Joseph Massie and Chelsea Flower Show 2016

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show starts this week in London and I plan to live vicariously thru social media!! I got word that my friend, Joe Massie, has an amazing floral installation planned. His team sent me this sketch of the planned installation and the following information. I can’t wait to see photos of how it all comes together!

FLORA - artwork by Joseph Massie

Award-winning floral artist to create show-stopping exhibit at Chelsea Flower Show for Queen’s 90th birthday

Joseph Massie, five-time RHS Gold Medal Winner, has been commissioned to create a floral installation at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016 (24-28 May) to celebrate the 90th birthday of, RHS Patron, HM the Queen.

Botanical artist, Massie, 27, from Liverpool, has created a design that will see a swathe of 5,000 fresh-cut Avalanche roses from Meijer Roses and 1,000 preserved rose petals suspended in the air to create a romantic, sensory tunnel.

Massie’s floral tunnel design, entitled Rosa, will be 20 metres long by 10 metres wide and suspended four metres above the ground.

The project marks Massie’s first return to the Chelsea Flower Show since he achieved five successive RHS Gold Medals and four Best in Show Awards between 2009-2013. Joseph was the youngest person ever to achieve this feat.

Joseph Massie, botanical artist and designer of the Rosa installation, said: “I am thrilled to be back at Chelsea – and on a much a larger scale this time around.

“It is a huge honour to be commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society to create an installation to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday.

He added: “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous to know what Her Majesty’s verdict will be when she sees my installation for the first time!”

To create Rosa, Massie will use the finest preserved rose petals that will appear rise up from the ground to a floral ceiling, strung on invisible threads, from two opposing corners of the space. Petals in warm, summery pink tones will rise up on one side, contrasting with softer apricot tones opposite – in keeping with this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show logo colours.

In matching tones, full-headed, fresh-cut roses will be intertwined with the preserved petals as they rise, forming two fuller columns, which will thicken and pool out as the florals reach the ceiling of the tunnel. Chunkier rose heads will then spill out overhead and the two contrasting colours will meet in the centre, creating a truly spectacular floral display.

Massie, continued: “With my design, I am aiming to create a sensory and immersive experience by presenting fresh rose blooms in a truly romantic and captivating way.

“I really hope that the Queen, and all of this year’s visitors to Chelsea, will enjoy the exhibit.”

Five thousand flower blooms and five different types of rose varieties from Meijer Roses will be used to create Massie’s exhibit, including Sweet Avalanche, Pearl Avalanche and White Avalanche, as well as more than 1,000 preserved rose petals. The roses and preserved rose petals will dry naturally over the course of the week and will be recycled into new artworks after the Show has finished.

Massie has recruited 25 volunteers to work alongside him, assisting with the installation over four days in the lead up to the Show. Volunteers were selected from Massie’s flower school, the UK School of Floristry, and from other leading colleges around the UK, as well as students from Australia, France and Sweden.

Joseph Massie has collaborated with Meijer Roses and Avalanche Roses to create the Rosa Avalanche installation at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016.

The Rosa exhibit will be beneath the Rock Bank restaurant, which connects Main Avenue and Ranalegh Way.

For more information about Joseph Massie, visit

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016, sponsored by M&G Investments, takes place from 24-28 May 2016 in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. The theme of this year’s Show will champion the health and wellbeing benefits of greening-up our grey spaces. For more information, visit




Joseph Massie Lavender Floral Dress

Strictly Come Dancing star Arlene Phillips walked the red carpet at the National Television Awards wearing a “living” dress created by floral artist Joseph Massie, decorated with real flowers that are all used for homeopathic remedies, including Clematis, Roses, Hydrangea and others.

Arlene and Joseph are lending their support to a campaign launched by eleven homeopathic charities and associations, including the British Homeopathic Association (BHA) and the Homeopathy Action Trust (HAT). The campaign aims to raise awareness of homeopathy and the organisations’ useful and informative website:

The dress was the inspiration of award-winning floral artist (five consecutive RHS Gold Medals and four Best in Show awards from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show) Joseph Massie. Months of work have gone into designing and making the dress, with Massie and his team spending over 100 hours painstakingly attaching each petal onto the fabric.
The botanicals used within the dress include Clematis, Roses, Hydrangea, African violets, Olive, Chrysanthemum, Arabicum, Hyacinth and Jasmine, all entwined in Massie’s signature style to create a truly sumptuous bouquet.
On Homeopathy, Arlene commented, ‘I’ve regularly found Arnica cream to be so helpful with healing bruises and dancing related injuries!” She continued, ‘Once, when I was Germany, I had to take my daughter to a Doctor who prescribed a homeopathic remedy as opposed to penicillin and it helped enormously”
On the dress, Joseph commented, ‘It was such a pleasure to collaborate with these two leading homeopathic charities to create such a fabulous piece of floral couture for Arlene to wear at the NTA’s. It was a really wonderfully creative project to design a piece of couture that was both, light and elegant, but also able to hold an array of beautiful blooms. Floral couture has always been a big part of my practice, and to work with these charities to promote such a good cause was a real pleasure”

Joseph Massie Lavender Floral Dress Details

Joseph Massie Lavender Floral Dress Details

Joseph Massie Lavender Floral Dress Details

Joseph Massie Lavender Floral Dress Details

Fleur Friday

Interesting Links I’ve come across this week while surfing the good ‘ole World Wide Web ..

Keyword Best Practices for Your SEO Strategy via WeddingWire

A list by Flowers Across Melbourne of Influential Floral Designers. They mention a few European designers that I have not heard of so it was interesting to visit their website/facebook pages.

Have you ever seen BloomTube? It’s a European portal with lots of videos. Joe Massie is the host of many of these videos and I just adore that guy so I really enjoy his videos!

Into the Wild With Sarah Ryhanen on T Magazine is a lovely article about Saipua.

Meanwhile, my cutting garden is doing well and the dahlias are blooming away. I made this arrangement on Wednesday. It is rather curious that all the leaves are turning red and gold already, a sign of an early fall or is it the drought?

Bella Fiori Dahlia Arrangement

United By Design, By Joseph Massie

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Joseph Massie

Joseph Massie

Last January while at The Chapel Designer & Florabundance Inspirationdal Design Days Event I had the pleasure of meeting Joseph Massie, who had flown in from England. Now I’ve been a fan of Joe’s for quite sometime, really ever since seeing that dress created from Red Rose Petals – you know the one I’m talking about, right? Well, I was quite excited to spend some time with Joe and watch him do his thing —

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Joe Massie's Installation

I asked Joe what inspired him to make this art piece –
“It all really started with Holly’s invitation to come out to SB to be a part of the conference. Holly had seen some of my art pieces previously, and we thought it could add a nice twist to the event to have something a little different for the designers. We started brain storming ideas, thinking of themes, and naturally, we were led to thinking about the conference, and ultimately about connection ~ about how we were all coming together for this event, all participating, and how we’re all always learning and developing as we go.

I suggested working with circles ~ symbolic for connection and continuation, and poppies were a natural fit as they can be so different in colour, energy and in what they say, but still they’re all the same flower ~ which fitted really well with our ethos for the work. The poppies also fitted as we were in SB, and although the poppies we used weren’t the actual official state flower, it was a nice touch to work with them ~ a nod to our environment as it were. The wheat weaving technique fitted beautifully with both the poppies and our connection theme ~ and it was also practical to teach based on budget and time restrictions. We needed something that we could build up relatively quickly (as we only had half a day with the participants) but something that everyone could contribute to equally.

If I had to sum it up in a sentence or two, ‘United by Design’ was a true collaboration from every participant who attended the conference. We supplied the original idea and the technical guidance, but frankly this work could not have been constructed by one person alone. It’s a work literally made from connection, equality, growth and contribution, which I feel was reflective of the energy from the group. ”

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Joe Massie

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Joe Massie

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Joe Massie

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference -

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference -

Dana adding more wheat to the design.

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Victoria

Victoria wiring on the water tubes to the piece

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Poppies

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Francoise Weeks

Francoise Weeks peeling back the covering on the poppies

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Poppies

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Poppy for Joe Massie's Design

My addition to the piece..

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Katie Noonan AIFD

Katie Noonan AIFD adding her poppy to the piece

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference -

Kristi adding water to the tubes

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Poppy Installation

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Poppies

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Joe Massie's Poppy Installation

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Joseph Massie's art installation with poppies

Florabundance Design Days & Chapel Designers Conference - Joost, Holly & Joe

Joost, Holly & Joe

Contact Information –
Joseph Massie Creative
The Chapel Designers
Florabundance Wholesale

I love London!

If you’ve followed this blog for the past 4 years or know me at all, you know that I love London! It’s such a fabulous city! I love that I can get around town via the Underground and it is absolutely filled with wonderful things to see for flower lovers.
Ohhh… and was this past visit filled to the brim with flower goodness!
Today I’ll give you a re-cap of what I did and saw and the following days this week I will post more in depth looks at each event.
First, I arrived into Heathrow and caught the express train into Paddington Station. First thing I see – flower stand:

Paddington Train Station in London w/ floral display

Then I was off to the next train station to meet up with my friend, Emma, who I stayed with and again I see more flowers:

Flowers at a London Train Station

Thursday morning I was up bright and early and off to the New Covent Flower Market to meet up with the one and only Paula Pryke! Love her! We perused the flower market, chatting with other flower designers and admiring the gorgeous flowers available. We had a nice time at the market and then we caught a cab over to Neill Strain’s phenomenal shop in Belgravia. Neill’s shop is so beautiful and I just love going there for a visit.
Here’s Paula & Neill in front of his shop:

Paula Pryke & Neill Strain in front of Neill's flower shop in London

Paula Pryke & Neill Strain

Neill had a special flower show as part of Chelsea Fringe happening at his shop called Passion for Peonies. He had peonies that I’ve never seen before, so many incredible varieties.

Passion for Peonies at Neill Strain's Flower shop in London.

Passion for Peonies at Neill Strain’s Flower shop

Neill, Paula and I enjoyed a fantastic brunch and chatted about the floral scene in London. They told me about visiting Chelsea In Bloom. Then Neill says – let me see if anyone has an extra ticket to Chelsea for today. (I had one ticket for Chelsea for Friday. If you ever go to Chelsea make sure to buy your tickets well in advance as they do sell out!). After our fun visit Neill drove me over to Chelsea In Bloom and told me he’d text when he finds a ticket. Chelsea In Bloom takes place at various shops around Sloane Square (the neighborhood just outside the Chelsea Flower Show). Sure was fun hunting for the shops that were participating and watching passerby’s reactions. About 90 minutes later I receive a text from Neill – he has a ticket! I was so excited, all of a sudden I was going to Chelsea a day early!!

Entrance to RHS Chelsea Flower Show

In the coming days I will be posting quite a few photos from Chelsea .. as soon as I sort through all of them!

I only spent a few hours there on Thursday as I knew I’d be there all day on Friday. After leaving the show I walked around Chelsea, Sloane Square and Pimlico Road. Wandered upon Nikki Tibbles’ Wild At Heart Shop:

Wild at Heart on Pimlico Road, London

Wild at Heart

And saw this gorgeous floral design sitting in the shop:
Flower Arrangement by Wild At Heart in London

Then I was off for more walking, wandered up through Belgravia neighborhood and ended up by Buckingham Palace. Then caught the underground back to Emma’s flat.

Friday morning came and I was off for a full day at Chelsea Flower Show! Yes, I really spent all day there and I think I saw everything. Hopefully I saw everything! Plus, I got to visit with Rona of Flowerona Blog. So great to see Rona and catch up, plus she knows all about Chelsea and could fill me in on details. Emma and her friend, Wendy, joined for the evening hours and we were the last of the group that left when the gates closed at 8pm. Off for a walk through the neighborhoods and a great dinner.
Hold tight .. you’ll be seeing plenty of Chelsea photos this week!

Saturday came and we decided to go for a drive into the north, towards Birmingham we drove. That idea turned out to be brilliant. Joe Massie was in Birmingham working on a floral installation.
Check out this piece he designed:
Joseph Massie Floral Dress 2014

Joe, Emma and I enjoyed a long visit over dinner in the small town of Wolverhampton. Good times and felt I had to pinch myself to believe I was there sitting with my friends at a random pub in Northern England.

Joseph Massie and Alicia Schwede, England 2014

Joe always makes me laugh

I can hardly believe where Emma and I ended up on Sunday. David Austin Roses. Yes, that David Austin! Located just outside Wolverhampton are the David Austin Rose Gardens. We perused the gardens, and more gardens. We had tea (cappuccino for me) and crumpets in their tea room. We studied the plants for sale. Finally selected an amazing yellow Graham Thomas Garden Rose for Emma’s garden.

Gift Shop at David Austin Roses

The entrance to the gift shop and the rose gardens at David Austin.

Talk about a perfect day, a perfect weekend and a perfect week!

Sunday evening we drove back to London. I quite enjoyed driving thru the countryside, the weather was perfect and the rolling green hills so beautiful.

Monday rolled around and we decided to take an easy day after 4 days of running around. The biggest outing was to visit Peggy Porschen’s cake shop in Belgravia. Peggy’s cakes are glorious to look at and just as good to eat!
Peggy Porschen Cakes

Tuesday came way too quickly and it was time to return home. Crazy how quickly a week can go by, of course two days are lost to the traveling to and from Seattle to London.

Oh, one more thing I saw while out strolling around London – sides of buildings covered in plants. I thought these were just spectacular!

The side of a building in London covered in plants

The side of a building in London covered in plants

Fabulous Florist :: Joseph Massie Creative

flower umbrella

Your name: Joseph Massie
Your Business name: Joseph Massie Creative
Your Location: Liverpool, England, UK

How did you start your business?
Even when I was in high school, I knew I wanted to run my own business. I’d been involved in an enterprise scheme during my education, and just knew that it was the right path for me. However, I also knew I didn’t want the responsibility of starting my own venture before I was 25 ~ as a young designer I knew I had a lot to learn, and I wanted to learn without the responsibility of a business at the same time. I decided to devote my teens and early twenties to education ~ learning from premier national and international designers, traveling the world, and competing in design competitions.

green white and yellow bouquet

Little did I know, but when it came to start my business, Joseph Massie Creative, I’d already created a nice little platform for myself in the professional market. Honestly, without being aware of it, every time I was entering a competition, such as RHS Chelsea Flower Show, that was building my reputation, and over time I’d built up quite a competitive history. I’ve now won ten national competitions here in the UK, including five RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medals, and finished top three in both the World Youth and European Youth championships. Its now a case of developing and building from that history.

How many years have you been in business?
Only 8 months and counting! I started the business in January 2013, and I absolutely LOVE it.

flower sculpture yellow

What is your design aesthetic?
My aesthetic is 100% contemporary ~ I love art, I love design and I wholeheartedly encourage pushing the boundaries. I like to create pieces that have an impact, that affect the space that they’re in. Our work is our couture; often bespoke, technically excellent, and visually resplendent.

It was a conscious decision earlier this year to mark a distinction between our art and design services ~ two from our eight primary services which we offer. I now create mixed media art works, installations and take part in exhibitions, right alongside our design services for commissions, corporate work and events. I find this balance keeps me in both business and creatively satisfied. It’s the right mix for right now.

flower purse

How do you create your style and where do you draw your inspiration?
My style has definitely evolved over the years, moulded by the tutors I’ve learned from, but I’ve been able to take my education and channel it into my practice. I really took some time to create a vocabulary for my design work ~ what materials I like to use, what glassware we’ll incorporate, what scents and textures are a prerequisite ~ and that is so important as a young designer. You have to know what you stand for and what creates your signature piece. It’s about identity and about what you’re showing the world.
Inspiration is key to my work and our practice ~ often when I’m perplexed with a specific project or struggling with an unusual brief, I just need to find that one thing I can connect it to. You know ~ whether it’s a scrap of fabric, an old movie or cologne ~ it can be anything! But once I’ve found that key, the ideas flood, and the whole process is pretty effortless. I’ve never struggled for inspiration, and I’d always encourage others to look outside of their comfort zone. Look at fashion. Look at architecture. Head to a gallery. Go outside your comfort zone and push your boundaries.

yellow flower sculpture

What are the trends, flowers & colors that are unique to your region?
Here in the UK, we’re having a resurgence of fabulous “just picked”, loose, natural designs that are cropping up in magazines, in the blogs and on television. I think it’s a great response to the recent and current economic climate – theres really this revolution into crafting, knowing where things are sourced from and making your own from what you know; really counting on what you can feel rather than what you’ve been told. As a designer you have to know what trends are popular, but also know how to incorporate them neatly into your work. You should never sacrifice your aesthetic for a trend ~ it’s a poor trade off.

Are you a retail shop, studio/warehouse or home based?
We’re currently studio based, in a cool brick building, right in the heart of Liverpool city centre.

Do you offer any services in addition to floral designs?
At JMC, we offer eight primary services: Flowers + Art, Design, Corporate, Events, Lifestyle, Education, Literature and Styling & Visual Merchandising. Due to my successful competition platform in the UK and Europe, I started out hosting a lot of educational events – demonstrations, workshops and seminars – which I love presenting, alongside writing and of course my art and design work.

Now, due to demand we’re branching out into corporate work, event design, lifestyle and styling and visual merchandising too. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of work too, but I like having a varied schedule ~ one week can see me competing at RHS Chelsea Flower Show, followed by a high profile design commission, before flying out to China for a tour of educational events, full of workshops and seminars. It really is that varied!

yellow flower sculpture

What tool in your toolbox can’t you live without?
I love working with Japanese secatuers ~ they’re just exceptional.

What’s your favorite flower?
I’m afraid I don’t have one specific flower I love ~ it really does change from season to season. I’m generally more fond of quite unusual blooms ~ the rarer or more exquisite the better. At the moment, it’s the incredible Cafe au Lait dahlias.

yellow ranunculus bouquet

Anything else you’d like to share with Flirty Fleurs followers?
We’ve actually just relaunched our new website ( so be sure to check out our work. Also, in 2014, we’ve got a few international tours in the pipeline, so if we’re presenting any educational events in a country or city near you, you’ll hear about it first through our newsletter (which you can subscribe to on our site) or at our blog ~ the Notebook.

Your contact information:
We’re also on:

flower purse

Guildford Cathedral Flower Gala, June 6-8, 2013 – Guildford, England

Demonstration by Paula Pryke

Demonstration by Paula Pryke

An exciting Flower Gala is coming soon to Guildford, England! The Guildford Cathedral Flower Gala will take place June 6-8, 2013. A special preview evening to be held on Wednesday the 5th June.
The Cathedral Events team has been working on the production of this flower gala for the past two years, and without a doubt it will be quite the flower show!
Paula Pryke is the designer for this wonderful event and has been working on designs with florists and flower arrangers from the Parish churches, flower clubs, florists and floristry school to transform the Cathedral into a colourful garden of over 50 Floral Arrangements.



During the Gala there is exclusive opportunity to see three of the UK’s most exciting floral designers in action:

• Thursday 6 June 13:00 Robbie Honey

• Friday 7 June 13:00 Shane Connolly, who will also be signing his book

• Saturday 8 June 13:00 Joe Massie

Click here to read more about the flower demonstrations with Robbie, Shane and Joe.

Tickets for each demonstration are £30 which includes entry into the Flower Gala. 100 seats available only. Purchase tickets HERE.




A day at the Gala is priced at just £8.00 per person and is open from 10.00am to 5.00pm with last entry at 4.00pm. Purchase of a ticket to the event will give entry to:

• The Flower Gala to view the stunning floral arrangements within the beautiful Cathedral building

• The Marquee an exciting retail space where there are a variety of unique and special gifts on sale

• The Rose Cafe offering light refreshments and with wonderful views over the town of Guildford

• The Cathedral Refectory serving an array of different hot and cold refreshments throughout the day

• Guildford Cathedral gift shop

• Access to and from Guildford town centre using our free Arriva flower bus service

• A hospitality marquee on the front lawn offering a restaurant service for lunches

Best orange


About Guildford Cathedral:
• Guildford is one of England’s youngest cathedrals, and the last to be built from scratch on a ‘green-field’ site

• Designed by Sir Edward Maufe, it was started in 1936, and finally consecrated in 1961

• The Cathedral is built of bricks made with clay dug from Stag Hill itself. To help fund the construction, people could buy individual bricks for half-a-crown: you can still see the bricks bought and signed by members of the Royal Family.

• The tower is 160 feet high and contains 12 bells from the same foundry that made Big Ben

Guildford Cathedral

Guildford Cathedral


Stag Hill
Events Website:
Cathedral Website:
Purchase tickets HERE.