale Growers Market family.

orange and yellow ranunculus by triple wren farms

What flowers and foliages do you grow? Are there particular flowers/foliages you specialize in?
We grow about 50 varieties of seasonal specialty cut flowers. In a nutshell this means that we specialize in growing items that thrive in our climate during the time of year that makes them naturally happy, and we grow lots of them! So for example, in spring we offer luscious anemone and ranunculus in bright, clear colors and beautiful fall- or winter-sown annuals such as dainty queen anne’s lace, fragrant sweet peas, and vivid calendula. As we segue into summer we work our way through perennials like lilacs, tree peonies, wisteria vine, viburnum, and garden or climbing roses into staples like richly-hued snapdragons, delicate feverfew, bupleurum, and many varieties of sunflowers. The transition into late summer/fall is one of our favorites with fluffy cosmos, brilliant celosia, hot zinnias, golden dill, chocolatey rudbeckia, and spectacular dahlias (including coveted café au lait!). We grow a good assortment of gourds and squash and cold-tolerant flowering kale to harvest as the chilly weather sets in, and then in winter we create amazing kissing balls and foliage cuts from our of fresh evergreens and cedars. Because we also manage a u-pick apple orchard, we also pull either flowering or fruited crabapple branches from the farm throughout the year.

pink and white anemones by triple wren farms

What are your current pest management/growing practices?
We are thrilled to have Triple Wren Farms Salmon Safe Certified!

Where do you sell your flowers?
We sell the majority of our flowers through the phenomenal Seattle Wholesale Grower’s Market. We also love working with lovely local DIY brides (generally from Island, Skagit, and Whatcom Counties in WA), and we sell our flowers in straight bunches (usually 10 stems of a single variety) to select local groceries, food co-ops, and florists.

Flower Farm Washington State

Do you ship your flowers?
At this point we don’t ship our flowers, but we have experiments and ideas in the works for this future possibility!

flower farm Washington

What are your plans for 2014?
We are looking to expand the quantities of what we grow well, and trying our best to limit ourselves from trying out too many new varieties of flowers. It’s hard to exercise self control!
We are also very excited about rolling out our first Flower CSA program in Bellingham, WA.
Triple Wren Farms also grows edible produce, and we are very proud to have been accepted into Sustainable Connection’s Food to Bank On program in Whatcom County, WA, beginning in January, 2014. The mentoring and farm-business training that we are going to be incredibly privileged to receive will help our farm business as a whole. I’m sure we will carry many concepts over into the way we plan and manage our specialty cut flowers. We’re very excited about 2014!

crabapples blossoms triple wren farms

dianthus and gomphrena by triple wren farms

How do you find out what your wholesalers and/or designers want for the next season?
We ask them! Towards the end of this past growing season I reached out to our most loyal customers (primarily florists and grocery floral buyers) and asked them to let me know what they wished they could find locally grown to buy for their designs. We got a great response and are implementing lots of their ideas this next season in regard to colors, textures, shapes and trends that are on the horizon.

dahlias feverfew flowers

Contact Information:
Sarah and Steve Pabody

triple wren farms

yellow sunflowers by triple wren farms

feverfew by Triple Wren Farms

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market


As soon as I arrived in Seattle, Washington, I knew I had to visit Seattle Wholesaler Growers Market (SWGM)! SWGM is a farmers’ cooperative market located inside a historic warehouse building in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. Here flower farmers from Washington, Oregon, California and Alaska gather to sell off their flowers, greens, potted plants and ornamentals directly to local florists, flower shops and professional buyers.
SWGM is open year round on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. It does offer hours to the Public on Fridays from 10-2.

Why SWGM is so inspiring…
“As the seasons change, so does the array of vibrant and fresh local products available at the market. We provide our customers with a wide range of unique, unusual and seasonal floral offerings allowing them to fully express their creativity.
Flower farming has long been part of America’s rich agricultural heritage and is a passion driven industry. By sharing resources and working together, we – the Pacific Northwest farmers and community members who make up this innovative market – are keeping local farmers on their land, adding jobs and helping to preserve an important part of our farming heritage for future generations.”

I’ve had the pleasure of a personal tour of SWGM given by Debra Prinzing. I quite enjoyed meeting Diane from Jello Mold Farms & Kim from Oregon Coastal Flowers, amongst others, plus, running into other floral designers who were there shopping. On December 12 SWGM hosted an open house and I was invited to attend & showcase my book, Bella Bouquets. While there I photographed the beauty of SWGM which I’d like to share with all of you…

Janet Foss Garden Flowers Washington

wholesale flowers seattle

Washington Flower Market

Washington Wholesale Growers Flowers

seattle wholesale flowers

wholesale flowers seattle washington

Contact Information:
5840 Airport Way South, Suite 201, Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 838-1523

Holiday Goodies now available!

What can I say – I love me some red, white and green!
Check out all the goodies currently available at Flower Wholesalers across the country!

red and white amaryllis

Amaryllis – Torchio Nursery

red white and pink astilbe

Astilbe – Potomac Wholesale

white astrantia flower

Astrantia – G Page

greenery for holidays

Cedar – G Page

speckled red and white anthurium

Graffiti Anthirium – G Page

white hellebores plants

Hellebores Plants – Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

red and green hydrangea

Hydrangea Vuurbaak – Hilverda De Boer

burgundy vanda orchid

Copper Red Vanda Orchid – Hilverda De Boer

white with red tip carnations

White & Red Carnations – G Page