Save The San Francisco Flower Market!!

Once upon a time there was a young girl, a girl who did as she was supposed to do – go to college and upon graduation take a job with a start up software company in San Francisco. After all, isn’t that what one should do? Work in the computer industry in the Bay Area? But, there was a blip in the path. That young girl decided to be artsy and take some floral design classes at College of San Mateo in the evenings. “just for fun”. Then the teacher, Sally, took that girl to SF Flower Market early one morning. Well, as the saying goes .. The rest is history.
That was 1998.

Fast forward to 2014 and that girl is sitting here crying in front of her computer because her beloved SF Flower Market is about to fall to the same computer industry, an industry that controls the majority of SF & the Bay Area.

I know my story is not unique. I know many other designers have walked a similar path, one where they felt they came alive when they walked into the market. Wanting to hoard all the flowers and goodies they see. Loving the early mornings. The great little coffee and pastry shop at the entrance. The rush, the energy. Running into friends. Fighting over the last bunch of a certain flower. Checking out Figone’s dahlias. Perusing Torchio’s offerings & being greeted with smiles. Jockeying for a parking space at 5am on a Wednesday.

I want nothing more than for other people to find themselves amongst the flowers. I want other people to practice their art, build a business of their own, share their passion & to create.
I want them to have the opportunity to walk into San Francisco Flower Market.

Here’s what I don’t get though. I know I’m not the only one that is feeling distraught and saddened for the future of the floral industry. Yet, when I just checked the online petition to save the market I see only 2,150 signatures. Do only 2,150 people care about saving the flower market??!! I don’t get it. Do something! Take a stand. Speak up. At least try, just try.


Beautiful Video –

Save San Francisco’s Flower Market from Steve Agnos on Vimeo.

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