Floral Design Institute to Award Student Scholarships

Floral Design Institute Portland Oregon - Green bridal bouquet


David and Leanne Kesler, co-owners of Floral Design Institute in Portland, Ore., are pleased to announce that they will be offering student scholarships to state and allied floral organizations throughout the United States in 2017. 

Says David Kesler, “As we approach the 50th anniversary of Floral Design Institute, we wanted to make a significant and lasting contribution to floral design education.” 
“The community of floral organizations and their support of floral design education in America has been critical to the success of the floral industry,” states Leanne Kesler. “Through the creation of this scholarship program, we seek to support floral organizations in their offerings of educational opportunities for their members and their member employees.” 

Floral Design Institute Portland Oregon - bridal bouquet classes

Floral Design Institute was founded in 1969. In 1986, Leanne began teaching at the school, and she purchased the school in 1988. Her husband, David, joined her in the business in 1994, and together they have built Floral Design Institute into one of the most respected floral design schools in the world. Through their classroom and online certification programs plus advanced seminars and workshops, they now train hundreds of students each year. Their online floral design training videos are viewed by over 1.5 million viewers each year.

“It is so wonderful to be able to do this.” says Leanne. “Like so many floral designers, my career path hasn’t always been easy, and I know how hard it is for some students to come up with the tuition for school. When I bought the school, I was training only 45 students a year. I had to supplement my income with freelance design work and odd jobs. I lived in a single-wide trailer, ate a lot of ramen noodles and did all of my shopping at thrift shops. When times were hard, I used to tell myself, ‘At least I’m Doing Something I Love’, a phrase that I still use today.”

Floral Design Institute Portland Oregon - Green bridal bouquet

Education has been a cornerstone in Leanne’s life. Her mother was an elementary school teacher for 53 years. Leanne discovered her love for floral design in a high school horticulture class and was encouraged to excel by an inspirational teacher, Dave Lambert. ”Throughout my career, his example has driven me to be the best teacher possible, to help students set and achieve their highest goals.” 

Each selected state and allied floral organization will be given a $1,000 scholarship to be awarded to a member or member’s employee of the organization’s choosing. The scholarship may be applied to any Floral Design Institute class, seminar or workshop including certification programs and online programs.

Floral Design Institute Portland Oregon - wedding floral design in compote

Leanne Kesler, AIFD PFCI or David Kesler, AIFD PFCI
Floral Design Institute
Portland, Ore.

Floral Design Institute Portland Oregon - floral design classes

Swan Island Dahlias – Canby, Oregon

A few weeks ago as Chad and I drove north from California to Washington we stopped for a visit at Swan Island Dahlias, located in Canby, Oregon. I’ve heard of Swan Island Dahlias for quite some time and had heard that they have 40 acres of Dahlia fields, yet I was still blown away when we rounded the corner and all the fields of dahlias came into view!!
We were able to park the car and take our dogs out for a walk thru all the fields. It was so peaceful and beautiful and the perfect place to stretch our legs.
I highly recommend visiting here during the blooming season – pop into the gift shop and grab the catalog, that way you can make notes on varieties as you peruse the Display Garden. All the varieties are labeled at the end of the row — so bring your camera, too!

Swan Island Dahlias

Swan Island Dahlias - Bed Head Dahlia

Bed Head

Swan Island Dahlias - Bumble Rumble Dahlia

Bumble Rumble

Swan Island Dahlias

Swan Island Dahlias

Swan Island Dahlias

Swan Island Dahlias


Swan Island Dahlias

Johann enjoying a stroll through the Dahlia fields!

Swan Island Dahlias

Swan Island Dahlias

Mango Madness

Swan Island Dahlias

Swan Island Dahlias

Santa Claus

Swan Island Dahlias

Sterling Silver

Swan Island Dahlias

Fleur Friday

Hello Flower Friends!

I’m doing a twist on Fleur Friday this week, thought it is about time I do a little catch up with what I’m up to here in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest.

I’ve been keeping busy since returning from Florabundance Inspirational Design Days & the Chapel Designers Conference in Santa Barbara, held January 20-23. (That was a month ago already?!?!)

On February 1st I taught a hands-on design workshop in downtown Seattle. The Bridal Bouquet & Pricing Workshop was held at Yesler Studios and hosted by Debra Prinzing. We had so much fun designing bouquets, and after our design session we all discussed how to price our bouquets correctly – a very eye-opening session!
I really enjoyed teaching the class and plan to do more of these in the future!!

Pike Place Market in Seattle, Alm Hill Gardens display of Tulips

Picked up Peach Parrot Tulips from Alm Hill at Pike Place Market for my Bouquet Workshop.

Alicia Schwede's Floral design Workshop in Seattle

Preparing stems for my bouquet making demonstration.

Washington and Oregon Grown fresh flowers - garden roses from Peterkort, anemones, viburnum, poppies.

Some of the pretty flowers we used in the bouquet making class!

February 5-9 was the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle. I’ve heard about this show for awhile and was so pleased to finally get to attend it! I went two days in a row as there is so much to see.

NWFGS Ravenna Gardens Display

Ravenna Gardens display at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, I’ll definitely be visiting this shop in Seattle very, very soon!!

NWFGS display by Pot Incorporated of Vancouver, Canada

Great colors in this garden design by Pot Incorporated.

Hellebores from Swanson's Nursery of Seattle Washington

Hellebores from Swanson’s Nursery.

I had planned to go to NWFGS on its opening day, February 5th, however you may have heard that the Seattle Seahawks won the SuperBowl? I thought it best I avoid downtown Seattle on Feb. 5th since the victory parade was held that day – 700,000 people showed up to the parade!
I decided I’d be better off to go on a road trip to Portland and visit with two of my favorite flower people – Francoise Weeks and Janet of Floral Verde. Janet was in town taking a 3 day private workshop with Francoise and they were working on Botanical art pieces. Oh, it was fun to see what those two were creating!!

Francoise Weeks Botanical Couture Workshop, Janet of Floral Verde designs her flower head piece

Janet of Floral Verde working on her floral head piece at Francoise Week’s Studio

Valentine’s Week I freelanced for Patty of Brittany’s Flowers in Kirkland, Washington. Freelancing is so fun and interesting, I love getting perspective on how other people run their businesses and create their art. Patty has a top-notch reputation in her city of Kirkland and she is very, very busy!
While at her shop we had a visit from Tosh. I’ve heard about Tosh ever since arriving in Washington, everyone told me I have to meet him. “he lives in the mountains, off the grid, no electricity, gathers amazing fresh product, will show up at your door” I’ve been soooo intrigued by these mentions of Tosh – and then there he was! Sure enough he had a van full of all kinds of goodies – branches, foliages, etc. (Alex – you would die over his Pieris Japonica, I asked him if he’d ship to Chicago!!)

Floral Design in Kirkland, Washington - Patty of Brittany's Flowers with Tosh.

Patty of Brittany Flowers with Tosh. Tosh has just pulled up with his van filled with fresh cut goodies!

This week I freelanced for Flora Nova in Seattle. Christiane had all kinds of design work to get done and I quite enjoyed helping out.
I could get used to this freelancing lifestyle!

Woodlands floral design Seattle

A sneak peek at one of the designs I got to create at Flora Nova.

Also, made a trip to Northwest Wholesale Florists this week, getting used to this new routine of wholesalers in Seattle. I had to pick up flowers for an order, but also *had* to pick up these ranunculus for myself!!

Pink and Peach Ranunculus

Ranunculus for me! Yes, I buy flowers for my own enjoyment 🙂

OHHH… and that Peach Rose Color Study? Quite possibly the most popular post we’ve ever had in our almost 4 year history!!
On Facebook it was seen by ~15,000 people and the post had 122 shares! wow!
I’m thrilled to know so many people enjoyed the post! In case you missed it – click here.

All-In-All, a great few weeks here in the PNW – I can feel spring is coming and all kinds of good stuff is popping up – including Crocus all over the back lawn!

2014 Trends in Floral Design

Hi Flower Friends!
I sent out a Content Call recently where I asked all of you — As the 2013 event season comes to an end and as the 2014 brides start to come in for their consultations, I am quite curious to hear what trends you are seeing for next year. I’ve heard that gold, crystals, opulent, elegant are in, have you seen the same? What color palette looks to be the most desired?


Gold, gold, gold, did I say GOLD? seeing it used everywhere, as an accent, as a focal.
Margaret Burnette, Texas


The romantic garden look is still very popular for weddings in Texas. Floral design tends to follow fashion and interior design trends and grey is the new neutral showing up in all the high end design magazines. In wedding design that can translate to a palette of white flowers and gray berzillia berries, dusty miller and blush garden roses as in my design below that won best floral design at the recent Houston Design Center “Deck the Tables” design competition this month.

I think we are finally starting to see some loosening up of the tight domed European bouquet look in Texas. High end designers here are starting to echo the naturalistic Constance Spry or Dutch Masters style from top New York designers like Ariela Chezar and Lewis Miller. With the new Pantone color of the year being Radiant Orchid, I imagine there will be more soft lavenders and blue tending pink showing up in the bridal palette.
Madeleine of Fleur de Vie, Texas

Centerpiece of anemones, juliet garden roses, berzillia berries, dusty miller, seeded eucalyptus

Designed by Fleur De Vie


Looking into 2014 I see a lot of gold as an accent. Lush elegant designs -1920’s era.
A big lean away from mason jars to wine themed weddings (not necessarily at a wine venue) but elements of wine barrels, custom wine as a signature drink, rustic elements (vines, foliage, looser garden style designs, etc).
As far as color palette; I have been getting a lot of requests for all white weddings, followed by pastels (peach/coral, blush pink, butter yellow, etc.) and purple /lavender color palettes.
Lora of Sophisticated Floral Designs, Oregon

purple and green bridal bouquet designed by Lora Losinger

Designed by Sophisticated Floral Designs


At this point all of my weddings for next year are diverse as the brides. I start the year with a bright pink and yellow Peruvian wedding in January…think lots of alestromeria and anemones. The next wedding is a napa/wine theme using white and purple hydrangea and succulents as the main flowers. I have a wedding in a recently renovated historical building that will use mostly white flowers that have a romantic feel, but will be more modern because the bride has long tables, instead of rounds and we will be using a lot of square and rectangle shaped vases. I have a wedding in the summer that will be using protea…kings, queens, and pin-cushions. And another that has a coral and teal look with peonies, garden roses, and succulents. AND I have a more traditional red rose wedding too! Seems like the only thing that is consistent is that the centerpieces are multi-layered….clusters of vases and lots of candles…and the bouquets are all hand-held….no cascading!
Andrea Layne Floral Design, Florida

peach and white rose bridal bouquet by Andrea Layne Floral Design

Designed by Andrea Layne Floral Design


I am finally seeing blush! A lot of my fellow designers started seeing this trend last year but now it’s finally hit for us. Blush and lush with fluffy romantic flowers such as peonies and garden roses with gold vessels.I’m also seeing succulents and airplants continuing very strongly.
I’m still seeing a more elegant rustic trend, vintage touches with vintage bottles, lace etc. Mason jars have been slowly fading and we didn’t do a single Mason jar wedding in 2013! Yay
Susan of Three Sisters Custom Flowers & Events, California

Vintage Wedding Reception with cream flowers and succulents

Three Sisters Custom Flowers & Events


I’ve booked several weddings for 2014. Many of which include pink & gold. However, the country/rustic trend is still hot in my area…with the majority of what I’ve booked thus far in 2014 following that trend. I think this is the case because of the area I live in too. I also believe that a softer, laid back, country/rustic wedding is somewhat an escape from a fast paced world of smart phones, electronics,and plastic/metal manufactured surroundings.
Jessica of Blooms ‘n Blossoms, Kentucky

Blooms N Blossoms bridal bouquet of coral pink and white flowers

Blooms ‘N Blossoms


I sure hope mason jars our going out, but seeing a lot of peach and mint with outdoor and barn weddings still big.. Also, purples are big for me. I feel Michigan is about 2 years behind the trends. I have a bridal show in Jan. and I am going to show lots of gold and mercury, tall candle sticks and black with flowers in magentas, purples, and fucshias, a good friend of mine (Holly Chapple) once said if your going to do it go big and show what you want to sell. I still will show my vintage but want to go the other way for 2014. and 2015
Tracy of Park Place Design, Michigan

Park Place Design, peach and white bridal bouquet

Park Place Design


My clients are requesting pastel palettes. Blush pink, cream, and gold is definately the most popular. Many are requesting soft colors with a pop of a single color such as dark apricot or plum. Desired style for my clients range from vintage glamour to rustic elegance. Since, we are near the Jersey Shore, I have seen a trend toward vintage seashore themes.
Sally of Pink Dahlia Vintage, New Jersey

Pink Dahlia Vintage, Pink rose vintage bridal bouquet

Pink Dahlia Vintage
Tami Melissa Photography


Neutrals with metallic shine of all kinds, but especially gold. Still a strong “wildflower” look, and we always have a good amount of nautically influenced weddings being on the coast. Elegant is definitely the most popular adjective for 2014.
Polly of Robin Hollow Farm, Rhode Island

Robin Hollow Farm, pink flowers in silver mercury glass containers

Robin Hollow Farm


I’m seeing a little bit of the same with the blush, but I’m seeing a lot of requests for black/whites, lots of woodland designs and corals.
Alex of Exquisite Designs, Illinois

blush, peach and white centerpieces in mercury glass

Exquisite Designs


Trends for 2014 are purples…or should I say more purple.
Kris of KRISanthemums, Oregon

KRISanthemums Purple and lavender bridal party bouquets



The trends for weddings in my area are way behind the trends in other places in the country, so we are just now hitting the burlap-and-mason-jars scene pretty hard. I’m trying to push it ahead by doing a lot of styled shoots that are farther ahead in the recent trends.
Kelsey of Crabapple Floral, North Dakota

Crabapple Floral North Dakota Wedding Flowers

Crabapple Floral


I’m seeing more purple tones for this year’s brides and still lots of texture. Burlap and lace continue to be favorites as it mixes the perfect marriage of rustic with romantic. Last year seemed to be the year for gold/silver/crystals but I hope it continues.
Dana of Della Blooms, Maryland

Della Blooms, Flowers decorating wedding cake

Della Blooms


We’re continuing to see consistently strong interest in vintage-inspired weddings with pale color palettes and assortments of vintage vessels as reception centerpieces– barnwood boxes are big, as are vintage white pottery and vignettes of apothecary bottles with small bouquets or single stems. No “matchy matchy” centerpieces (These are all, of course, very Pinterest-fueled ideas.) We are also seeing a trend towards simplifying the ceremony site decorations and dedicating more towards reception site decor.
We are located in the Ohio, so big trends often start on one of the coasts and take a few years to make their way to the Midwest. We look forward to reading what others are seeing for 2014!
Kay & Susan of Buckeye Blooms, Ohio

Buckeye Blooms, wood box centerpiece with foliages and succulents

Buckeye Blooms

Buckeye Blooms, Vintage Floral Design with bottles and white flowers

Buckeye Blooms


We’re still seeing lots of blush and ivory palettes. Hydrangeas, garden roses and peonies are still very popular. We’re also still seeing a lot of burlap, lace and baby’s breath.
Althea of Rose of Sharon Floral Designs, Arkansas

peach and white bridal bouquets

Rose of Sharon

Winter Greenery Challenge

The December Challenge is: Winter Greenery & Berry

The rules:
Design an arrangement of foliages, berries, fruits, etc – but NO flowers!
All materials must be collected from your property or surrounding area. For this challenge we will say within 1 mile of your designing location. (time to hit up the neighbors!)

Here are the results of our Challenge!!
Thank you to everyone that participated!

winter foliages arrangement

Designed by Denise of
Bare Mtn Farm, Oregon

Poland floral designer

Designed by Edyta Ubych of Poland
“All plants are from my garden .
1. Brassica oleracea – cabbage
2. Centaurera cineraria – dusty miller . In my country we call “the old man “
3. Alder
4 .Magnolia – Branches
5. Mahonia aquifolium
6. Linum – twigs
7.Helichrysum petiolare “

Canadian winter floral arrangement

Designed by Dana Smyl, From St. Paul Alberta Canada.
“Today was -40 with a wind chill haha, just had to add that. I loved this Challenge.
I desided that I wanted to try and use absolutely nothing but what was out in my yard. So this arrangement is held together by ice and snow alone. The container is made of ice. I am going to leave this arrangement out in the yard and hopefully the beautiful horror frost will attach itself one day and I can take pictures of that beautiful wonder of nature. Thanks again for pushing my imagination on this challenge.”

greenery arrangement in a red container

Designed by Kathleen of Erika’s Fresh Flowers, Oregon

Green Park Nurseries, Canada

Green Park Nurseries, Canada
“These are some pictures of what my wife just completed for our own house. We did have a little advantage because all the product used was mostly grown on the farm. This is what we do for a living. We grow all kinds of branches for the Florists to use in their Christmas Urns.”

holiday greenery with holly berries arrangement

Designed by Kristin of
Ideas in Bloom, New Hampshire

winter foliage with berries centerpiece

Designed by Merry of Maggie’s Rose, Rutherfordton, North Carolina.
Used: Owl Juniper, Holly (native species), Mountain Laurel, English Ivy, Nandina and Nandina berries.

green foliage and berry arrangement

Designed by Erica of Moda: Floral and Event Design, California

holiday foliage with berries arrangement

Designed by Lora of Sophisticated Floral Design, Oregon

winter greenery centerpieces

Designed by Sylvia of Dreamweavers, Louisiana

holiday greenery arrangement with succulents

Designed by Monica of Twigs Floral Design, California

Fabulous Florist :: Sophisticated Floral Designs, Portland, Oregon

Portland Oregon Wedding Florist

Your name: Lora Losinger
Your Business name: Sophisticated Floral Designs
Your Location: Portland, Oregon

purple orchid bridal bouquet

How did you start your business?
I was first introduced to floral design as a young 14 year old freshman in high school. My school had an in-house floral shop where I gained my initial design experience doing daily arrangements, prom and homecoming flowers, as well as holiday orders.
This was when I made up my mind that retail floral shop was not for me. I wanted to specialize in wedding and event design out of a private studio. No walk-in traffic, meant I would have the time to focus on what I did best; which is weddings.

I continued my floral education at Floral Designs Institute in Portland, OR. Graduated in 2004 and two years later ventured out on my own and started Sophisticated Floral Designs out of my little apartment with a rental garage at the time. Looking back, I am amazing at the volume of designs that came out of that tiny place. “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”

green textured bridal bouquet

How many years have you been in business?
6 years.

What is your design aesthetic?
Overall, I am very versatile in my designs, but I tend to gravitate more toward the Sophisticated, Formal, Lush and Elegant look.

yellow craspedia wedding arch

© Evrim Icoz Photography

How do you create your style and where do you draw your inspiration?
I enjoy being very versatile and trying new styles and flower varieties. I love using unique, seasonal and locally grown flowers, foliages and pods, as they add so much interest and texture to any design.

black and plum bridal bouquet

What are the trends, flowers & colors that are unique to your region?
In the Pacific Northwest, we have an abundance of locally grown flowers, foliages, branches and moss.
As far as colors; I had quite a few purple/lavender weddings last season and going into this season still seeing a lot of purples.
Blush pink and coral/peach is also pretty dominant color palette.

green textured compote flower arrangement

Are you a retail shop, studio/warehouse or home based?
I am blessed to have a spacious home studio space devoted strictly to my design work. I also share a meeting space in Portland with several local wedding professionals.

blush and gold bridal bouquet

Do you offer any services in addition to floral designs?
I have rental items available such as arbors, pillars, vases, candles, etc.
I also offer styling help on as needed basis. Some clients just want that extra help in selecting linens, props, etc. to make their event truly special.
In the end, I am happy to mostly focus on floral design as that’s my true passion.

burgundy floral crown

What tool in your toolbox can’t you live without?
My knife and oasis glue

What’s your favorite flower?
I can’t say I have a favorite flower. It always changes based on the season. Top favorites are garden roses, ranunculus, succulents, dahlias, jasmine, orchids, ferns, unique textures-pods, berries, etc.

large white floral designs for wedding ceremony

Anything else you’d like to share with Flirty Fleurs followers?
I love learning new styles and taking floral design courses from the best designers in the industry. I am very excited to be a part of Chapel Designers and meet everyone in New York City this coming year.

burgundy and green wedding ceremony

Your contact information:

cake decorated with lots of flowers

© Mosca Photo

pink and blue wedding reception

Play Date in Portland!

In keeping with the theme of yesterday’s blog post about the importance of having friends in the floral design industry, I’d like to share with all of you what happened last week in Portland, Oregon. I asked a few of my fellow Chapel Designers if they’d like to get together and visit, create some designs, eat some yummy food – they all said yes! So that’s just what we did! We met at Francoise Week’s design studio in Portland, all of us bringing a variety of treasures from our yards and the local flower wholesaler. Peggy & Carol brought the delicious lunch, the most yummy chicken & bean chili ever!
Oh, so first I’ll share who was there – me/Alicia, Francoise Weeks, Liz of Liz Rusnac Floral Design, Peggy & Carol of Celebrations Floral Design, Annie of Floral Sunshine and Lora of Sophisticated Floral Designs. Francoise, Liz, Peggy, Carol and I all know each other thru Chapel Designers. We were happy to have Annie & Lora join in on our little flower party.
So here goes … this is what happens when a bunch of ladies get their creative on:

floral designers

Carol, Liz & Peggy

florists at Francoise's workshop

Liz, Peggy, Carol, Annie and Lora watching Francoise make a mask, of course I’m behind the camera!

Annie Chen Florist

Annie demonstrating how she works with wire

floral designers working

Annie, Peggy and Liz getting creative

Francoise Weeks Studio

Francoise and Carol

Peggy of Celebrations Floral

Peggy creating a mask, this is the mask that Liz modeled.

flower designers in Portland

Lora and Carol

Francoise Weeks

Francoise creating one of her masks

Francoise Weeks Floral Designer

Francoise works on one of her masks.

Francoise Weeks floral designer

Looking over Francoise’s shoulder as she designs a mask.

Francoise Weeks Portland Oregon

Francoise could be a spokeswoman for Oasis glue products!

face mask

This is the base of my yellow leaf mask.

Alicia Schwede florist

me modeling the start of my yellow leaf mask

yellow leaf mask

the mask I created, yes it did look like a bird!

florist with mask on

Alicia with the Yellow Leaf Mask

Liz Rusnac

Liz models a mask designed by Peggy

Liz Rusnac

I love how Liz looks like a flower super-hero here!!

Liz Rusnac

Liz’s other flower super-hero look! She created this mask.

Liz Rusnac

The side view, gorgeous fall colors

Liz Rusnac

There were so many textures to this mask.

Francoise Weeks looking like another flower super-hero! Check out that purple bell vine weaved into the mask, I brought that little special vine from my garden just for Francoise.

Francoise Weeks looking like another flower super-hero! Check out that purple bell vine weaved into the mask, I brought that little special vine from my garden just for Francoise.

Lora Losinger

Lora’s flower super hero look! Love Lora’s mask and how the Fuchsias and string of pearls drape down.

Lora Losinger

fall flowers on the hair

Annie Chen Florist

Annie modeling her mask

Annie Chen Portland Florist

Annie modeling her hair piece

Lora Losinger

Lora modeling her beautiful head piece, so many textures & elements

Lora Losinger

Lora with her head wreath

Francoise's and her awesome red & green mask

Francoise’s and her awesome red & green mask

purple and green flower corsage

Peggy’s wristlet corsage

fall colored wristlet corsage

Carol’s gorgeous wristlet corsage

fall flowers upclose

Liz mixing it up and getting creative, she wanted to try a loosely styled centerpiece

magenta fall color palette

Liz’s design, we wanted to work on creating large, urn style arrangements.

fall flowers with gold and peach

Alicia’s design, I needed some fall flowers!

Tanner Weeks the dog

Meanwhile, Tanner supervised the activity in the studio and kept us all in line.

There you have it – this is what happens when seven floral designs get together just for the fun of creating! It was a great day with great friends!

What’s the most requested flower this wedding season?

Recently I sent out a twitter request & email to our mailing list, asking for input on seven different questions. Thank you to everyone who sent in their replies!!

Question #7:
What’s the most requested flower this wedding season?

By Rose of Sharon Floral Designs of Arkansas

bouquet with peach and coral flowers

Designed by Rose of Sharon

peach and pink bouquet

Designed by Rose of Sharon

Our brides have definitely joined the peony obsession, especially in their bouquets. When peonies are not within their budget, our brides love English Garden Roses as a substitute. Orchids are also highly requested and used within our special event designs.
Jennifer of Mancuso’s Florist of Michigan

white and blush bridal bouquet

Designed by Mancuso’s Florist

white bridal bouquet

Designed by Mancuso’s Florist

pink peony bridal bouquet

Designed by Mancuso’s Florist.

We are always behind the trends in South Texas. Succulents are huge now, everybody is using them.
Sheri of Blumen Meisters, Texas

bridal bouquet with succulents and anemones

Designed by Blumen Meisters

pink and orange bridal bouquet

Designed by Blumen Meisters

Probably the most requested flower this season is garden roses.
Kris of The KRISanthemums, Oregon

peach stock and pink rose bouquet

Designed by KRISanthemums

It’s become a running joke for us this year that if it doesn’t have dusty miller in it, it’s not a wedding. (We have our share of succulents, too.)
Gerry & Rebecca of Petal’s Edge Floral Design, Virginia & Washington DC

orange succulent bouquet

Designed by Petals Edge

pink and white bouquets

Designed by Petals Edge

pink and blush centerpiece

Designed by Sophisticated Floral Designs

bouquet with dusty miller and peach flowers

Designed by Petals Edge

Most requested flower? The Coral Charm Peony. No surprise there.
Sue of White Magnolia Designs, Washington DC

blush bridal bouquet

Designed by White Magnolia Designs

peony bridal bouquet

Designed by White Magnolia Designs

Succulent, followed by hydrangea, ranunculus and garden roses.
Lora of Sophisticated Floral Designs, Oregon

coral and white bridal bouquet

Designed by Sophisticated Floral Designs

blue and white floral centerpiece

Designed by Sophisticated Floral Designs

succulent boutonniere

Designed by Sophisticated Floral Designs

white grey and yellow bouquet

Designed by Sophisticated Floral Designs

purple and orange bouquet

Designed by Sophisticated Floral Designs

orange roses and orchids and succulent bouquet

Designed by Sophisticated Floral Designs

white hydrangea and succulent bouquet

Designed by Sophisticated Floral Designs

boutonniere with succulents

Designed by Sophisticated Floral Designs

woodland centerpiece

Designed by Sophisticated Floral Designs

Peonies. I’m starting to not like them as much. The growers cannot seem to meet the demand and a lot of the plants are inmature leading to small buds and high prices. Let’s also add to this list anything blush and muted colors.
Alexandra, Exquisite Designs, Illinois

pink and orange flower centerpiece

Designed by Exquisite Designs. Photograph by Ashley Biess Photography

Orange fall flower centerpiece

Designed by Exquisite Designs.

pink and green flower centerpiece

Designed by Exquisite Designs.

Red flower arrangement

Designed by Exquisite Designs.

pink and white flower centerpiece

Designed by Exquisite Designs.

The most requested flower this past spring was ranunculus. A close second was peony. For this summer the most requested flower is dahlia.
Kate Sparks, Lilies and Lavender, Pennsylvania

white and pink flower centerpiece

Designed by Lilies and Lavender

dahlia bridal bouquet with crape myrtle berries, dill and sea oats

Designed by Lilies and Lavender

Jane of Budget Blooms, British Columbia, Canada

white peony and queen anne's lace bouquet

Designed by Budget Blooms

Portland International Rose Test Garden

Last week as we meandered our way from Washington back to Northern California we decided to stop at the International Rose Test Garden located in Portland, Oregon. Located in Washington Park in Portland’s West Hills, this garden includes more than 10,000 plantings of over 500 varieties of roses. (what can I say? some people stop at rest stops, I find rose gardens..) We had a lovely time walking along the pathways, ohhing & ahhing over the beautiful roses. Sure enough it was raining, but that didn’t stop us!

“There are over 7,000 rose plants of approximately 550 varieties. The roses bloom from April through October with the peak coming in June, depending on the weather. New rose cultivars are continually sent to the garden from many parts of the world and are tested for color, fragrance, disease resistance and other attributes. It is the oldest continuously operating public rose test garden in the United States and exemplifies Portland’s nickname of the City of Roses.” – Wikipedia

portland international rose test garden

portland international rose test garden

rose garden


peach garden rose

“Carding Mill” English Garden Rose

peach garden rose

“Carding Mill” English Garden Rose

portland international rose test garden

portland international rose test garden

pink garden roses

“New Zealand” Hybrid Tea

pink garden roses

“New Zealand” Hybrid Tea

trellis covered in roses

pink roses

pink roses growing on a trellis

pink fuchsia

yellow roses

portland international rose test garden

rose garden

rose garden

rose garden

rose garden

rose garden

apricot orange garden roses

rose garden

red roses

Johann the Pekingese

Johann quite enjoyed his walk through the rose garden!

Read more about the history here
Contact Information:
Portland International Rose Test Garden
400 SW Kingston Avenue
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 227-7033

Visiting Flower People in Oregon..

I cannot adequately express how much I love Oregon and all that it has to offer. If I weren’t so happy to be home in California, I’d head up to my northern neighbors and move in! This state is beautiful and full of kind people – who love flowers and nature.

In addition to spending three great days with Francoise Weeks, I also got to visit a few other people, shops, and greenhouses!

One morning Francoise took Janet and I to the Portland Flower Market. I only snapped a few pictures, was too busy looking at everything…

A whole display of Begonias! I’m such a fan of begonia leaves in design work, they add so much dimension and color:

Peterkort doesn’t only sell roses! (you’ll see more about them further down in this post)
peterkort roses grows lilies

Sooo… I will admit that I’m absolutely tickled pink when I see Bella Bouquets Book on display!!!!!!!
Here it is at Frank Adams:
bella bouquets book
And over at Floral Supply Syndicate:
bella bouquets book

While I was at the Portland Flower Market I was talking to Sandra from Peterkort and she suggested I go visit Emerald Petals Flower Shop.
I did go visit, and what a cute flower shop!! Hilary is awesome and talented. I enjoyed perusing all the nooks and crannies of her shop and I did pick up a nice white milk glass goblet. Definitely visit her shop if you are ever on Mississippi Avenue in Portland! Look at how cute her shop is:
Flower Shop Portland

Flower Shop Portland

Eco Florist Oregon

narcissus arrangement

Flower Shop Portland

Flower Shop Portland Oregon

Eco Flower Shop Portland

Also, while down on Mississippi Avenue (there are a lot of cute shops on that street!) I did wander over to Ink & Peat, a shop I’ve followed for quite sometime online:
ink and peat

ink and peat flowers

Now get ready .. next I toured Peterkort Roses!!!!! I love touring greenhouses, as you probably all know by now. That feeling of excitement when I pull up to a row of greenhouses and wondering what is growing inside them….
greenhouse Oregon

Rows and rows of lilies were growing, some were taller than me!
growing lilies

My visit to the greenhouse was a bit too early for rose production, they were just getting the greenhouses ready for the upcoming wedding season:
Orange rose in the greenhouse

My favorite greenhouse was this one … Cattleya Orchids and Maidenhair Ferns, felt like I had walked in a jungle, so cool:
maiden hair fern and cattleya orchids growing

They grow absolutely stunning Cymbidium Orchids:
growing cymbidium orchids

growing Cymbidiums

growing cymbidium orchids

Just a few terracotta pots:
terracotta pots

Great graphics on their trucks!!
delivery truck

peterkort roses delivery truck

Last but definitely not least, I visited Enchanted Florist in Ashland, Oregon!! I only snapped one photo, as I walked in the doors…
I’ve ‘talked’ to Brandon for years over social media, and he’s my go-to guy when I have a question about technology for florists. I really enjoyed my visit with Brandon and his wife, Leslie. They have built an impressive business in Ashland, Oregon and have a beautiful shop.
Florist Ashland Oregon

Also, a huge thank you to Carol of Celebrations Floral in Corvallis, Oregon. Carol invited me to stay at her home while I was traveling in Oregon – thank you for a lovely visit!

To one of my flower girls, Liz of Fleur:ology – sorry I missed this time around! Hopefully next time I’m up north we can visit 🙂