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Hello Flower Friends, I’m excited to launch a new column here on Flirty Fleurs – In The Garden with Fleurie. Fleurie is owned by Laurie Garza and located in Central California. Laurie has shared much gardening knowledge with me over the years and I feel she’ll offer Flirty Fleurs readers great information about cutting gardens.

Hello Flirty Fleurs readers! I’d like to introduce myself, I am Laurie Garza, chief flower slinger and flower grower at Fleurie | Flower Studio in Reedley, California, right near the hot center of the state. I am not only a floral designer, but have taught floral design and propagation at the junior college level, and a California Certified Nurserywoman. I have always loved gardening and the natural world, it just came naturally at a very young age.
One of my favorite type of flowers to enjoy, grow and design with is the rose.
Last year I added some David Austin roses and a few commercial cut flower type roses to my already overflowing collection of 70 + various cultivars of roses in the garden. This year, those new roses are really producing a lot of flowers! I like all sizes and shapes of flowers, from miniatures to antique to hybrid teas and floribundas.
I’d like to share a few of my current personal favorites. My favorites change all the time! How can a flower lover choose? These are not necessarily the perfect cut flower, but their beauty is worth it, even if fleeting.

A creamy white David Austin rose with the prettiest medium size very symmetrically shaped flower-

Tranquility - David Austin Garden Rose

Tranquility – David Austin Garden Rose

Tranquility - David Austin Garden Rose

Tranquility – David Austin Garden Rose

Port Sunlight
This was an elusive one for me to figure out! I first saw it at the Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland, and was in love! The color was perfect and the scent was divine. But thanks to a couple of helpful flower people, after nearly a year had passed, and a second visit, it was determined that this mystery rose was indeed Port Sunlight.

Port Sunlight Peach Garden Rose

Port Sunlight

Koko Loko
This is one gorgeous, unusually colored roses. Taupey, lavender, beige, mauve are all descriptions I’d use for the color of this rose. It’s second year in my garden and it has tripled in size!

Koko Loko Rose by Weeks Roses

Koko Loko Rose by Weeks Roses

Koko Loko Rose by Weeks Roses

Koko Loko Rose by Weeks Roses

Sally Holmes
A pillar rose, starting out as a buff colored bud, opening to a beautiful ivory with pretty yellow stamens.

Sally Holmes Roses

Sally Holmes

Princess Alexandra of Kent
A big blousy rose of a rich pink tone. It has a little dustiness to it similar to a Romantic Antike rose, but more pink toned.

Princess Alexandra of Kent - pink garden roses

Princess Alexandra of Kent

St. Swithun – David Austin Roses
It’s a gorgeous clear pale pink and has a nice strong myrrh- rose scent, seems to be a vigorous grower so far.

St. Swithun - David Austin Roses - Pink Garden Roses Grown by Fleurie

St. Swithun – David Austin Roses

Charlotte, a David Austin Rose
I love the soft buttery color of this one, the color is a good blender for a lot of different shades of flowers. It seems to bloom well even in the heat of summer.

Charlotte - David Austin Rose

Charlotte – David Austin Rose

Charlotte David Austin Garden Rose

Charlotte David Austin Garden Rose

Falstaff and Koko Loko
Falstaff is a huge, heavy, many petaled rose, which has a blue cast to it, lending it toward the burgundy tones.

Falstaff - David Austin Roses Koko Loko - Weeks Roses

Falstaff – David Austin Roses
Koko Loko – Weeks Roses

All of the white roses I cut from 3 David Austin Tranquility rose bushes that I planted in May 2015. So far it has outlasted all the other roses in an arrangement I made recently.

Tranquility - David Austin Roses

Tranquility – David Austin Roses

Laurie Garza
All photos are by Laurie Garza

Fleur Friday

Interesting Links I’ve come across this week while surfing the good ‘ole World Wide Web ..

How Poppies and Posies Went From Part-Time Startup to Martha Stewart – On American Express Open Forum

Because the World Needs Beauty by Sinclair & Moore – This blog post struck a chord with me, there have been plenty of times when I question why I’m in this business and should I be doing something more meaningful with my life than designing flowers for weddings?

I did share this article on Facebook last week, but in case you missed it there be sure to check out this article – How hipster florists borrowed from 16th century paintings and made flower arranging cool
Oh, and check out Robbie Honey’s account on Instagram. Be sure to look at it on the Smart Phone App, as it’ll make more sense then going to the website on your computer. Robbie is creating the coolest displays, here’s a glimpse –
Robbie Honey on Instagram

Lovely bouquet designed by my sweet friend, Laurie of Fleurie

Fleurie of Reedley, California. Wedding Florist.

Upcoming Workshops that I’ll be teaching –

Compote Floral Centerpieces featuring PEONIES! – Saturday, May 23, 2015
Hands-On Floral Arch & Chuppah Workshop – Saturday, May 30, 2015
Register for these workshops here

Designing with Resendiz Brothers Proteas

What happens when three different floral designers, in three different states receive the same box of Proteas and other floral goodies from Resendiz Brothers?! Completely different styles of designs – that’s what happens! I found it rather interesting to see how much the creations differ in style and composition. Laurie designed bridal bouquets, Carmel added in other flowers, including roses, to give a different look to her flower arrangements, and I kept it simple and went for yellow/orange and omitted the pinks we had received.
The designers involved are Carmel from Mt. Lebanon Floral Shop – Pennsylvania, Laurie from Fleurie – California and myself, Bella Fiori – Washington

First, I’ll share what we all received:

Flirty Fleurs - Resendiz Brother Proteas - Leucospermum 'Pincushion' - Gueinzii, Flame Giant, High Gold and Spider Leucadendron Gold Strike Berzelia Lanigunosa

Leucospermum ‘Pincushion’ – Gueinzii, Flame Giant, High Gold and Spider
Leucadendron Gold Strike
Berzelia Lanigunosa

Resendiz Brothers Protea - Protea King Leptospermum Rotundifolia 'Blue' Waxflower

Protea King
Leptospermum Rotundifolia ‘Blue’

Flirty Fleurs - Berzillia Berries

Berzelia Lanigunosa

Flirty Fleurs, Yellow Pincushion Protea

Leucospermum ‘Pincushion’ – High Gold

Flirty Fleurs - Orange Pincushion Proteas

Leucospermum ‘Pincushion’ – Flame Giant

And now for what we designed:

First, my simple design — orange and yellow pincushions with the berzillia and some greenery out of my back yard:

Bella Fiori, Yellow and Orange Pincushion proteas, berzillia berries and greenery

Bella Fiori

Bella Fiori - Resendiz Brother Proteas

Bella Fiori – Leucospermum ‘Pincushion’ – Gueinzii, Flame Giant, High Gold and Spider
Leucadendron Gold Strike
Berzelia Lanigunosa

Laurie designed a fabulous cascading bouquet of Proteas and pincushions – how cool is it to do a cascade bouquet?? So different and unexpected:

Fleurie Florals of Reedley, California, Cascading bridal bouquet of pincushion proteas, berzillia berries

Cascading bouquet of Proteas

and a gorgeous floral halo:

Fleurie - Floral halo of pincushion proteas, poppy pods, berzillia berries


And now check out what Carmel designed! Such great variety in designs!!

Mt Lebanon Floral Design, Flower arrangement with proteas, pincushions

Mt Lebanon Floral Design

Mt Lebanon Floral Design, Bridal bouquet with dusty pink roses, proteas, pincushions and berzillia berries

Mt Lebanon Floral Design

Mt Lebanon Floral Design, flower arrangement with oranges, feathers, cymbidium orchids, proteas

Mt Lebanon Floral Design

Mt Lebanon Floral Design, Flower Halo

Mt Lebanon Floral Design

Mt Lebanon Floral Design, floral arrangement with Resendiz Brother proteas, cymbidium orchids and roses

Mt Lebanon Floral Design

For more information on Proteas and other floral goodies, be sure to check out Resendiz Brothers’ Website:

Canines with Crowns

Oh, do I have the cutest post to share with all of you today! A bunch of my fellow Chapel Designer friends got together and came up with the idea to dress our furry friends with flowers. So fun to see the variety of dogs everyone has, and to see them all dressed up with flowers!

Thistle and Bone, Dogs with flower halos

Zoe & Ripley – Thistle and Bone

Splendid Stems, Carly is wearing a wreath that includes delphinium, spray roses, passion vine, and snowdrops

Carly – Splendid Stems

Della Blooms, Hank the lab with a flower wreath

Hank – Della Blooms

 Dreamweavers, Bear wearing a flower halo

Bear – Dreamweavers

Fleurie Flowers, Oliver wearing a red and purple floral wreath

Oliver – Fleurie

Cottage Flowers, Daisy the dog wearing a Daisy flower collar

Daisy – Cottage Flowers

Julia's Floral, Corgis with flower collars

Edward & Stella, Julia’s Floral

Bella Fiori, Johann the Pekingese with flower wreath

Last, but not least! My little guy with his flower wreath.
Johann – Bella Fiori

ohhh… wait … we have one more and it’s NOT a dog!
Just when you think you’ve seen everything, you see a bird wearing a floral halo.
Say Hello to Louie of Moss Fine Floral!

Moss Fine Floral, a Dove wearing a floral halo.

Louie of Moss Fine Floral

Let’s Talk About Pricing – Aisle Petal Designs

We’re back with another discussion on Pricing – this time how to price Aisle Petal Pattern Designs.

I fell in love with this design executed by Laurie of Fleurie from the very first moment I saw it – talk about perfection!

Designed by Fleurie of Reedley California, Wedding Ceremony aisle with petals placed in scrolls pattern.

The Details To Consider When Pricing:

  • Original concept design + ordering the correct number of roses to execute the design
  • Prep Work at the Studio – Processing roses when they arrived from the wholesaler, depetaling blossoms, mixing colors, spraying with crowning glory, drying and prepping for storage, clean up of studio
  • 400 Roses
  • Prep Work Labor – 2 people @ 4 hours each = 8 hours
  • Execution of design at wedding ceremony site, 2 Designers x 45 minutes each = 1 1/2 of labor
  • Clean up after Ceremony

Rose Petals for the aisle in storage boxes

Designed by Fleurie Flowers, setting up the wedding ceremony aisle with rose petal scrolls

Think about every element of this design …

What would you charge to do this aisle petals design?

The Designers behind the Flowers

Every wonder who is creating and designing all these gorgeous floral designs we see??
Here are just a few of the designers that make the world a prettier place!

florist with flowers

Laurie of Fleurie

florist designing an arch

Kate of Floret Cadet

two florist sisters

Dawn and Mary of A Garden Party

florist sisters

Jan & Jillian of Natural Beauties Floral

florist with flowers

Tina of Living Fresh

Ashley of Tinge

Ashley of Tinge

… And the Photo that makes me smile the very, very most!! Cathy of Sprout Flowers in Worcester, MA is back to work after a three month hiatus while she fought cancer! Seeing her re-open her shop this week and her big smile while holding flowers is just the best! I can only imagine how happy the residents of Worcester are to have Cathy back!! Hugs to my friend 🙂

Fleur Friday

peach and green flower arrangment

Designed by Laurie of Fleurie, for more inspiration visit her website.

Fleur Friday

I saw this Tweet by Sean Low and thought it was a good one:
“For creative biz, fear should drive you to create better art not give away the store to those who really should not be buying it anyway”

pink and peach bridal bouquet

Lovely bouquets designed by Laurie of Fleurie Flowers.