What’s the strangest request you’ve received from a client?

Recently I sent out a twitter request & email to our mailing list, asking for input on seven different questions. Thank you to everyone who sent in their replies!!

Here’s Question #1:
What’s the strangest, craziest, odd and/or silliest request you have received from a Bride, Groom or Parent of the Bride/Groom?

A groom asked us to fill vases with carbonated water because he wanted to make sure there were little bubbles clinging to the stems in the vase.
Gerry & Rebecca, Petal’s Edge Floral Design, Washington DC & Alexandria, Virginia


A wedding I had coordinated very early in my career involved the groom handing me a huge antique sword to take with me to their reception. At the time, I had little experience and knowledge of certain customs so I was a little dumbfounded at this request to transport this “weapon” in my car. I dutifully carried this into the reception hall and luckily a family member educated me that it was to be used to cut the wedding cake!
Jennifer, Mancuso’s Florist, Michigan


A bride insisted we attach fishing weights to her bouquet. That way, her arms would be straining when holding the bouquet, which would make them look better in photos.
Gerry & Rebecca, Petal’s Edge Floral Design, Washington DC & Alexandria, Virginia


Bride: “I have 13 bridesmaid, need 15 boutonnieres, 6 corsages, isle decor, my bouquet of course, and I love peonies! We have budgeted $600 for flowers. If you can’t meet our budget, can you just give me the names of your suppliers and I’ll do the flowers myself?”
Me: Uhhhhhhh.
Sue, White Magnolia Floral Designs, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia


Even though I am not a floral designer I wanted me to share this story: Recently, I planned a wedding (I am a Wedding Coordinator) and the day of the wedding as the bride is sitting down getting ready to put her wedding dress on, she proceeds to tell me how much she appreciated everything I did to make her day amazing and that if this marriage did not work out, she wanted me to plan her next one. I just looked at her at first, because I was not sure how to respond and I just said after hesitation…..well thank you, but we hope this one will last!
LaTasha Baldwin, Little Details, Colorado


Had the mother of the bride bring in a small box with a locket in it (I usually ask if there is something of special significance that they would like in the bouquet..so I should have expected this).
She asked for it to be included in the bride’s bouquet. It was small and I didn’t ask who the photo were in it (I assumed that it was photos) and then she said: Grandma has been at all the granddaughters weddings and so now she can be at this one as well! (No I did not look inside to locket!) So, yes I included it and everyone was pleased.
Kris, KRISanthemums, Oregon


1) Many, many years ago, I had a bride ask me to incorporate one of her grandmother’s teeth. Yes, you heard correctly. Yes I drilled a hole in it, wired it up and worked it into the bouquet.

2) I also had a groom ask me to make a boutonniere out of one of those miniature whisky bottles that are served on a plane! Drink much??

3) Another fun request, a bride as me to incorporate radishes into her bouquet because her farm was called “The Sexy Radish”. See if you can spot the radish.

Sheri, Blumen Meisters, Texas

pink and orange bridal bouquet

Designed by Blumen Meisters

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