Field to Vase Dinner, Washington

I’ve been hearing about the Field to Vase Dinner Tour all summer long and have been waiting anxiously for it to come to Washington! On September 12 the day finally came and the lovely dinner took place at Jello Mold Farms in Skagit Valley.

What an evening it was; perfect weather, the amazing evening light seemed to cast a spell over the farm, the floral centerpieces were met with oohs & aahs, the wine flowed, the food was passed, the conversation filled the evening air.

Andy, Diane and Dennis - the hardworking farmers of Jello Mold!

Andy, Diane and Dennis – the hardworking farmers of Jello Mold!

Jello Mold Farm Dahlias

Andy walking thru the Dahlias

Field to Vase Dinner

Erica of Botany 101 setting the table before the guests arrive

Field To Vase Dinner

Our delicious dinner menu

hemp in floral design

Do you spot something different in the foliage here? Look closely. Yep, that’s hemp leaves.

Jello Mold Farm Dahlias

Field to Vase Dinner

Here they come! Debra prepares the registration table as the guests start to arrive for the Field to Vase Dinner!!

Dahlias at jello mold farm

Terra Bella Floral Design

I am completely smitten with this design by Melissa of Terra Bella Floral Design! Somehow Melissa designed this on top of the pitchforks without the use of floral foam! I didn’t get the chance to ask Melissa how she did it, maybe she used Floral Soil??

Terra Bella Floral Design

Terra Bella Floral Design

Terra Bella Floral Design

Jello Mold Farm

Did you know that in addition to growing amazing flowers, Dennis can also sing and play the guitar??

Terra Bella Floral Design

Top left of the arch is decorated with this beautiful display

Wine bottles



sure, I’ll have some of that!

Jello Mold Farm Dahlias

The table is set and welcoming the evenings guests

The table is set and welcoming the evenings guests

Melissa of Terra Bella

Melissa of Terra Bella lights the candles

Field to Vase Dinner

Dinner is served

Field to Vase Dinner

Passing food

Field to Vase Dinner

The light, the food, the flowers, the people ..

Field to Vase Dinner

The sun was going down and it cast the most amazing light over the guests enjoying dinner

Field to Vase Dinner

The sun goes down, the camaraderie goes up!

floating candles

Dining by candlelight

Thank you to Kathleen Williford, Field to Vase Tour Manager, Kasey Cronquist of CA Cut Flower Commission, Debra Prinzing and Diane & Dennis of Jello Mold Farm for organizing an amazing evening.
Thank you to all the flowers farmers who are part of Seattle Wholesale Growers Market and donated their gorgeous flowers for all the guests to enjoy!
Thank you to Melissa and Erica of Terra Bella Flowers for designing all the gorgeous floral arrangements.
Thank you to Chef Erik Johnson of Capitol Cider for a fantastic 5-course meal.

There’s only one Field to Vase dinner left for 2015 and it’ll take place this week in Detroit, Michigan. Stay tuned as I would imagine the 2016 schedule will be posted shortly, I will definitely post it here on Flirty Fleurs and I highly recommend attending one when it comes to your city!

I leave you with one last picture of two very awesome people –

Jello Mold Farm

Diane and Dennis

Peony Acres, Salinas, Kansas

Peony Acres, Salinas, Kansas

Looking for Peonies?? Check out Peony Acres website & Facebook page. Peony Acres is a wholesale cut flower peony farm centrally located in the U.S. — Salina, Kansas.
Peony Acres produces approximately 70,000 stems of peonies each growing season — 70,000 stems! They offer Pinks, Reds, Whites and Coral Peonies, plus, the Anemone style of Peony. Harvest starts this week and lasts for approximately 3 weeks, we all know harvest is dependent on the weather.
They offer a selection of very interesting and old-fashioned peonies like Goldilocks, Mons Jules Elie, and Rasberry Sundae, to name a few. Check out the list of peonies they offer on their website, click on “Peonies” in the menu bar. I also found the pages about the farm’s history and about peonies to be very interesting. Also, I’d recommend signing up for the Harvest Notification email.

Contact Information:
website –
facebook –
email –
phone – 785-819-5474

Peony Acres, Salinas, Kansas

Peony Acres, Salinas, Kansas

Peony Acres, Salinas, Kansas

Pink Peonies

Peony Acres, Salinas, Kansas

Peony Acres, Salinas, Kansas

Peony Acres, Salinas, Kansas

Peony Acres, Salinas, Kansas

Peony Acres, Salinas, Kansas

Verbena Flower Farm Chronicles No. 01 – Sweet Pea Pickin’

A day in the life of a farmer florist. A small peak into our life on Verbena’s flower farm. It’s the last week in March sweet peas are exploding, anemones still going strong, and foxglove making an appearance!

Visiting Chalk Hill Clematis Farm – Healdsburg, California

Chalk Hill Clematis Farm Healdsburg

Nestled among the rolling hills above Healdsburg, California sits a breathtaking flower farm called Chalk Hill Clematis. Yes, a flower farm focused on growing the beautiful, wild, ethereal Clematis Flower!

Chalk Hill Pink Clematis

The Clematis grown here are available exclusively to floral designers and the trade; yes, you can order Clematis from here! Typically their Clematis are available April thru October, of course weather can affect their flowering season. The Clematis are available in blue, purple, mauve, red, pink, lavender and white. Clematis’ are an excellent vase flower, and will usually last 7-10 days after receiving them. The Clematis from CHC typically have a stem length of 15-18 inches with one flower per stem. Yes, I have had them shipped to me in Colorado when I had the shop there and the flowers arrived in beautiful condition. Check out their website here to see a sampling of the varieties they offer.

Clematis Growing at Chalk Hill Farm

Clematis Growing at Chalk Hill Farm

Chalk Hill Clematis Purple

Chalk Hill Clematis pink clematis

Chalk Hill Clematis Seed Pods

Chalk Hill Clematis Seed Pods

Chalk Hill Lavender Clematis

Chalk Hill White Clematis

Purple Clematis

Chalk Hill White Roses

Visiting Chalk Hill Clematis Farm was a true treat, my mother joined me and she and I just loved every minute of wandering the grounds with the farm manager, Fernando. Just perfect to walk thru the rows of flowering Clematis, to see the rambling roses, rows of Olive Trees, take in the view from the pool area, and a walk thru Mary Toomey’s Clematis garden. Towards the end of our visit Fernando let me loose in the fields as I was craving those crazy, swirling seed pods and winding clematis stems for a wedding I was designing for the following Saturday. The vines I collected that day were just what my bridal bouquet needed ..

Designed by Alicia Schwede of Bella Fiori; Green Bridal party Bouquets

Designed by Alicia of Bella Fiori – Thank you Chalk Hill Clematis, your vines were the perfect touch for these bouquets!

Oh, and if you are curious to know if they produce anything else at the farm they do offer extra virgin olive oil, vinegars and honeys.

Chalk Hill Clematis - Olive Trees

Rows and Rows of Olive Trees

Olive Trees CHC Farm

Contact Information:
Chalk Hill Clematis
PO Box 1847
Healdsburg, CA 95448
Office: 707-433-8416
Fax: 707-433-8963

Mary Toomey Clematis Garden

Bench covered in Clematis - CHC

Chalk Hill Clematis Farm

View from the pool area

Chalk Hill Flower Farm

Never know what you might see while wandering around the 120 acres at Chalk Hill Flower Farm!

CHC Farm

Fabulous Florist :: The Painted Tulip Floral and Event Design, Vermont

red bridal bouquet

Your name: Nicole G. D’Agata
Your Business name: The Painted Tulip Floral and Event Design
Your Location: Waterbury Center, VT

How did you start your business?
In 2002 I spent the summer in Germany, Netherlands, France and Switzerland painting the landscape. I went to as many Museums as possible to study paintings by my favorite landscape painters Millet, Van Gogh and Rembrandt. When I was there I was inspired by the open air Markets and the constant appreciation of flowers and gardening. When I came back to Vermont I started a 20 x20 ft plot of tulips, that turned into another 40 x 50 ft plot of Annuals the following summer. I was accepted into a few small farmers markets and had a wholesale account and a little farm stand. I did do one small wedding that September. The following spring I ended up buying a house with two acres and over the years The Painted Tulip continued to grow in size and varieties of flowers to what we are now: 2 greenhouses, and 2 acres of: perennials, woody orientmentals, and annuals.

dahlias and juliet garden rose with dusty miller flowers

How many years have you been in business?
11 years

What is your design aesthetic?
I would say I lead towards an organic and whimsical look. Letting the flowers guide me, being inspired by seasonally available flowers and foliage. I absolutely love texture. I welcome all kinds of styles from modern chic to contemporary massed blooms designs. It’s wonderful to design all different styles, it keeps me inspired.

candle and flower centerpiece

What are the trends, flowers & colors that are unique to your region?
People in Vermont love the Rustic elegance look and the bright “wildflower” style. Right now everyone is in love with the plush look of peonies which I have at least 300 plants.

Do you offer any services in addition to floral designs?
We go to farmers Markets year round: selling flower bouquets and by the stem. We have a Bouquet CSA. I Specialize in full scale high end weddings. We have a bucketed flower pick up for DIY weddings or other events. Providing wholesale Bouquets to Local grocery stores, wholesale to florist. We sell bedding plants in Spring and Christmas wreaths seasonally. People can always stop by the farm to pick up flowers during our growing season May – November.

Autumn harvest centerpiece

Why did you begin flower farming:
I fell in love with Northern Vermont and moved here after obtaining a masters degree in fine art. Constantly inspired to paint the landscape here. After about 3 years of trying to make a living teaching and selling my art, which is difficult in an area like this. I did want to paint the Picture that galleries were interested in selling. Once I started gardening I was painting the flowers in my garden after my trip to Europe the flower farm kind of took over my life. After a rocky road in the Art world. Selling flowers was easy. Every one loved them and bought them.

view of flower farm

What flowers and foliages do you grow?
Branches: Pussy willow, Winter berry
~ Flowering
~ Foliage
Broom corn
Butterfly bush
Grasses & Grains
Sented Geranum Foliage
Sweet pea
Dried and Preserved

view of flower farm

Where do you sell your flowers?
The Burlington Farmers Market: in City Hall Park May thru end of October: Saturdays 8:30 AM-2 PM
Waterbury Farmers Market: Mid May to mid Oct @ Rusty Parker Memorial Park, Thursday 3-7:30 pm. City Market Burlington Vermont, Healthy Living Market S. Burlington VT

Do you ship your flowers?
not yet

white centerpiece of garden roses

Your contact information:
Nicole D’Agata
The Painted Tulip
353 Kneeland Flats
Waterbury Center, VT 05677
Phone: (802) 279-4371

purple lilac

purple parrot tulips

sweetpeas lavender peonies

lilies and zinnias

gold tree peony and lavender sweet peas

Visiting Figone Flower Farm, Miramar, CA

Last week I accompanied Nancy Liu Chin on a visit to Louie Figone’s Flower Farm in Miramar, California. There is something so magical, so enlightening about visiting a flower farm. It becomes very apparent very quickly just how hard farming really is! Always trying to stay up with the latest market trends and desires, keeping customers happy, keeping the farm hands happy, keeping the plants happy. Louie bought this 320 acre property in 1967, he is currently farming 58 acres of it with the help of 5 farm hands. Did you get that? Farms 58 acres with only the help of 5 men, that’s a lot of work! From what the other floral designers in the area tell me, Louie only provides the best quality flowers at the mart .. and I hear his Cafe Au Lait Dahlias are to-die-for! Can’t wait to get my hands on those once they come into season.

Figone’s Farm grows Hydrangeas, Dahlias, Calla Lilies, Dusty Miller, Ranunculus, Anemones, Sunflowers, and a variety of foliages. Sorry designers outside of the Bay Area- Louie does not ship his flowers, he only sells them at San Francisco Flower Mart.

Louie shared with Nancy and I how he has seen the floral industry change over the years, about the heydays back in the 70s & 80s, before box stores and the internet took over. How he used to grow so many Marguerite Daisies and how they took over the farm and he had to rent the neighbor’s land to plant even more daisies. Back in those days he did ship as his daisies were in demand across the country – the farm was bustling with 40 farm hands back then. How the industry has changed, how demands have changed. As most of us know, daisies aren’t requested much anymore. These days it’s more boutique farming, with the dahlias and hydrangeas taking up the majority of room on the farm as they love the mild temperatures in the Half Moon Bay area. Nancy and I did ask about other potential crops, but HMB is not cold enough in the winter for peonies or lilacs, and too much fog in the air is hard on roses.

Louie Figone and Nancy Liu Chin

Louie Figone and Nancy Liu Chin

Hydrangea growing farm

Rows and Rows of Hydrangeas, we saw many plots of Hydrangeas growing.

growing hydrangeas

More hydrangea bushes

Rows of pretty dahlias about to show themselves. From what I hear Louie has the best Cafe Au Lait Dahlias!

Rows of pretty dahlias about to show themselves. From what I hear Louie has the best Cafe Au Lait Dahlias!

rows of dahlias

The dahlia fields are coming along nicely!

irrigation pond

Two creeks fill this pond with the water that will irrigate all the flowers on the property.

old tractors

Retired Tractors

old tractor

Nancy Liu Chin

Nancy is going to become a farmer! Just kidding!

green hydrangea farmer

Hydrangea fresh in from the field, being carried into the barn.

pink and blue hydrangea

Processing Hydrangea for market.

green hydrangea

Hydrangea processed and headed for the large walk-in cooler.

blue hydrangea

Blue hydrangea waiting on the processing tables.

flower buckets

I’ve seen these buckets filled with alluring blossoms placed on carts at San Francisco Flower Mart, then find myself headed to Figone’s stall to pick up said flowers for myself! (on a side note, return buckets to your wholesalers/farmers, it’s a HUGE expense for them!)

hunting dog

Sal waiting to go for a ride around the farm

moss covered branches

Lots of bundles of moss covered branches.

wild pink and red roses

Wild Roses growing on the property

abandoned greenhouse

Abandoned Greenhouse


Nasturtium growing along side the road on Figone’s Farm.

Louie told Nancy and I that his son, Joe, will take over the farm one day. As I was leaving I noticed this drawn into the concrete, it made me smile.

Louie told Nancy and I that his son, Joe, will take over the farm one day. As I was leaving I noticed this drawn into the concrete, it made me smile.

I hope you enjoyed having a look around Louie’s farm!

Contact Information:
Ph: (415) 543-1711
San Francisco Flower Mart Stall 74B