Divine Delphinium Inspirations

This photo right here is inspiration behind today’s post, so unique and unexpected, yet perfectly in harmony on this couch and set by the grey wall. Love it.
A couch filled with a delphinium floral arrangement.

Seed packet, clearly a favorite since 1929.
Delphinium seed packet

I highly recommend reading this post about Edward Steichen Delphiniums. Edward was a well known Fashion Photographer in the 1930s who also happened to be the President of the Delphinium Society Of America. In 1936 Edward showed his Delphiniums at a show at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, the one and only flower show ever at the MoMA.

Old black and white photograph of Edward Steichens Delphiniums

Edward Steichen Delphiniums

And say Delphinium to people in the fashion industry and I’m pretty sure the first thing that would pop into their minds is the – Delphinium Mountain created for the DIOR fashion show.

Dior's blue delphinium mountain

DIOR outside the Louvre in Paris.

Such a beautiful setting of Delphiniums in front of DIOR in London-

Delphinium surrounding Dior shop in London

Blue Delphiniums outline the DIOR shop on New Bond Street in London.

And how about this, wings of delphinium.
Wings made of delphinium blossoms

A fantastic art design utilizing delphinium blooms.

The Ring by HIVE Interior Design - a Blue Delphinium Ring

The Ring by HIVE Interior Design

And, of course, they are a beautiful statement flower to use in floral designs.
long dining table decorated with vases filled with blue and lavender delphinium

Nikki Tibbles, Wild At Heart

Nikki Tibbles, Wild At Heart


Dior Does It Again!

I’d imagine most of you have seen Dior’s latest floral installation?! I know I was mesmerized by it last week when I saw pictures posted all over Instagram and Facebook.

300,000 stems of Delphinium planted on rolling hills. 300,000 stems! I have a feeling there was a shortage of Delphinium on the market that week in Europe .. lol.
(The more articles I read the more numbers I come across, I’ve seen anywhere from 300-500K Delphiniums were used)
I sure would have loved to have seen this installation in person!

And this is how the inside of the structure looked –

Dior Inside the Mountain

Really cool time lapse video via New York Times

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