Designing for your client while staying true to your style by Anil Pacheco

When working with a client always always always give your opinion on something a client tells you and you feel won’t work. Bad color combinations are major. I don’t care how good the designer is. A bad combination of colors is horrid. If a client tells you they want a “garden style” arrangement and that isn’t you then add your own twist to whatever they ask of you. It’s important to steer away from looking like everyone else’s work. Find balance in pleasing your client and squeezing in a unique touch.

Start by asking them various questions. What are their colors? What flowers do they like and what kind of budget do we have to work with. Based on their input I start the creative process and make samples of different sizes. I do not charge for samples nor do I charge for consultations. However, I don’t allow the clients to take pictures of my work unless we have a contract. I’m not a fan of a client sending me pictures they find over the internet and want me to recreate it.

My style is edgy, clean and fresh. I dislike any lines that cross and hate arrangements that have no shape! Clients know my style when they see it. They look at what I do and wonder how I did it. I like to place flowers in places they wouldn’t expect and know the guests at their events are going to be talking about the flowers .

Anil Pacheco –
At 19, Anil developed a passion for flowers accidentally when he took a part-time job at a little florist shop to make some money while attending school. Now at 26 and after attending the Southern Institute of Floral Design in Anaheim, he does freelance floral art for weddings and events all over Orange County, CA, under his own business: Floral Artistry by Anil. Promiscuous, egotistical, talented, and handsome are just a few words he uses to describe himself. And with a big mouth and big balls (metaphorically speaking), Anil is always guaranteed to stir up some drama.

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Special thanks to Chuck Graham of Blume Haus Floral Design for the interview.