The Peach Rose Study

Flirty Fleurs Peach Rose Color Study, Versilia, Campanella, Cinnamon, Juliet, Tiffany, Finesse, Peach Avalanche

How gorgeous are all of these Peach Roses?! Honestly, I cannot select a favorite one as they are all beautiful! For two weeks we watched these 7 beauties open into beautiful blooms.
A special Thank-you to Amato’s Wholesale in Denver, Colorado for providing this nice selection of lovely peach beauties for the Peach Rose Color Study!

Flirty Fleurs Peach Rose Color Study, Versilia, Campanella, Cinnamon, Juliet, Tiffany, Finesse, Peach Avalanche

Rosaprima Peach Finesse Rose

Rosaprima Finesse Peach Rose

Name: Peach Finesse
Grower: Rosaprima, Ecuador
Vase Life: 9 Days
Details: Bright peach, outer guard petals have a green tinge. Each bloom can vary in color, in the 25 stem bunch some of the blooms will be a brighter peach than the others. Very packed petals and heavy head, petals stay compacted and do not open much. The petals can get creased during packaging and transport. Nonetheless, Peach Finesse does tend to be one of my favorite go-to peach roses as I love it’s bright peach coloring. It packs a lot of punch in those tight petals!

Nevado Roses, Campanella Peach Garden Rose

Nevado Roses, Campanella Peach Garden Rose

Name: Campanella
Grower: Nevado, Ecuador
Vase Life: 5 Days
Details: The blossom opens up very large, a good 3+” in width, perfect for taking up a lot of space in an arrangement & a very ruffly petal structure like a garden rose. This particular batch had a yellowish-peach tone to it. I’ve been a fan of Campanellas for some time and would say that normally they are a more solid Peach than the roses shown in these photos. Nevado Campanellas are packed 10 Stems to the bunch, so be careful when ordering that you order by Stem Count.

Sisapamba Roses, Cinnamon Peach Rose

Sisapamba Roses, Cinnamon Peach Rose

Name: Cinnamon
Grower: Sisapamba, Ecuador
Vase Life: 12+ Days
Details: Rich, dark Peach – borderline Orange color, opens very nicely into a large head and fades into a Salmon color after a week or so. Very long lasting, tied with Versilia for the longest vase life. Ruffly outer petals and almost 3″ in width, sturdy stems. 25 Stems to the bunch. This was my first experience with Cinnamon and I’m quite impressed with its bright color and pretty bloom.

David Austin Peach Juliet Garden Rose

David Austin Peach Juliet Garden Rose

Name: David Austin Juliet
Grower: Rosaprima, Ecuador
Vase Life: 7 Days
Details: The perfect pale peach color, opens to a nice 2.5-3″ in width with a lovely garden rose shape. Delicate stems and the outer petals can tear easily, handle with care! Juliets are packed 12 stems to the bunch.

Eufloria Peach Avalanche

Flirty Fleurs, The Floral Blog, Peach Avalanche Rose Study

Name: Peach Avalanche
Grower: Eufloria, California, USA
Vase Life: 10 Days
Details: Peach with a yellowish tinge to it. Solid and consistent coloring on all petals. Nice Rose shape, doesn’t open very wide. Good amount of foliage and thorns to clean on the stems, slightly soft stems and petals. 25 Stems to the bunch.

Royal Roses, Tiffany Peach Roses

Royal Roses, Tiffany Peach Roses

Name: Tiffany
Grower: Royal Roses, Ecuador
Vase Life: 10 Days
Details: Very pale peach with a pink hue to it, stays in a tighter rose shape and doesn’t open into a wide bloom. The color is solid through all petals, even the guard petals on individual blooms. Yet, each blossom in the bunch of 25 stems can differ some, some roses will be a paler peach and some a brighter peach. The stems are strong with almost no thorns and the foliage is easy to remove.

Royal Flowers, Versilia Peach Rose

Royal Flowers, Versilia Peach Rose

Name: Versilia
Grower: Royal Roses, Ecuador
Vase Life: 12+ Days
Details: By far the longest lasting rose in the bunch! Day 12 and I’m looking at about 10 of the original 25 still blooming. The guard petals are a light green, outer petals are a very pale peach and the inner petals are a blush peach. Very delicate peach color. Strong stems with a very few thorns.

Flirty Fleurs Peach Rose Color Study, Versilia, Campanella, Cinnamon, Juliet, Tiffany, Finesse, Peach Avalanche

A few notes:

  • I did not use any flower food or any other ‘helpers’ such as quick dip. These roses were placed in fresh water after processing.
  • I do not cut stems under water.
  • These roses were never placed in the cooler, they’ve sat out on the table for the entire study. The temperature ranges from 65-69 degrees.
  • On Day 17 I still have 6 stems of Cinnamon Roses sitting in a vase at my desk.

    What do you think? Which Peach Rose is your favorite? Which one do you want to try now?

    A very big Thank-You to Amato’s Wholesale in Denver, Colorado for providing the roses for the Peach Rose Study.

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    CALL US TOLL-FREE: 1-800-447-3825
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  • Comments

    1. Thanks for doing this study. Curiously enough my peach versilia never looks this pale, it’s so much more darker peach. I’m also going to try cinnamon. Never used it before but I love the ruffles in the petals

      • I am soooo impressed by Cinnamon – 5 stems remain on day 19!!! They are a really pretty, darker peach color and the ruffly petals are sweet.
        I agree these Versilia are paler than some, I did note the grower since every grower seems to produce slightly different hues.

    2. Campanella is my favorite. I just love how big and fluffy the roses get. Love the delicate coloring on Versilia. Cinnamon is so pretty! This is the first time I have seen that rose. I am definitely going to give it a try this year.

      • Cinnamon seems to be the talk of the town lately. Just last week I was visiting a flower shop and the owner pulled out a Cinnamon rose and talked about its longevity and size. She didn’t even know about the rose study, just enamored with the rose!

    3. Juiet wins my heart every time… but look at Cinnamon! I’ve never seen that rose before….will try her out. Peach Versillia is a nice rose…one of my favorites. I love these studies! Thank you!

      • Thanks, Jessica! I love these studies, too. Trying to decide which color will be next…

    4. Tricia Jones / Queenpeach Designs says:

      Thanks Alicia once again for sharing your trials. I’ve used the Campanella, Finesse and Versilia which I have to say was more peachy and not near as pale as in Study. Oh, and Juliet which continues to be one of my brides favorites. They tend to take a look at other options after they get the price shocker per stem. I too love the cinnamon! Will be on my next order list for sure! Recently Laurie Garza (Fleurie) and I had a discussion about how we love to hear more how- to on successfully open roses, by hand, water temp, room temp or any other tricks or the trade. Thanks for you constant hard work in helping to keep us inspried, educated and push us all to new and better places…

      • Tricia, Thank you for your sweet note – made my day!
        It is interesting how sometimes I do all the processing as told – use flower foods, etc. Then sometimes I just give a fresh cut and fresh water and Voila, long lasting flowers! I still have Cinnamon on my desk, 19 days and I think I changed their water and gave them a fresh clip twice. Nothing fancy and they keep going!

    5. YOU ARE A GENIUS! Thank you for preparing this.

    6. I love, love, LOVE these studies!! Have relied on them more than once!!! Amato’s is awesome for being such a big supporter of this. I think it’s so important to have something like this for all of us. Thank you once again Alicia for taking such time and care in what you have done!!

    7. I find it so hard to get Campanella into our wholesaler. I see them everywhere else!

      • Really? I’m so surprised to hear your wholesaler doesn’t bring them in. Have them contact John Nevado, the grower of Nevado Roses. (or call up Amato’s and have them shipped over!)

    8. Thank you very much for this study !
      My favourite colors.
      Actually I’m using a lot a very pale peach rose : Crystal by Rosa Prima.
      The color is beautiful.
      However Juliet is almost my favorite but I love them all đŸ˜‰

    9. Thank you Alicia! I’ve already referenced this study twice while coming up with proposals for this year!

    10. david dahlson says:

      Alicia, great study in peach. Some addenda: Versilia has an unusual habit of producing two distinct shades of peach on the same plant. Know one is sure why but it is one of the eccentricities of the variety. Several years back, the darker blooms were graded out and sent to Russia under the name “Dumka”. When ordering this, one should be explicit in ordering dark or light, if a particular shade is desired by the bride. I would say the “light” Versilia is as shown in your study, the “dark” Versilia is like the Cinnamon.
      Cinnamon is outstanding!! The Campanella is unusually imbued with yellow in your picture, I would say that normally it is closer to the Tiffany/Juliet color scheme. Not mentioned but worthy of consideration is Primadonna.
      And Dani, please e-mail me for Campanella and anything else under the sun.

      • David, So good to hear from you!
        Thank you for explaining the color of Versilia, a few people have been mentioning that the one I used is much lighter than normal. I figured it was to do with the grower and hadn’t known that one plant can produce different colors – so interesting.
        This bunch of Campanella is definitely more yellow undertones. I’ve had this happen before with Campanella where I’d get an occasional bunch of yellow undertone. Most of the time, as you mentioned, it is close to the same color as Juliet. I typically ordered in the Campanella because it gave more bang for the buck.
        Do you grow Campanella?

    11. Fantastic!
      Thank you: very useful!

    12. What a great post! So, so helpful : )