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Wedding Wednesday :: Cascading Bouquets

Amaryllis Inspirations

White Amaryllis Centerpiece

Southern Living - Amaryllis Setting

Red Amaryllis Table Setting

Red and White Amaryllis

Peach Amaryllis

Ken Marten - Amaryllis

Ken Marten

Amaryllis setting on a mantle

Amaryllis Arrangement

Amaryllis Eye-Candy

Keeping with our holiday spirit on Flirty Fleurs we are showcasing enchanting floral designs with Amaryllis.

red amaryllis and ilex berry centerpiece

Floral Designer Unknown

green amaryllis bridal bouquet

Floral Designer Unknown – Karen Wise Photography

contemporary white amaryllis centerpiece

Floral Designer Unknown

You may have noticed that we have a few designs shown and the designer is unknown, if you recognize any of these pieces please let us know who created them. Thanks!

Amaryllis Variety Guide

For the longest time I thought of Amaryllis as only being a Christmas flower and that it only came in red, slowly the red and white variety grew in popularity. Now I see it being used almost year round and seems to very popular in European floral designs. Plus, the color options available have really grown. Hilverda De Boer sent out this guide of current colors available.

Check out these beautiful Amaryllis Designs:

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