Foliage Focus :: Popcorn Viburnum

PopCorn Viburnum - Bella Fiori Arrangement1

Have you seen and worked with this accent foliage? It’s called Popcorn Viburnum. I picked up the above bunch at Seattle Wholesale Growers Market, and a luscious bunch it is! It’s a fabulous accent with a range in colors on the “snowballs” – white, green, pink, blush and almost lending into a burgundy hues at points. Would work well in many color palettes and it does fill in arrangements nicely. In my experience the vase life looks to be 5 days and it is a heavy drinker so make sure the buckets and vases don’t run out of water.
You can read more about the plant here on Monrovia’s website.

Here I have the popcorn viburnum arranged with poppies, peonies, and ranunculus:
PopCorn Viburnum - Bella Fiori Arrangement1

PopCorn Viburnum - Bella Fiori Arrangement2

Photographs and Floral Design by Alicia Schwede, Flirty Fleurs/Bella Fiori.

Pantone Color of the Year – Greenery


Green Bridal bouquet

Designer Unknown


Our last Fall Foliage Challenge was quite the hit – thank you to all who participated! I’ve had a few of you ask about doing another Challenge, and I’m happy to oblige! So here goes!!
The December Challenge is: Winter Greenery & Berry

The rules:
Design an arrangement of foliages, berries, fruits, etc – but NO flowers!
All materials must be collected from your property or surrounding area. For this challenge we will say within 1 mile of your designing location. (time to hit up the neighbors!)

all winter greenery arrangement

Designed by Debra Prinzing


Who’s taking the challenge??
Entries due December 10, 2013

Send me photos of your designs!

Disclaimer: Please know and follow the laws in your state as to what you can pick legally for your floral designs. Many states do have strict laws regarding what can be harvested, even on your own property.
Department of Forestry and the like are a good place to start should you need to see what cannot be picked. Flirty Fleurs is not responsible for any fines/tickets.