Flower Focus :: Hellebores

A few weeks ago I posted this photograph on Instagram & Facebook of freshly cut hellebores out of my garden-

Hellebores grown by Alicia Schwede of Flirty Fleurs Flower Blog

Quite a few people replied and asked how I could cut them so young and have them last? How long until they wilt?
(pretty sure under their breath they were saying – those are going to wilt!)

So here’s the deal. I look for one thing in each stem that I cut – the stem has to have at least one flower on it that has lost its stamens and is starting to go to seed. Check out the three images here, in each one you’ll see the bottom of the three blooms is without the stamens (yellow pollen). My friend Riz of RHR Horticulture shared with me awhile back that the key of getting hellebores to last is to wait to cut them until at least one flower per stem has started to go to seed. Riz is a well known horticulturist, especially here in Washington State.

harvesting hellebores

harvesting and cutting hellebores

when to pick hellebores
Ok, so after I sort through my plants I do a fresh, sharp cut on the stems I want and I immediately dipped the cut stems into QuickDip. In general I don’t use many flower aids/foods, etc. But I find with hellebores it sure doesn’t hurt to dip a fresh cut stem into QuickDip. That’s It!
I have had GREAT LUCK with these two simple steps. I cut the above hellebores two weeks ago for a design class that I was teaching — and guess what, I still have many of them in a vase on my desk!

Here’s one of my arrangements re-using the hellebores I had used in my class demonstration –

Bella Fiori Washington; arrangement of hellebores, ranunculus, viburnum

Here’s another example of how well the hellebores aged.
This is an arrangement designed by Amanda of Alluring Blooms
Designed by Amanda of Alluring Blooms, Wisconsin while at a Flirty Fleurs Floral Design Workshop in Seattle, Washington

Ten days later I took her arrangement apart, check out what was left of the flowers –
dead flowers, hellebores are still alive
Crazy, right?? The hellebores still looked great! A few tulips were trying to hang in there. The anemones, hyacinths, pieris japonica, fritillaries and ranunculus were DONE!

So there you have it, that’s what I how I care for cut hellebores out of my garden!

Floral Design 101 :: How to create a flower girl wand

How to make a flower girl wand:
First I start with a bouquet holder which I soak thoroughly in water. I then glue the bouquet holder inside a bamboo stake. The bamboo is hollow which is perfect for inserting the bouquet holder and can easily be cut to the length you desire.

Next I use the Design Master Tack 2000 and spray it evenly over the bamboo, I do this at the top and do do it in sections as I work. Next I start wrapping the ribbon tightly around the bamboo:

The tight ribbon wrap has been completed around the bamboo. Design Master Tack 2000 dries quickly which is wonderful when working on these projects:

Next I position the flower girl wand in a vase to hold it in place while I’m designing the flowers. I start with some “placement flowers” and work on the shape I desire:

Keep filling in the flowers until there are no holes in the flower girl wand design:

Next, select some ribbon streamers and tie this onto the top of the wand where the bouquet holder rests on the bamboo. Tie these ribbon streamers on very tightly and they will hid any last showing mechanics. I do recommend spraying Crowning Glory on the finished floral design and letting it dry completely before placing in your floral cooler:

In addition to the Crowning Glory I used Design Master Tack 2000 and Oasis Floral Adhesive Glue for this project: