Q&A :: Reflexing Rose Petals

Hello Flower Friends,
I have a question for all of you today from a business owner. Please leave your suggestions, comments, thoughts and advice in the comments section of the blog.
Thank you in advance!


When you force open roses and even peel back the petals, is this referred to as reflexed roses or reflexing petals?
Any tips on reflexing without tearing the petals?

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  1. I am so glad I found this blog. There are so many beautiful florals and great advice for floral designers. I am not a floral designer but I am an artist and I paint lots of flower paintings so the inspiration is useful to me.

  2. Forcing and reflexing are two old school techniques that still have a place in modern floristry. Forcing depends on what type of flower you are trying to get to open quickly. Warm water re-cutting stems, placing in a warm area, and even bagging are ways to force flowers to open.

    A trick with lilies (taught to me by one of my wholesale reps) is to put a few grains of pollen in the bucket with warm water. I got Sumatra lilies to open in about 24 hours using this trick.

    I learned how to reflex in design school. For reflexing, use older flowers that are room temprature (not straight out of the cooler). Support the underside of the petal while carefully rolling it it back. A bowl of reflexed roses will look bigger and fluffier than plain roses. Reflexed tulips look amazing. I once covered a cake in reflexed tulips, as the bride had “a friend who was starting a cake business” make her cake. The buttercream frosting was a mess, so I reflexed a bunch of tulips to hide how messy the cake looked. It was gorgeous covered in tulips, and her guests said it was pretty and unusual,