Wedding Wednesday :: White with Black Center Anemone Inspiration

Wedding Wednesday :: Anemones

Designer Unknown

Designer Unknown

Designer Unknown

Designer Unknown

Ranununculus and Rose Lilies

Thought I’d switch it up a bit today and show you some ranunculus, anemones and rose lilies instead of roses (the roses will be back though, there are much more pretty ones to showcase).

rose lily

How cool is this table at Van Den Bos booth?? Filled with bulbs!

Rose Lilies

Table full of pink rose lilies

Pink double petal rose lily

Check out all those petals of the pink rose lily!

darker pink rose lily

A darker pink variety of the rose lily. I wonder why they call it a rose lily…

colorful ranunculus display

can you believe these ranunculus and anemones?? beautiful!

ranunculus display arrangement

How cool is this ranunculus display arrangement?

orange and yellow ranunculus
pink ranunculus

I’m photographing flowers, meanwhile Joost talks ranunculus in the background.

pink ranunculus

big, puffy, pink ranunculus

plum ranunculus

double ruffly petal white/green and pink/green ranunculus — love this style so much!

green and white ranunculus

close-up on those super cool ranunculus

pink and green ranunculus
red and white anemones


purple anemones