The Designers behind the Flowers

Every wonder who is creating and designing all these gorgeous floral designs we see??
Here are just a few of the designers that make the world a prettier place!

florist with flowers

Laurie of Fleurie

florist designing an arch

Kate of Floret Cadet

two florist sisters

Dawn and Mary of A Garden Party

florist sisters

Jan & Jillian of Natural Beauties Floral

florist with flowers

Tina of Living Fresh

Ashley of Tinge

Ashley of Tinge

… And the Photo that makes me smile the very, very most!! Cathy of Sprout Flowers in Worcester, MA is back to work after a three month hiatus while she fought cancer! Seeing her re-open her shop this week and her big smile while holding flowers is just the best! I can only imagine how happy the residents of Worcester are to have Cathy back!! Hugs to my friend 🙂

Classes, Classes, Classes!!!

If you are looking for classes this fall there looks to be a few great ones to choose from!!!

Holly & Evan Chapple are going to RUSSIA!
Now this is a trip I’d like to tag along on… I went to Moscow once and it’s quite amazing, still dream of going to St. Petersburg!

Dates: November 8-10, 2013. Place: Moscow.

Additionally a 3-4 hours workshop in St Petersburg on 12th of November

Organizers: flower&decor studio

For more information:
For information on Holly’s Blog – click here

Meanwhile, here in the USA our friend, Francoise Weeks, is hosting classes in California, Oregon and Pennsylvania!
This past January I took a 3 Day Course with Francoise and quite enjoyed it, she taught me to look at each bit of foliage in a new light. You can read about my experience here.

Wedding & Event Workshop
Dates: Monday October 7, Tuesday October 8, Wednesday October 9
Time: 9am til 4pm (1 hour lunch break)
Where: At Françoise’s Studio in Portland, Oregon
For more information Click Here

Monday & Tuesday, October 14 & 15, 2013
presented by Jo Jarvis AIFD and Sue Weisser AIFD
Time: 9am till 4pm (1 hour lunch break)
Where: The Barn, Flying Hills, Pennsylvania 19607 (just south of Reading)
For more information Click Here

Tuesday & Wednesday, October 29 & 30, 2013, 9:30AM to 4PM each day
Hosted by Chris Stoneberg of Blooms By You, located in Orinda, 17 miles east of San Francisco
For more information Click Here

flower classes portland oregon

Jamie Bosworth Photographer

Growing Your Wedding Business Workshop, Day 2

Day two of our workshop (I’ll show Day three once we have the photographs back from the photographer).. The morning started with another big business session and the afternoon we got busy with designing. Day two was about the pretty pinks and blushes — the centerpieces were gorgeous! We all enjoyed watching Holly and Mary work on the large designs, so large they were scraping the ceiling.

pink garden roses

Hibiscus Mahogany Splendor

Hibiscus Mahogany Splendor from LynnVale Farms

pink Asclepias


pink bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquet by Holly Chapple

floral designers

Torey and Megan from A Garden Party

flowers on a table

compote flower arrangement

green and burgundy flowers

large floral displays

Holly and Mary designing the two large floral displays

Mary Coombs Holly Chapple

Mary and Holly

Flower arrangement by Alicia Schwede

flowers by Alicia Schwede

Designed by Alicia Schwede! Yes, I *had* to design something!!

Hope you enjoyed all the pretty pictures this week – I had a great time in Virginia and meeting the newest members of The Chapel Designers!

Growing Your Wedding Business Workshop, Day 1

I hope you all enjoyed the past few days of posts about the farms in Virginia, we had such a fun time visiting all of them! The reason we were in Virginia was for the Growing Your Wedding Business Workshop – Holly and I had a wonderful time meeting designers from various areas of the East Coast, it was a perfect size and intimate workshop where we got down to business. I won’t be going into detail about the business practices that we spoke about, for the blog I’ll share with all of you the beautiful flower arrangements these designers created. On day one we worked on Woodland styled arrangements. I like the Woodland flower arrangement because it pushes most designers outside of their comfort zone – each leaf, each pod, every tiny bit is examined and placed into an intricate design. These ladies blew us away with their bridal bouquets and centerpieces!


Fresh arrival from Don’s Dahlias!

yellow and white zinnias


business discussion

Ellen, Linda and Sharon

The Chapel Designers

Getting down to business topics

Holly Chapple

Holly discussing the Business side of things.

Mary and Megan designing woodland bridal bouquets

Mary and Megan designing woodland bridal bouquets

floral designing

The Chapel Designers

designing a bridal bouquet

Ellen designing her woodland bridal bouquet

Ellen designing her woodland bridal bouquet

Ellen designing her woodland bridal bouquet

designing a bridal bouquet

Dawn of A Garden Party

designing a flower bouquet

Melissa designing a bridal bouquet

designing a flower halo

Holly designing a flower halo

Woodland Bridal Bouquet by Linda Darnell

Woodland Bridal Bouquet by Linda Darnell

Linda Seagraves and Linda Darnell

Linda and Ellen

woodland bridal bouquets

woodland bridal bouquets

Woodland Bridal Bouquets

pink woodland design

Floral Design by Linda Darnell

woodland design

Woodland design by Melissa Stewart

white and green woodland arrangement

Designed by Ellen Seagraves

Designed by Mary of A Garden Party

Designed by Mary of A Garden Party

woodland bridal bouquet

Megan of A Garden Party Designs

woodland flower arrangement

Designed by Sharon of Isn’t She Lovely Florals

woodland flower arrangement

Designed by Megan of A Garden Party

Sharon Duke

Sharon Duke shares her cascading bridal bouquet

woodland flower arrangement

Designed by Dawn of A Garden Party

Mary Coombs

Mary Coombs of A Garden Party

red ball dahlia

Ok, so not flower related, but how gorgeous is this horse??!! He was out on the property where the ladies from A Garden Party were staying. I really wanted to bring this guy home with me!
black horse with braids

Tomorrow I’ll share photos from Day 2 of our Workshop..

Workshop Announcement :: Growing Your Business

Join us July 16-18, 2013 at Holly Heider Chapple’s Studio in Virginia for an intimate workshop on how to Grow Your Floral Design Wedding Business!

Holly Chapple Alicia Schwede Siedlik

Join us for 3 exciting and educational days focused on the one question we all want answered,
“How do I grow my wedding business?”
Join Holly Chapple, owner of Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and the Founder of The Chapel Designers and Alicia Schwede, Owner of Bella Fiori Events, Author of Bella Bouquets Book, and Editor of The Flirty Fleurs Blog, to gain insightful answers to your wedding floral business questions.

We will discuss:

  • Floral design recipes
  • Organizing your purchasing
  • Sourcing your blooms
  • Discuss current and effective ways to market your business, with a focus on the latest trends with Rachel Merkle of Miss Merkle Design.
  • Discuss how Social Media can help your business and answer any of your questions about getting started.
  • We will design with flowers from Holly’s Garden and other local sources and unique blooms from abroad.
  • A professional photographer will be available on our final day which will commence with a full photoshoot.
  • Designers will be provided with images of their work with name credit given in the event the shoot is published.
  • Each student will be offered a feature on the Flirty Fleurs Blog.
  • Most importantly, this workshop will allow you to become an official member of the Chapel Designers. Once a member of the Chapel Designers, you will be entitled to exclusive discounts as well as access to the Chapel Designers forum. You will also be provided with the Chapel Designers logo for your website and blog.

    Lunch will be provided daily. Students are responsible for transportation and lodging.
    We highly recommend bringing a Laptop Computer as we will be working on Social Media.

    For more information and to reserve your space Visit Holly’s Website.