Paris in Bloom with Georgianna Lane

Paris in Bloom Book by Photographer Georgianna Lane

Image by Georgianna Lane

Paris – City of Love, City of Light, and City of Flowers

The brilliant floral and travel photographer Georgianna Lane has released a new book and it’s a real beauty! The title is Paris in Bloom and can be ordered from Amazon, or for more information be sure to check out Geogianna’s website.
The book offers 160 pages of stunning photography by Georgianna as she shares two of her loves – Paris & Flowers. In Georgianna’s words “this book is my love letter to the French capital, an unapologetically romantic celebration of her abundant floral charm.” Definitely grab a copy if you are planning a trip to Paris as she outlines her favorite Parks & Gardens, Floral Boutiques, Market Flowers, and Floral Displays to visit! There is also a beautiful step-by-step feature demonstrating how to create a lovely French styled floral arrangement designed Laetitia Mayor of Floresie.
This book is a visual treat – if you love Paris or if you love spring flowers or if you love beautiful photography then you’ll LOVE this book!

Paris In Bloom - Georgianna Lane - Field Guide to Blooming Branches

One of my favorite features of the book is this: Field Guide to Common Spring-Blooming Trees and Shrubs in Paris. I never know the name of flowering trees & shrubs so this is just perfect!!

Paris in Bloom - Georgianna Lane - Florist shops to visit in Paris

Georgianna included a list of suggested Floral Boutiques to visit, needless to say I will be taking the list with me on my next trip to Paris!

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white and orange elegant flower arrangement by French Designer, Christian Tortu

Designed by Christian Tortu