Foliage Focus :: Popcorn Viburnum

PopCorn Viburnum - Bella Fiori Arrangement1

Have you seen and worked with this accent foliage? It’s called Popcorn Viburnum. I picked up the above bunch at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market, and a luscious bunch it is! It’s a fabulous accent with a range in colors on the “snowballs” – white, green, pink, blush and almost lending into a burgundy hues at points. Would work well in many color palettes and it does fill in arrangements nicely. In my experience the vase life looks to be 5 days and it is a heavy drinker so make sure the buckets and vases don’t run out of water.
You can read more about the plant here on Monrovia’s website.

Here I have the popcorn viburnum arranged with poppies, peonies, and ranunculus:
PopCorn Viburnum - Bella Fiori Arrangement1

PopCorn Viburnum - Bella Fiori Arrangement2

Photographs and Floral Design by Alicia Schwede, Flirty Fleurs/Bella Fiori.