A Special Request …

Hi Flower Friends!
I have a special request from a fellow Flirty Fleurs reader. Can any of you help Valorie out??
Here’s her request —

“My family owned a floral shop in Cleveland, Ohio from about 1953 to 2000. I am now writing a memoir about some of my experiences growing up in the floral shop.

I’m wondering if you can recommend a source (books, catalogs, etc) where I can find out the names and types of typical roses used in wedding bouquets and vase arrangements during the late 1960s and early 1970. Are some of those rose types still around, or are they quite different now?

Might there be old wholesaler catalogs from that era or classic books I could find?

If you can recommend sources of information, perhaps names of wholesalers who might have been around then, I would appreciate it.

I am also interested in flowers other than roses that we might have purchased on a wholesale basis back then. I’m especially interested in flowers for wedding bouquets of that era.”

Please email me your advice, suggestions, answers and I will forward them onto Valorie. Thank you everyone who can help, this project sounds amazing to me!! email to – info@flirtyfleurs.com

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