Spell Check

Hello Flower Friends!

Well, this is a post I probably should have done back in January when everyone was writing up floral bids. Sorry. It has occurred to me that many floral designers don’t know how to spell some of the key words used in floral estimates. So here goes, a few words that I often seen misused/misspelled.

Petals, not Pedals
Aisle, not Isle
Altar, not Alter

Unless you prefer to alter the wedding plan and pedal your bike around the isle instead of walking down the aisle on petals to the altar.

Boutonnière, not Bootinere or about 50 other ways I see people spell this word.
Bouquet, not Bokay. Look it up in a dictionary – Bokay doesn’t exist. I realize some use it as word play…
Mantel, not Mantle. Ok, I got that one wrong, too!

Those are the six words that I most often see misspelled, what are some of the words you see misspelled/misused in floral bids, blog posts, etc.?

And because we cannot possibly have a blog post with out some flowers, I leave you with these gorgeous Ashley Roses grown by Alexandra Farms

Ashley Garden Roses by Alexandra Roses

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  1. An array of colors is a palette, not a palate, unless you’re tasting the colors. (And definitely not a pallet, unless you’re hauling them around in a big truck!)

    • Emily,
      Good catch!! I forgot about Palette. I’ve seen pallet way too many times..

  2. Have to laugh, I see these same problems all over the place. I feel very proud that I only had mantle, oops mantel, wrong as well. Now, if you can help me with the placement, of, commas??