The Red Rose Study

Sexy Red Black Magic Forever Young Opium Hearts Freedom Red Roses
Opium Red Rose

  • Opium was the smallest bloom of the six varieties
  • It would be a good size for a boutonniere
  • It was the brightest red, like a fire engine red

Red Rose Forever Young

  • Forever Young lived up to its name – it lived the longest at 8 days out of the cooler
  • Very consistent bloom and life with all 25 stems
  • The blooms never opened up much, stayed a traditional rose shape

Red Rose Hearts

  • Hearts had by far the largest bloom
  • Resembles a garden rose, would be a good choice if you are looking for a red garden rose
  • It’s a rich, dark red color

Freedom Red Rose

  • Freedom resembled the Forever Young rose, but didn’t have as long of a vase life
  • The blooms did open up a bit more than the Forever Young rose

Sexy Red Rose

  • My first experience with Sexy Red and I loved it! Could be my new favorite red rose
  • High Petal Count, as puffy as the Hearts Rose but with a traditional rose shape
  • Gorgeous, rich red color – perfect for Valentine’s Day
  • Good vase life

Black Magic Burgundy Rose

  • The darkest, more burgundy color
  • Used to be my go-to dark red rose, but it seems like it is shrinking in size…

Types of Red Roses

Which Red Rose is your favorite and why?

The roses for this test were provided by Amato Wholesale Florist, thank you Amato!!
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  1. Peggy (Sherwood Design and Events) says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your flower studies!!!!!!!! It really does help us in making good decisions and extremely interesting. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

  2. I’ve actually used a lot of these. Not all red roses are the same as you can see. One of my new favorites is called Red Paris. I learned about if from one of our visits to NYC. It has outer petals that resemble black magic and inner petals that resemble Freedom roses in color. It is truly a stunner and it opens bigs. I always think it works well with a darker or brighter red rose…. by itself it might look too dark. Unless that is the look you are going for.

  3. I love the ruffle and size of Hearts!

  4. I’m fairly new to designing and don’t have much experience, yet, with all the different varieties of roses. The info you’ve provided here will come in handy for me – soon I hope 🙂 Thank you! And my favorite from your study is the Hearts – I love the ruffles and the fullness.

  5. Im prepping for my first Valentines Day and this was incredibly helpful! Trying out Sexy Red in a few weeks and am looking forward to using more!

    Thank you so much for this, I love love love these rose studies!!!

  6. nice little round-up… i never think to take note of the variety of rose i go for, just the colour… but after this, i’m with you, i like the sexy red!